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Every House Democrat signs election reform bill, Republicans call it a “government takeover”

Democrats say the bill will expand voting rights

Coronavirus Today: February 19

Most of the nation’s grocery store workers, long deemed essential, are still waiting to receive their doses of coronavirus vaccine.

Coronavirus Today: February 18

Just 3.5% of Latinos and 4.5% of Black Americans have so far received the COVID-19 vaccine

Belarus imprisons two journalists for live-streaming protests

Judge ruled that it attracted more protestors, while journalists say they did their jobs

Texas power grid failings ignite partisan energy debate

Texas utilities say renewables only support a small amount of generation

Coronavirus Today: February 17

FEMA has opened its first COVID-19 inoculation sites in Los Angeles and Oakland, while massive winter storms continue in the Midwest

South Korea alerts U.S. of North Korean cyberattack on Pfizer

DOJ issues arrest warrants for the three North Korean spies involved in the 2014 Sony hacks

Biden maintains sunny optimism in having vaccinations widely available by the end of summer

President also says most K-8 schools should be open in first 100 days