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Coronavirus Today: November 30

The IRS has acknowledged that $1,200 stimulus checks were mistakenly sent overseas to non-Americans

Health experts warn those who traveled for Thanksgiving to assume they have the coronavirus

Experts now say preventing a superspreading event means isolating for two weeks

Nike, Coca-Cola among major brands accused of trying to weaken forced-labor bill

China has been under scrutiny for its treatment of Uighur Muslims

Coronavirus Today: November 24

Biden named several key nominees for his Cabinet, including Janet Yellen for treasury secretary.

General Services Administration authorizes Biden transition

Current officials can coordinate with Biden team, millions in funds made available

Millions of Americans board planes ahead of Thanksgiving, despite CDC warnings

Thanksgiving travel is expected to decline by at least 10% this year

India banned Alibaba e-commerce apps, adding 43 new Chinese apps to ban list

The apps were deemed a “security threat” by the Indian government

Coronavirus Today: November 23

The number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 in the U.S. continued to set records over the weekend

General Motors withdraws support for Trump’s lawsuit against California over emissions

CEO says the company agrees with Biden’s plan to expand electric vehicle use

FDA authorizes Regeneron COVID-19 antibody treatment for emergency use

Regeneron CEO says 300,000 treatments will be available by the end of January