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Security continues to tighten, including closing the National Mall, for Inauguration Day

The TSA is increasing passenger screenings and airlines are banning some alcohol

Ugandans await results of tense election plagued by violence, censorship

Election pits longtime president running for a sixth term against popular reggae star

Coronavirus Today: January 13

More than two dozen hospitals in rural Texas are still waiting on doses of the COVID-19 vaccine

House votes to impeach Trump for a second time

Senate trial won’t take place until after Biden takes office.

A ‘garbage island’ of space junk could destroy satellites critical to communications and defense

Multiple space junk mitigation projects are under development

Coronavirus Today: January 12

Several gorillas tested positive for COVID-19 at the San Diego Zoo

Facebook and Twitter crack down on misinformation ahead of Inauguration Day

Both companies leaving their suspensions of the president in place

Indian Supreme Court pauses controversial farming laws

Placing a stay on these controversial laws allows time for negotiations before they are passed

FBI warns of armed protests at all 50 state capitals

Trump refuses to take responsibility for Capitol attack, warns of “tremendous anger”

Coronavirus Today: January 11

Global coronavirus cases surpassed 90 million Monday as nations scramble to procure vaccines and extend lockdowns