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Federal judge delays first federal execution in 17 years

Victims’ families alleged their right to witness the execution was infringed upon due to coronavirus risk

Conspiracy theories swirl as alleged Epstein accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell awaits trial on suicide watch

Maxwell’s arrest reignites interest in her high profile associates

Country trio sues Black artist ‘Lady A,’ seeking to validate trademark

Artist Anita White calls lawsuit an example of white privilege

U.S. sets single-day new COVID-19 case record for second day in a row

Overall confirmed cases reached 3 million in the same week

Coronavirus Today: July 9

The total number of people seeking unemployment has fallen by 700,000, suggesting a plateau in layoffs

Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen returns to federal prison after home confinement

Return to custody occurs amid a surge in cases in states and federal prisons

Supreme Court rules that eastern half of Oklahoma remains within a Native American reservation

Justice John Roberts alleges that the state’s ability to prosecute serious crimes had been “hobbled”

Lt. Col Vindman retires from the Army, cites harassment from Trump Administration

Vindman argued his career was being stifled after his testimony against the President

Supreme Court rules in favor of religious exemptions to ACA contraception mandate

House Democrats introduce legislation to repeal the exemptions in response

Mexican president visits White House to discuss NAFTA replacement

Ahead of criticism for handling coronavirus and looming U.S. election, President Lopez Obrador makes his first international visit