82,000 people could die from coronavirus in the U.S. by August with upwards of 2,000 deaths a day, even with social distancing measures in place, according to a model cited by The White House. The model, which relies on information from state and local governments and the World Health Organization, was created by the University of Washington Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluations can be found here

The U.S. Navy’s hospital ship, the USNS Comfort, arrived in New York City yesterday to relieve the city’s overtaxed hospitals by providing a thousand beds and 12 operating rooms. Tents have been set up in Central Park to serve as an emergency field hospital. The US Open tennis site is also slated to become a 350-bed temporary hospital. 

Congress is preparing for another round of economic stimulus days after President Trump signed a $2 trillion relief package into law. The package would include more state aid along with financial assistance for mortgage markets and travel industries. 

The IRS said coronavirus stimulus checks will be sent out to eligible Americans in the next three weeks. People earning less than $75,000 will receive the one-time $1,200 payment, but household finance data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests the money may not last long for those affected by the pandemic. 

Global stocks edge lower despite China data that encourages hopes of a robust coronavirus recovery. Optimism surrounding the announcement of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine trial’s expected start in September helped push the stock market higher on Monday.

As an emergency response to coronavirus, the Hungarian parliament approved a bill that allows its Prime Minister increased power for an indefinite period of time, concerning its EU neighbors.

America’s struggling news industry, exacerbated by coronavirus’ barrier to advertising revenue, received aid from Facebook. The tech company is pledging $100 million in grant money to help struggling news outlets. Columnists have offered their proposals, ranging from directing stimulus money to support newsrooms to abandoning for-profit local newspapers all together. Facebook’s pledge will be in addition to the $300 million that already committed to local news by the end of 2021.

If you’ve recovered from Covid-19, here’s one way you might be able to help others – Quartz – 3/30/2020
Plasma therapy, which delivers antibody-packed plasma from recovered patients to those still fighting off infection (or preemptively to those at high risk of infection), is not a new or particularly complex procedure. But it could be a critical weapon in the fight against SARS-CoV-2—and it’s already coming online. 

Is 6 feet enough for social distancing? An MIT researcher says droplets carrying coronavirus can travel up to 27 feet. – USA TODAY – 3/31/2020
Lydia Bourouiba, an associate professor at MIT, has researched the dynamics of exhalations (coughs and sneezes, for instance) for years at The Fluid Dynamics of Disease Transmission Laboratory and found exhalations cause gaseous clouds that can travel up to 27 feet.  Her research could have implications for the global COVID-19 pandemic, though measures called for by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization call for six and three feet of space, respectively. 

A Lesson from Japan’s Fight against Coronavirus: Masks Help – National Review – 3/31/2020
The 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic took the lives of nearly 500,000 Japanese. (For perspective, the combined death toll after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was 200,000.) Since then, a phenomenon began to emerge: “mask culture.” The wearing of cloth or paper “sickness masks” while healthy and in public has become such a standard practice in Japan that in average years, the nation manufactures 4.3 billion face masks for personal use. The typical Japanese citizen goes through 43 masks per year.

Suppressing early information on COVID-19 and other health scares can aid misinformation – Nature – 3/30/2020
The epidemic began with a poignant example of potential life-saving information suppressed as a rumour. On 30 December, Li Wenliang, a young ophthalmologist in Wuhan, China, posted a message to colleagues that tried to call attention to a severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)-like illness that was brewing in his hospital. The Chinese government abruptly deleted the post, accusing Li of rumour-mongering. On 7 February, he died of COVID-19.

Which foods will survive the apocalypse? – BBC Future – 3/31/2020
“Most foods, not all, spoil for the same reason – because of the growth of microbes,” says Michael Sulu, an expert in food chemistry at University College London, in the UK. Food can be preserved by drying, salting, chilling or storing in air-tight containers. All are attempts to limit microbial growth, and have been used with greater or lesser success for millennia in various forms.


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NJ.com @njdotcom 30 Mar He was a cop for 25 years. 3 months into his new job as a nurse, he’s helping fight the coronavirus. http://nj-ne.ws/uuJVjMa

Good Morning America @GMA 30 Mar An estimated 20,000 former or retired members of the NHS have heard the call of duty and are returning to work to help alleviate the strains that coronavirus has put on hospitals and clinics around the country.

Courier Journal @courierjournal 31 Mar ‘They’re heroes’: Grocery workers’ union seeks ‘first responder’ status amid coronavirus

NBC10 Philadelphia @NBCPhiladelphia 30 Mar The brother of a nurse is using his free time and 3-D printers to create face shields for healthcare workers who are on the frontlines in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. He speaks with @MattDeLucia http://on.nbc10.com/KTAIW9Z

Daily Mail U.K. @DailyMailUK 30 Mar Kind-hearted neighbours surprise nurse by creating her a special parking space outside her house with spray paint amid coronavirus pandemic


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