The Labor Department reports a surge of 6.6 million weekly unemployment claims, bringing the two week total to approximately 10 million. U.S. stock futures pared sharp gains, initially bolstered by a 10% spike in oil– a financial market that has collapsed this year.

States that heavily rely on tourism will be hit the hardest by coronavirus-related job losses this year, with projections slating Nevada, Florida, and Pennsylvania to suffer the sharpest declines in employment. In an attempt to avoid mass joblessness, the French government launched a plan to shelter companies in hopes of keeping every worker possible employed. 

More than 940,000 people are infected worldwide, prompting the World Health Organization to express concern over the pandemic’s “rapid escalation.” Coronavirus diagnoses are lagging behind the outbreak, likely due to the virus’s incubation period. By March 21, the U.S. had reported nearly 25,000 cases, but at least 39,000 were already sick, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

U.S. intelligence concluded China concealed the extent of its outbreak, underreporting both deaths and total cases. 

Italy is also undercounting thousands of deaths, according to analysis from the Wall Street Journal. Italy’s reported death toll – at 13,155 – does not account for the many people who die, but do not make it to the hospital and are never tested. 

Democrats pitched an existing $760 billion infrastructure investment plan as an economic recovery proposal earlier this week. Coronavirus may have opened a new opportunity for Republicans and Democrats, who have both expressed interest in increased infrastructure spending but have never reached a deal.

The scientist who is credited with inventing technology involved in the N95 masks said he is researching how to clean and reuse them. Masks have been successfully sterilized of H1N1 using heat, but the current strain of coronavirus may react differently. COVID-19 is extremely contagious and spreads easily from person to person– here is how it compares to other pandemics.

Coronavirus Will Change the Media Business Forever – Vanity Fair – 4/1/2020
TV news seems to be undergoing a change akin to the shift from black and white to color, and it’s revelatory, literally. Everyone is revealing something: their taste in home decor, their real hair color showing at the roots. Guests are beaming in via Skype and Zoom, without layers of makeup caked on their cheeks, their bookshelves and furniture and occasionally their intruding children on display for millions to see. It’s lo-fi, ad hoc, a far cry from the big-ticket productions that talking heads are accustomed to.

For years, brands have been pushing an at-home lifestyle. No one expected it to happen like this. – Vox – 4/2/2020
How will brands that have spent recent years convincing consumers to stay home respond to this strange and endless moment where we’re all forced to be home? Now that consumers finally have the indoor lives they were told to dream of, do they actually feel the comfort they were promised? Or will quarantine cause the end of the homebody economy, and the brands that peddled it?

Here’s what astronauts and submariners say about coping with self-isolation – World Economic Forum – 4/2/2020
For most people, this is an unusual, unprecedented and unsettling set of circumstances. Who better to turn to for advice on coping with isolation than those whose jobs entail long periods of it – astronauts and submariners. Here are the thoughts of four people who have spent a significant amount of time in space or submerged 20,000 leagues under the sea.

Coronavirus Started in China, but Europe Became the Hub for Its Global Spread – The Intercept – 4/2/2020
As Covid-19 cripples the U.S. and ravages many countries in the world, politicians are battling to craft a narrative of who is to blame for its damage. The virus started in China, of course, but narratives of how it went from epidemic to global pandemic often leave out a crucial element: the role of Europe.

A day to recognize fact-checkers – Poynter – 4/2/2020
Across 43 languages and 16 time zones, more than 100 fact-checkers from 60+ countries have debunked around 3,000 hoaxes regarding COVID-19. The CoronaVirusFacts / DatosCoronaVirus Alliance is currently helping citizens make better decisions with accurate information.


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Local 4 WDIV Detroit @Local4News 1 Apr New numbers from the National Restaurant Association are showing $25 billion in lost sales and an estimated 3 million jobs lost.

FOX 11 Los Angeles @FOXLA 1 Apr You can make an authentic Shake Shack burger at home with a meal kit. The kit has 8 burger patties made from Shake Shack’s Pat LaFrieda beef blend, Martin’s Potato Rolls, American cheese, and ShackSauce condiment.

CNBC @CNBC 2 Apr Toilet paper, gloves, bottled water: Restaurants tack on extras to takeout orders

Food & Wine @foodandwine 2 Apr With restaurants now closed, kids are getting in on the cooking action with their professional parents.

Eater @Eater 1 Apr Chefs, cookbook authors, and other food scene loyalists are creating soothing Instagram food drawings that also raising funds for restaurants https://trib.al/9LmgalV


CLARIFICATION: In the Tuesday edition of the Turbine Labs COVID-19 Briefing, our team included an article published by USA Today, quoting an MIT researcher who “found exhalations cause gaseous clouds that can travel up to 27 feet.” Later on Tuesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), at a White House press conference stated, “I’m sorry, but I was disturbed by that report because that’s misleading.” He went on to explain it would take a “very, very robust, vigorous, achoo sneeze” for droplets to even come close to traveling that distance. 

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