European countries including Italy and Spain experienced a decline in new coronavirus cases this weekend, prompting a tentative hope that an end to the lockdown is on the horizon. The cautiously optimistic news rallied U.S. and European futures this morning, although experts say it’s an “unusual ” time for the stock market as investors wrestle with making meaningful predictions.  

As the U.S. enters a “crucial” stage in the next two weeks with another climb in reported deaths, state governors say they are forced to out-bid each other and federal agencies for enough ventilators and medical supplies. In Maryland, the governor has implemented an emergency order to address the growth of COVID-19 cases in nursing homes, which are minor hotspots for the virus. In Chicago, the virus is disproportionately killing black patients. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was also  admitted to the hospital this weekend for coronavirus testing.

The changing rhetoric from the CDC on whether to wear a face mask in public has scientists offering further explanation on when it’s a good idea, such as when there are many people in a small, enclosed space and in densely populated cities. Austrian residents must wear face masks every time they enter grocery or drug stores, while masks are mandatory upon leaving the house in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. 

Researchers found that a high thread-count pillowcase serves as the best material for a homemade mask, but layering scarves or bandanas with a coffee filter can also be effective.

Attacks on phone masts are on the rise thanks to conspiracy theories that link the cause of coronavirus to 5G technology. YouTube has said it will limit that content to reduce the spread of misinformation. Meanwhile, journalists are grappling with how to cover the myriad of stories about misinformation or propaganda without fuelling its spread.

A tiger at the Bronx Zoo in New York has tested positive for COVID-19 and other big cats appear to have fallen ill. Scientists say that a reduction of activity and noise during global lockdowns has led the earth to “stop shaking ,” pointing to a decline in seismic vibrations that should allow researchers to study minor earthquakes more effectively.


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CNBC @CNBC 6 Apr The coronavirus crisis is taking its toll on the airline industry: -United is slashing 90% of its schedule to LaGuardia and Newark -American is cutting daily flights in the NYC-area from 271 to 13 -Boeing is suspending Seattle-area production indefinitely

WPR @WPR 6 Apr Wisconsin tourism officials around have no idea what the fiscal impact of stay-at-home orders might be. The U.S. Travel Association estimated in mid-March that, nationally, tourism may take a more than $800 billion hit.

WREG News Channel 3 @3onyourside 6 Apr The Department of Homeland Security and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are now restricting cruise ship passengers and crew arriving in the US from boarding domestic commercial flights.

Carl Quintanilla @carlquintanilla 5 Apr Literally stranded in the Maldives, “they sleep in, snorkel, lounge by the pool, repeat.” “Everyone says they want to be stuck on a tropical island, until you’re actually stuck.. It only sounds good because u know u can leave.” (via ⁦@davidzweig⁩)

CNET @CNET 6 Apr 007 inspired trips to look forward to once it’s safe to travel again


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