"Focus of COVID-19 deaths has switched from Asia to Europe - and now the U.S." Financial Times, April 9, 2020 / Image: Steven Bernard, FT analysis of ECDC
“Focus of COVID-19 deaths has switched from Asia to Europe – and now the U.S.” Financial Times, April 9, 2020 / Image: Steven Bernard, FT analysis of ECDC


Researchers say that the U.S. is poised to reach its highest number of coronavirus deaths on or around this Easter Sunday, with a nationwide death toll of more than 16,000 and half of those in New York. Still, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the state is seeing success with social distancing efforts, joining a number of governors who say they are optimistic about a decline in new cases.

Denmark, which imposed restrictions even before a COVID-19 death was reported, will reopen schools and daycares next Wednesday, while countries such as Turkey and Sweden face uncertain futures due to a lack of restrictions and refusal to close businesses. In the UK, researchers have proposed a plan for easing restrictions that starts with allowing young adults to return to work first, arguing that they are the least likely to suffer complications from the virus but the most likely to be hit by an economic recession. 

  • In South Korea, 91 patients who recovered from COVID-19 have tested positive again. Public health authorities there say the results could reflect the virus’s “reactivation” or a relapse rather than re-infection.

Demand for electricity in the U.S. rapidly  declined to a 16-year low last week, an indicator that some economists say can be used to detect the severity of recessions and predict when the current economic “free fall” will end. Lawmakers are urging the Treasury Department to take action to protect individuals from having their debt seized by lenders, which they say could dampen stimulus efforts. Vice President Mike Pence said Americans should begin to receive their stimulus checks from the recently passed CARES Act at the end of next week, but budget cuts, a depleted workforce and a dearth of paperwork at the IRS means some Americans may not receive that money until they file their taxes next year.

  • Researchers at the UN say the pandemic could lead to the first increase in global poverty since 1990. While predictions vary based on the severity of the outbreak, they say the worst-case scenario could lead to a “poverty tsunami” that results in a 20% decline in income worldwide.

Tensions and fears over the coronavirus are breaking into prison riots  around the nation after 251 inmates tested positive for COVID-19 at a Chicago jail and hundreds more inmates and staff were reported sickened in the federal prison system. Starting today, residents of Los Angeles will be required to wear a face covering upon entering an essential business. In Ohio, the Amish community has begun to supply hospitals with face masks and surgical gowns.

SNL tomorrow will join a host of late-night shows that continue to air new content during the outbreak, with staff working remotely to produce “Weekend Update” and other segments. In Georgia, a bar owner removed nearly $4,000 in dollar bills stapled to the walls to give to her recently unemployed staff. 

More than half of Americans wear masks as coronavirus’ new normal takes hold: POLL – ABC News – 4/10/2020
One of the main forces driving Americans’ views is partisanship, with respondents appearing as divided over the coronavirus as they are over President Donald Trump. This is even the case when it comes to wearing a face mask or covering in public.

20 questions to ask instead of “How are you doing right now?” – Quartz – 4/10/2020
When we keep asking the same question, or no questions at all, we lose out on a chance for deeper connections with our conversation partners, who also happen to be the people we care most about. We are tricked into believing we know how they’re feeling or what they’re thinking, when we haven’t even scratched the surface.

How to Help in a Pandemic: Ask Before You Donate 1,000 Pizzas – New York Times – 4/10/2020
Hospitals constantly dealing with triage don’t have the bandwidth to manage the random delivery of food at unscheduled hours. He and Mr. Sheehan devised a plan to circumvent this kind of inefficiency, to feed Woodhull’s staff and also try to address the pandemic’s secondary crisis, the explosion of unemployment within the city’s restaurant industry.

Biologist Carl Bergstrom on coronavirus, misinformation and why we weren’t prepared – CNBC – 4/9/2020
Since then, he’s been noting and occasionally debunking various conspiracy theories and rumors, such as the idea that the coronavirus was a Chinese bioweapon — and, in China, that it’s a U.S. bioweapon — and false stories of catastrophes at American hospitals. On Twitter, he also called out a neurologist, Scott Mintzer, for a “panic inducing” thread about a health system in Seattle, which was based on a second-hand account from an unnamed doctor. 

Here’s how your body gains immunity to coronavirus – The Guardian – 4/10/2020
Our infected cells make the ultimate sacrifice and invite their own destruction by displaying distress signals forT-cells, which swiftly detect and kill them. T-cells are cytotoxic – powerful serial killers that can recognise peptide fragments of virus displayed on the infected cell surface. When they do, they release a payload of toxic enzymes that kill the infected cell in a “kiss of death”.


Eyewitness News @Eyewitness News 10 Apr Christians around the world are marking Good Friday. The most solemn day on the calendar commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ will be marked in isolation and without traditions because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sesame Street @Sesame Street 10 Apr This year, celebrate #EasterAtHome with Sesame Street Easter books including The Runaway Egg, The Bunny Hop and more! Check them out on @amazon now.

BBC News (UK) @BBC News (UK) 9 Apr Coronavirus: Easter egg sales surge despite lockdown

New York Post @New York Post 10 Apr Notre Dame Cathedral opens briefly for Good Friday ceremony

Weber Co Elections @Weber Co Elections 9 Apr The tradition of the White House Egg Roll party celebrating Easter began in 1878. Some say that First Lady Dolley Madison originally suggested it while, others say the tradition dates back to the Lincoln administration.


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