President Trump, in an effort to buoy the economy, announced at his press briefing Monday he has “total” authority on when and how to reopen the U.S. economy. Trump’s statement counters the views of legal scholars who say the federal government lacks the power to directly reopen states’ economies. Governors still maintain they will have the final say over when their own states will reopen. 

U.S. stock futures point to a higher opening amid news that the White House is working on a plan to “reopen” the U.S., and China’s economy is performing better than expected.

The International Monetary Fund predicted the “Great Lockdown” recession will be the steepest in almost a century as the pandemic spurs shutdowns.  

With earnings season starting this week, investors are waiting to see how companies have fared during the pandemic. JPMorgan posted first-quarter profit well below analysts’ expectations.  

Small towns have proven to be especially vulnerable to the effects of coronavirus. A town in New Hampshire that relies on seasonal tourism has already lost hundreds of jobs. More than 2,100 cities are anticipating major budget shortfalls this year and plan to cut programs and staff in response. Nearly 9 in 10 cities expect a revenue shortfall as businesses continue to shutter. 

Impacted businesses are also evaluating legal concerns that could stem from coronavirus. Lawsuits like negligence and public nuisance claims could affect their survival.

Processing plants across the U.S. are seeing workers fall ill and walk off the job due to the close conditions. Reduced production could result in a disruption in food supply chains that have already struggled to keep pace with a surging demand. A pork plant in South Dakota closed after 200 workers tested positive for COVID-19, making up over half of the state’s positive cases. 

The World Health Organization offered advice on adapting to the ‘new normal’ in a time when most countries are effectively shut down due to the coronavirus. The WHO said the disease will decelerate much slower than its advancement, but only a vaccine will fully interrupt transmission. 

Sweden remains an outlier in its attempt to flatten the curve. Rather than imposing more draconian restrictions, the country has no mandatory quarantines and few limitations, but rather relies on voluntary compliance. On Monday, Sweden had nearly 11,000 confirmed cases, though there is not yet enough data to support whether the country’s approach is successful or not.

With stay-at-home orders in place, parties have been moved to Zoom for virtual celebrations. A video of an 88-year-old grandmother who sang happy birthday to herself while quarantined went viral within a week after her granddaughter posted it on TikTok.

A Colorado man hopes his coronavirus memorials map will connect grieving survivors across the globe – The Colorado Sun – 4/14/2020
In the four and a half years since Jeremiah Lindemann created a public mapping website to remember victims of the opioid crisis, he’s received dozens of other requests. But none of them persuaded him to launch a new map. Until COVID-19. Lindemann, a software engineer who mines data and builds maps for cities and counties across the world, started the opioid overdose website in honor of his younger brother, J.T., who died at age 23 after struggling with an addiction to Oxycontin.

How much of the coronavirus does it take to make you sick? – STAT – 4/14/2020
The minimum infectious dose of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, is unknown so far, but researchers suspect it is low. “The virus is spread through very, very casual interpersonal contact,” W. David Hardy, a professor of infectious disease at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, told STAT.

Amid Coronavirus, Pets Need Virtual Services Too – The Wall Street Journal – 4/14/2020
Animals can’t engage with a screen the same way they would a live event with other pets and owners. In some ways, however, it is less tricky than digitizing experiences that are just for humans, executives said. People under social isolation are spending a lot more time with their animals and are willing to try activities online.

The Pandemic Is Putting Law Students’ Futures on Hold – Bloomberg – 4/14/2020
As students graduating from the nation’s medical schools prepare to step into the front lines fighting the novel coronavirus, their law school counterparts confront a far more uncertain future. At the beginning of the year, they were looking forward to entering the strongest legal job market in more than a decade. Now, often with six-figure debt loads, they’re facing reduced hiring and major delays getting their careers under way.

Admit it, you miss your noisy office. This tool recreates all your coworkers’ annoying sounds – Fast Company – 4/14/2020
The site, created by Berlin-based creative agency Kids, shows an open office plan filled with familiar sights: a conference table, meeting rooms, a copier, desks. The default level of sound assumes you share the space with five colleagues: low talking, an A/C unit, intermittent footsteps. You can add more sounds by clicking on various icons around the office or increase the ambient noise level by adding more colleagues.


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Mark Cuban @Mark Cuban 13 Apr If you have applied for a PPP loan please share your experiences here: http://covidloantracker.com

Fashion Week @Fashion Week 13 Apr Support your local businesses. @Coach has committed $2 million to the NYC Small Business Continuity Fund to help local businesses during this challenging time. Photo of creative director Stuart Vevers with @BlondieOfficial. Learn more about:

Adweek @Adweek 13 Apr PayPal detailed two initiatives related to the pandemic: One aimed at helping customers tap into their government stimulus payments, and one to provide access to small business loans through the Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program.

Architectural Digest @Architectural Digest 14 Apr Decorate your space and help a small business all in one fell swoop.

Brent Toderian @Brent Toderian 13 Apr Amazon is doing really well. Are your local shops and services? Amazon will be around after all this. Will your local shops & services? #ShopLocal


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