"Journalists uncover lessons from the 1918 pandemic useful in covering COVID-19" Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, April 21 / Image: Missouri School of Journalism
“Journalists uncover lessons from the 1918 pandemic useful in covering COVID-19” Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, April 21 / Image: Missouri School of Journalism


The U.S. Senate has passed another $480 billion in coronavirus relief that allocates billions more for the already-diminished Paycheck Protection Program. The package includes $60 billion for small lenders and community financial institutions following the news that large, public companies took advantage of the first round of emergency loans before small businesses could reach them. 

Stock futures this morning are higher and treasury yields are mixed following the historic drop in oil prices this week to below zero. Realtors report an 8.5% drop in home sales in March, with steeper declines expected in April and a simultaneous drop in homebuilding.

Plant closures at Kraft Heinz and Conagra due to COVID-19 illnesses have worsened the growing issue of food supply and transportation across the country. Around the world, countries are adapting their infrastructures to allow for urban areas to access food more easily.

Industry players say the outbreak highlights other vulnerabilities faced by the food industry, including the presence of African Swine Fever in hogs and animal feed. Following research indicating that the obese are at a higher risk of being admitted to the hospital for COVID-19, nutritionists say stay at home orders are worsening the risk due to poor eating habits.

The first at-home testing kit has been approved by the FDA as public health officials consider how many tests are sufficient to safely reopen the economy. A Chinese study illustrates the difficulties that restaurants may face as they reopen, pointing to one restaurant’s ventilation system as the reason the virus spread from one person to nine others. In rural areas of the country, hospitals are facing financial hurdles due to the cancellation of elective procedures.

Large U.S. cities are reporting a rise in car thefts during lockdowns, even as crime rates were reported last week to have dropped around the world. Officials in the U.S. and other countries are advising building managers to regularly run the water in building pipelines, which could become a health risk if it sits for too long. Even so, some property managers say that vacant buildings pose an advantage for tackling preventative maintenance.

As many organizations mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day today with virtual gatherings and speakers, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has called the pandemic a “ wake up call,” imploring nations to come together to address the “deeper emergency” of the world’s environment.

Earth Day At 50: Climate Activists Go Digital Amid Pandemic Shutdown – NPR – 4/22/2020
That year Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency, and went on to sign the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act with broad bipartisan support. 50 years later, the biggest environmental challenge is climate change, something most had never heard about back in 1970. But large gatherings are not possible amid the global coronavirus pandemic, so Earth Day has moved online.

Billionaire Ray Dalio says coronavirus marks the start of a ‘new future’ – CNBC – 4/22/2020
In a live LinkedIn interview Tuesday, the Bridgewater Associates founder highlighted the devastating human toll of the virus, which has so far infected more than 2.5 million globally, and its wide-reaching economic repercussions. However, he went on to strike an optimistic note, saying that the financial fallout should be viewed in wider historical context. Comparing the pandemic with other periods of economic hardship, such as the Great Depression, Dalio said the current downturn — painful as it is — would be “relatively brief” and would allow for a wider global “restructuring.”

Will we ever be immune to Covid-19? – BBC Future – 4/22/2020
Much of the debate about how we might begin to lift restrictions has centered around the need for an antibody test. If we were able to tell who had been infected and had recovered, and if those people could demonstrate immunity against catching the virus again, could we begin to allow them to go back to work?

Hospitals are fighting to preserve the joy of childbirth during Covid-19 – Quartz – 4/22/2020
While the rules may vary in different countries, they all share the same goal, said Clare Livingstone, a midwife and professional policy advisor at the UK Royal College of Midwives: “Keep things as normal as possible.” But stories from around the world show that’s not always possible, especially in cases where mothers test positive for the novel coronavirus.

COVID-19 helped Netflix win the streaming wars before they’d barely begun – Fast Company – 4/21/2020
On Tuesday after the market close, Netflix released its quarterly letter to shareholders and a couple of hours later its earnings video with the analyst Michael Morris. Together, they reflect exactly what Sarandos said just a few minutes into that video: The world is being entertained through Netflix, and the creative community has coalesced around it in this moment of global crisis that has hit the entertainment world incredibly hard.


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Deloitte @Deloitte 22 Apr Deloitte’s new survey found that 91% of execs say their businesses have felt the impact of #climatechange. As organizations look to reset and rebuild after #COVID19, we must include the health of the planet in our strategies. #EarthDay #ImpactThatMatters

NOAA Satellites @NOAA Satellites 22 Apr We never get tired of views like these, even after 50 years! As both #EarthDay & @NOAA celebrate half a century of existence, you can learn more about our world and the wonders of Mother Nature without leaving home. #EarthDay2020 #NOAAat50 #50YearsOfNOAA

National Geographic Magazine @National Geographic Magazine 22 Apr What kind of world will we have on the 100th anniversary of Earth Day, just 50 years from now? Both optimists and pessimists believe we are at some kind of turning point, where action—or inaction—will push us along one path or another.

The Economist @The Economist 22 Apr What role could AI play in cooling the planet? Renowned scientist James Lovelock explains

Popular Science @Popular Science 21 Apr Sea turtles think old ocean plastic smells delicious


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