"Daily Chart: Domestic violence has increased during coronavirus lockdowns" The Economist, April 22 / Image: The Economist
“Daily Chart: Domestic violence has increased during coronavirus lockdowns” The Economist, April 22 / Image: The Economist


Another 4.4 million people filed for unemployment last week, continuing a historic level of claims that now totals 26 million, or the equivalent of every job gain in the U.S. since the Great Recession . The impact of more layoffs is felt particularly hard in Central America, where residents are expected to see a 10% decline in money sent from family living and working U.S. The World Bank warns that a fall in remittances worldwide could thrust many residents of developing countries into poverty. Countries such as Kenya, India and Colombia have begun to show signs of an emerging global hunger crisis. 

The European Union is facing criticism for its handling of Polish and Hungarian governments, which critics say received coronavirus aid despite their rejection of democratic values and the use of those funds to further consolidate government power. In Somalia, U.S. airstrikes have increased despite calls for an international ceasefire.

Insurers across the nation are bracing for legal battles after they refused claims for shuttered businesses and restaurants. They argue that a worldwide pandemic is uninsurable, but many businesses say the financial aid is key to their survival. 

Tyson foods is the latest to announce the closure of two meat processing factories, raising fears that meatpacking plants could become “ disaster zones” that trigger a severe scarcity in meat supply.

Thousands of American institutions will receive aid as a part of federal relief packages, but Stanford, Harvard and Princeton have opted out of the funding following public backlash and a dispute with the Trump Administration. Following campus closures and classes moved online, students across the U.S. are suing their colleges for tuition refunds . In Maryland, public school officials say up to 25% of students are not participating in remote learning.

Scientists are predicting that the asymptomatic and abnormal behavior of some coronavirus patients may be due to blood clots, with some doctors suggesting blood thinners for every infected patient. Doctors are also considering the role of blood pressure medication in the severity of infection. 

Researchers have found that “hidden outbreaks” of the virus were likely occurring in large U.S. cities as early as the beginning of February. In South Korea, some good news came from researchers who found that patients infected a second time with COVID-19 were less infectious in the second round.

Today marks World Book Day, an event that can be successfully celebrated in isolation or in a number of virtual events online.

Covid-19 is pushing Americans into early retirement – Quartz – 4/23/2020
The new research finds that the ranks of those planning to retire early are significantly higher than in previous downturns. That might hold the official unemployment rate in check, but the employment-to-population ratio, which measures the share of all US adults who hold paid jobs, will plummet.

Self-isolation has its roots in ancient times – The Christian Science Monitor – 4/23/2020
Our current phrase “social distancing” carries a distant echo of these medieval views. […] It suggests that in our self-isolation, we are working together for the good of our friends, families, and communities. We are more like walled-in anchorites than quarantined plague ships. 

NBCUniversal launches shoppable ads to help retailers hurt by coronavirus – Reuters – 4/23/2020
U.S. TV networks are poised to lose as much as $12 billion in ad revenue in the first half of this year because of the postponement of major sports events like the Tokyo Olympics and the NCAA basketball tournament, according to research firm eMarketer. The new features will allow consumers to scan a code on their TV screens with their phones, sending the advertiser’s product shown in the content to an online shopping cart powered by NBCUniversal Checkout.

Coronavirus Will Change How We Create Cars, Say Top Designers – Bloomberg – 4/23/2020
“People want to feel protected, and now with the pandemic, even more so,” agreed Adam Hatton, the creative director for exterior design at Jaguar Land Rover, speaking by phone the same week. […] Indeed, where safety concerns in luxury automobiles have typically centered around, first, protection from collision and, in countries like Mexico, Russia, and Brazil, protection from attack, robbery, or kidnapping, now safety concerns include a medical element both mental and physical.

The Week the Cameras Stopped: TV in the COVID-19 Era – Vanity Fair – 4/23/2020
Not finishing likely meant that Fargo would not be able to air in time to be eligible for the Emmys. Hawley nevertheless called his executives at FX and MGM to tell them they needed to pull the plug and, between lunchtime and late Thursday afternoon, the mood had shifted to the point where no one argued: “Everyone understood it just wasn’t going to happen. We had to shut down.” 


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Weijia Jiang @Weijia Jiang 23 Apr Just remarkable. “The 43 men went home Sunday after each working 12-hour shifts all day and night for a month straight, producing tens of millions of pounds of the raw materials that will end up in face masks and surgical gowns…”

NPR @NPR 23 Apr Layering a nylon stocking over a homemade cloth mask can boost its ability to filter out small particles in the air by creating a tighter seal between the mask and the wearer’s face, a new study finds.

Fast Company @Fast Company 23 Apr Fun fact: A surgical mask produced by 3M in 1961, which led to the development of the N95 mask, was also inspired by a bra.

SkyNews @SkyNews 23 Apr Coronavirus: Banksy’s Girl With A Pierced Eardrum gets a COVID-19 face mask

The Atlantic @The Atlantic 22 Apr Prom is canceled across the country this year, but teenagers are still “promposing” on TikTok, dressing up for Zoom, and wearing masks for prom pictures, @kait_tiffany reports.


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