"Gold miners and funds shine, boosted by coronavirus safe-haven bid" Reuters, April 24 / Image: Refinitiv Data/Gaurav Dogra
“Gold miners and funds shine, boosted by coronavirus safe-haven bid” Reuters, April 24 / Image: Refinitiv Data/Gaurav Dogra


Businesses such as gyms, barbershops and hair salons are reopening today in Georgia despite harsh criticism of the state’s governor for disregarding the White House’s model to wait until COVID-19 cases show signs of slowing. President Donald Trump, who last week rallied states on Twitter to “liberate” their economies, joined those who condemned the decision to reopen.

President Trump is facing criticism today from the medical community for his comments at Thursday’s White House briefing, in which he suggested that public health experts explore the possibility of injecting disinfectant in the body or exposing it to UV light to treat the coronavirus.

A bill to provide an additional $484 billion in aid to small businesses is headed to the president’s desk. After the first round of funding was depleted in 14 days, experts say this round likely won’t be the last. The European Union also now has the go-ahead to draft a stimulus package of at least  €1 trillion. In France, government authorities have followed the examples of Poland and Denmark in excluding tax havens from their national aid packages. 

United Airlines has required all flight attendants to wear a mask, propelling speculation that passengers are next. In contrast to guidance from a recent FDA warning that smoking cigarettes may increase the chances of catching COVID-19, French researchers have posited that nicotine can in fact prevent or treat the virus. In India, authorities are seeking an explanation for a lower death rate in many parts of the country despite the presence of COVID-19.

New guidelines have been released in South Korea for continued social distancing in the “new normal,” with instructions to continue 6-foot distances, minimize time in cafes and restaurants, and stagger customers in dining areas.

As high school seniors grieve the loss of a premature end to the school year, many have also adjusted their plans for the fall, choosing to take a gap year or attend school closer to home. To those who have posted their senior photos to show solidarity with the Class of 2020, the FBI warns that doing so may expose account holders to scammers. 

Fandango has partnered with Lionsgate to livestream a movie every Friday night. For kids, the characters of “Sesame Street” will join CNN anchors in a Saturday special to help understand the pandemic. 

Why coronavirus will accelerate the fourth Industrial Revolution – The Economist Intelligence Unit – 4/24/2020
Gould and Eldredge argued that evolution isn’t a constant, gradual process—it occurs during episodes when species are in environments of high tension or especially crisis. […] The profound pressures that individuals, organisations, and societies face in this crisis are accelerating the fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), blurring the boundaries between the physical, digital and biological worlds. The current state of emergency compels us to consider the necessity of structural shifts in our relationship with the environment and how we conduct ourselves as a global community. 

States take new steps to track contacts of people with COVID-19 – Roll Call – 4/24/2020
A nationwide effort is underway to bolster the public health workforce as states launch efforts including multistate collaborations and virus-tracking technology to identify new cases of COVID-19 and their contacts.

What 1918’s “Forgotten Pandemic” Can Teach Us About Today – Vanity Fair – 4/24/2020
When I visit my grandchildren, I wave through the window but I don’t go inside. It breaks my heart not being able to hug and kiss them—but at least we can FaceTime later. During the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, nobody even had that. As a novelist who recently spent two years researching and fully immersed in the lives of everyday people during the 1918 pandemic, it’s impossible not to compare that crisis to today’s.

Guerrilla Golfers Sneak Onto Greens Closed by Pandemic – The New York Times – 4/24/2020
Add this to the list of cultural phenomena produced by the pandemic: renegade golfers. With about half the nation’s courses closed by state or local leaders, and with the weather turning to spring, a few million hard-core golf fans are struggling to restrain themselves. Many are failing.

Eight fantastic street food cities to visit after coronavirus – The Independent – 4/24/2020
With the FCO advising against non-essential travel for an indefinite period of time, it’s hard to know when we might all start travelling again. But that doesn’t mean the wanderlust has dissipated. In fact, for some, it has only multiplied many fold, which makes now the perfect time to plan a trip for the future.


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Reuters @Reuters 24 Apr Faith during lockdown: Jews around the world mark Passover, Christians celebrate Easter, and preparations start for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan

OIC @OIC 24 Apr #WHO has published new guidelines, which includes advice on safe practices and ritualsthat can be implemented during the holy month of #Ramadan & the #CoronavirusOutbreak.In the following graphic, the most important points in the guide are shown: #RamadanMubarak #ramadankareem

CBC Toronto @CBC Toronto 24 Apr Forty-five minutes before sunset, Akber Ali and his family settle in front of their computer screen, hoping to recreate the feeling they would have at the mosque during the Muslim holy month. But this will be no ordinary Ramadan.

BBC News Africa @BBC News Africa 24 Apr Millions of people around the world will be observing the “holy month” of Ramadan under lockdown this year. Muslim scholar Professor Asma Barlas has been telling us what is allowed, and what is not during the pandemic.

U.S. Surgeon General @U.S. Surgeon General 24 Apr To those celebrating #Ramadan: Ramadan Mubarak! As the holy month kicks off, please keep yourself, your family & friends safe by practicing social distancing. While you may be #TogetherApart, there are many ways to practice togetherness during this time.


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