Stock futures are down  this morning following threats from President Donald Trump to impose new tariffs on China in retaliation for the outbreak. Even so, the S&P 500 finished April with its strongest rebound in 30 years, at more than 12 percent. Wall Street players say they are not optimistic about the improvement, although a reported 14 percent shrink in the European economy far exceeds that experienced in the U.S. 

  • J. Crew has joined retailers such as Neiman Marcus and J.C. Penney in preparing for bankruptcy, while smartphone industry leaders say their market has been “ crushed” by the coronavirus. Economists say a “bankruptcy wave” for U.S. oil companies has just begun

The employees of Amazon, Instacart, Whole Foods, Target and other frontline workers will strike today to protest inadequate protections as frontline workers. The strike comes as Amazon executives say an anticipated $4 billion in profit next quarter will go directly to improvements and wage increases for the company’s growing workforce. Nurses across 13 states will also strike to expose a similar lack of personal protective equipment and threats from their employers when they speak out about their working conditions.

  • Nearly 900 employees of a meatpacking facility in Indiana have tested positive for COVID-19, days after President Trump’s executive order for meatpacking plants to remain open during the pandemic. Employees have come out to say they fear going to work due to inadequate protections, but attorneys say state and local governments have little legal authority to close the facilities.

In a draft of the CDC’s guidelines for reopening business, public health officials recommend spaced out seating, moving religious gatherings outside, and limited capacity at bars and restaurants. Experts say that monitoring employee illness and establishing thresholds for when to return to more stringent physical distance is key for businesses that plan to reopen. In Maine, a town council is considering whether to allow merchants to sell their product on curbsides downtown.

  • recent poll found that Republicans are more willing and ready to reopen business compared to Democrats, affirming a growing political split in perception of the pandemic. 

Following public outcry over initial moves to monopolize Remdesivir, an experimental drug to treat COVID-19, pharmaceutical company Gilead has outlined plans to mass produce the drug and make it affordable. In Canada, preliminary data shows that the majority of coronavirus cases first stemmed from the U.S . 

Local officials in a Swedish town have turned to chicken manure as a crowd-gathering deterrent before a local town holiday. They join officials of a California town who last week filled a skate park with 37 tons of sand to keep the public away.

Following sports in the time of COVID-19 – Strategy+Business – 5/1/2020
How is everyone coping without sports in their lives? Once you’ve read about the cancellation of all major sports events due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, and seen the reactions from the managers, players, and sports organizations, what is left for the billions of fans across the globe? The world still turns, albeit with less drama, less diversion, and less color in it. For many, a world without sports is monochrome.

Under Quarantine, Vintage Soloflexes Are Getting a Workout – Bloomberg – 5/1/2020
Back in 1984, Steve Ockerman was a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps, stationed at Quantico, Va., when he noticed an ad campaign for Soloflex, the resistance-based home exercise machines. The ads featured model Scott Madsen, shirtless and ripped, with a price-conscious tagline that dubbed his torso “The $495 Body” (about $1,229.71 in 2020 dollars). Wowed by the ads, Ockerman ordered a Soloflex and worked out on it “pretty consistently” for a decade, he says, carting it with him to Okinawa, St. Louis, and beyond. 

How a ‘COVID Gap Year’ Will Be Different Than Previous Gap Year Experiences – EdSurge – 5/1/2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has created a rush of interest in the gap year, since most campuses have not yet decided whether they will be open for traditional classes in the fall, and many college have already decided they’ll at least start with online teaching and shuttered campuses. Today, May 1, is the traditional date that students must tell colleges whether or not they accept an offer of admission, though many have extended that deadline until June.

Everything You Need To Know About Remdesivir, The Potential COVID-19 Treatment – Refinery 29 – 5/1/2020
On Wednesday, researchers announced that they had “positive data” in regards to a potential treatment for COVID-19. Clinical trials for Gilead Sciences’ antiviral drug remdesivir, which was developed to treat Ebola, showed a “clear-cut positive effect in diminishing time to recover,” according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The Federal Drug Administration is expected to issue an emergency-use authorisation for the drug to treat COVID-19 patients, and the news has many wondering, what exactly is remdesivir?

Long lines, lots of kids, and plenty to touch: How does Disney reopen its parks? – Reuters – 5/1/2020
For a glimpse at how Disney recovers from the coronavirus pandemic, look no further than Shanghai, where the entertainment giant has staged a limited reopening of Shanghai Disney Resort. Adults, kids and senior citizens wear masks while wandering among staff and security guards who carry contact-less thermometers and hand sanitizer.


Steve Bullock @Steve Bullock 30 Apr As we gradually and responsibly reopen our state, we need to keep the virus suppressed – and ramping up our testing capacity is critical.

Texoma’s Homepage @Texoma’s Homepage 1 May With businesses able to open back up some restaurants and retailers are worried if they would be held liable for a customer contracting COVID-19 while at their establishment.

AM Joy w/Joy Reid @AM Joy w/Joy Reid 1 May Guidelines call for 14-day drop in cases to reopen. No state has met them. via @nbcnews

Herb Scribner @Herb Scribner 1 May As states reopen, cities are staying shut. That could mean more coronavirus in rural America.

Tim Fargo  @Tim Fargo  1 May Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever. – Walt Disney #quote #FridayFeeling


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