“Vote-by-mail debate raises fears of election disinformation” Associated Press, March 10, 2020 / Source: Data: John Froschauer/AP


Nearly three-quarters of voters support transitioning the 2020 presidential election entirely to mail-in ballots, according to a new poll conducted by Harvard and Harris Insights and Analytics.

Those numbers tell a different story when broken down by party. Among Democratic voters, 84% favor voting by mail, while 14% oppose it. Among Republicans, less than half support voting by mail, and 53% oppose the measure.

Democrats argue that changes are essential, pointing to public health officials who say that social distancing is necessary to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Republicans contend a mail-in ballot voting system would risk the integrity of U.S. elections. In reference to the ongoing debate, President Trump on Twitter stated “Don’t allow rigged elections.” Civil Rights groups, including the NAACP, are against cutting off in-person voting completely. In a statement, the groups said in-person voting would “inadvertently disenfranchise” African American, disabled, American Indian, and other voters who rely on same-day voter registration. 


Universal mail-in voting could cost Mass. $30 million this November alone, report says – The Boston Globe – 5/6/2020
A dramatic expansion of voting by mail in Massachusetts amid the coronavirus pandemic could cost tens of millions of dollars, and create a “complex trade-off” as people, wary of COVID-19′s lingering threat, demand options to vote from home, according to a new report.

Wisconsin Shows That Mail-in Ballots Are Not Necessary to Stop the Spread of the Coronavirus  – Townhall – 5/5/2020
The vote didn’t have the disastrous outcome many have predicted. A full 22 days after the vote, 52 people who had worked or voted in the Wisconsin election had COVID-19.

Will Americans Lose Their Right to Vote in the Pandemic? – The New York Times – 5/5/2020
The safest way to cast a ballot will very likely be by mail. But with opposition from the president, limited funding and time running out, will that option be available?

Will Texans Be Able to Vote by Mail? – Texas Monthly – 5/5/2020
The persistence of the coronavirus pandemic is stirring fears about the safety of voting. […] But now concerns abound about how to safely hold the primary runoffs, which have been delayed until mid-July, as well as the November general election, which public health officials warn could come amid a second wave of infection

It’s Time To End Election Night In America – HuffPost – 5/6/2020
Democratic elections require voters to believe in the legitimacy of the process. False accusations of fraud from one party are designed to undermine the legitimacy of the election of their opponents. But these accusations also strike at the heart of our democratic elections and republican government.


Adam Paul Laxalt on Twitter, 5/6/20: The NV Dems, DNC, DCCC, and Priorities USA all team up to sue Nevada to ballot harvest and mail inactive voters – then a last second shady deal is cut with Dem local county to give them their demands! $300K in the pandemic for harvesting and inactive mail! https://t.co/to0k4gz5Mc

Amy Klobuchar on Twitter,  5/6/20: Voters standing in line in garbage bags and homemade masks — that’s what we saw at the polls in Wisconsin. It CANNOT happen again. Let’s pass my bill to let people vote early or from home. There’s nothing partisan about this; we must protect Americans. https://t.co/DdcxAqV1p0… https://t.co/vtuOT7jrYW

Neera Tanden on Twitter, 5/6/20: Proud of this effort: More than 800 public health experts call on Congress to fund mail-in voting | TheHill https://t.co/bE4Ssue6mD

Marc E. Elias on Twitter, 5/6/20: My Wednesday Morning Read💡”Democrats have filed a lawsuit aimed at ending what they feel are unconstitutional restrictions prohibiting voters—particularly young and African-American voters—from casting absentee ballots.” https://t.co/HOpa3E5R9l

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