“State of the World’s Nursing 2020 Executive Summary” World Health Organization, 2020 / Source: National Health Workforce Accounts, World Health Organization 2019

An additional 3 million people filed for unemployment in the past week, bringing the pandemic’s jobless count to 33 million. Law firms across the country are bracing for an onslaught of bankruptcies, although they say the lack of financial hardship in the past decade has led to a “missing generation” in their knowledge of bankruptcy law. 

Over 40 publicly traded companies face federal criminal prosecution if they do not return the Paycheck Protection Program funds intended for small businesses by May 14. Even after facing public outrage in previous weeks for taking advantage of the emergency funds, a dozen of those companies were found to have raised millions more through stock offerings and debt deals

Some small business owners say the PPP’s strict stipulations make them more of a burden than they are worth as they are forced to choose between paying employees or dedicating the funds to the survival of their business. Following a string of changes in the Small Business Administration’s qualifications for the funding, other businesses may no longer be eligible for the loan.

The CDC’s set of guidelines on safely reopening businesses and public spaces, expected to be published tomorrow, has been “ shelved” by the White House following a continued absence of the agency’s public health experts at public briefings.

The U.S. military is permanently banning anyone who has had COVID-19 from joining the forces unless they present a waiver.

Per capita death rates in rural Georgia have climbed to some of the worst rates in the U.S., reflecting the virus’s disparities in race and socioeconomic class. In the UK, a government analysis of coronavirus-related deaths found that black and Pakistani residents face a significantly higher chance of death even after adjusting their data for socioeconomic factors.

In an academic survey, nearly one-quarter of respondents said they would not get a vaccination against COVID-19 if it was available, pointing to a nebulous challenge in overcoming skepticism, experts say.

A Nintendo game has become so popular during the pandemic that it has crossed into real-world business. Players have begun to offer real money for virtual commodities in Animal Crossing, looking to the game as an economic aid and creative outlet.

What It’s Like To Be A Paramedic During A Pandemic – WBUR – 5/7/2020
Call volumes are way down. And we have two types of patients. We have presumptive COVID patients and patients with some sort of psychiatric stress. And that’s really about it. The chest pains, belly aches, headaches … those have, by and large, disappeared.

Political Campaigns Offer Customer Service Amid Pandemic – OZY – 5/7/2020
There were no donation asks, no volunteer requests. And Mace is far from alone in changing her outreach strategy. As the pandemic has seized Americans’ attention, candidates for office are turning to customer service techniques and technologies more often honed in the corporate world.

Economic Blow Of The Coronavirus Hits America’s Already Stressed Farmers – Kaiser Health News – 5/7/2020
“Diversion therapy is the best treatment for farmers right now,” said the 70-year-old from Atchison County, Missouri. “Being busy helps.” In an industry rocked over the past year by record rates of bankruptcies, suicides and mental health crises spurred by weather extremes, trade wars and faltering economics, COVID-19 has fostered even more uncertainty for the future of America’s farms. Already the pandemic has decimated agricultural markets.

Small colleges get millions while other colleges struggle – Inside Higher Ed – 5/7/2020
At a time when many other colleges are struggling with the economic fallout from the pandemic, making layoffs and even facing the prospect of going out of business, the Education Department is coming under fire from critics for allocating hundreds of thousands of dollars to hundreds of institutions with small numbers of students, without first looking into whether they really need it.

How The World’s Biggest Producers Are Plotting Their Way Out Of The Pandemic – Deadline – 5/7/2020
Deadline has spoken to the UK-based bosses of eight of the biggest production groups in the world — production groups that boast combined revenues of more than $10B. Their reflections, coupled with those of smaller producers in the UK, provide the clearest picture yet of how production businesses have been put been bloodied by an invisible attacker, and are now having to embrace new and pioneering ways of working to protect staff and get cameras rolling again.


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WTVM News Leader 9 @WTVM News Leader 9 7 May Two Gentian Elementary School teachers said the hardest part about Teacher Appreciation Week is not being able to spend it with their students

John de Leon @John de Leon 7 May Should I still go to college? Families, students in Washington reevaluate plans amid coronavirus (story by @katherinelong)

Adam Grant @Adam Grant 7 May 45% of men think they’re doing the majority of the homeschooling. 3% of women agree. Time diary evidence: men tend to overestimate their contribution to housework and childcare. It’s great to see men stepping up, but we still have a long way to go.

Dr. Jacquelyn Gill @Dr. Jacquelyn Gill 7 May We desperately need emergency funding for public universities! We were struggling due to budget cuts even before COVID-19, and we provide affordable public education and engage in research and service to our states and beyond (with an ROI most corporations can only dream of).

NBC15 News @NBC15 News 7 May “It’s nice for us as teachers to be thanked, there’s a week for us every year, but right now the parents are really being the teachers.”


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