“Social distancing signs around the world show the new normal” Reuters, May 8, 2020 / Source: REUTERS/Reuters Photographers


The U.S. unemployment rate spiked to 14.7 percent in April, dwarfing the 2008 recession with more than 20 million jobs lost. Despite the grim outlook, global shares are up this morning following rising expectations for a new relief bill that Democratic lawmakers on Thursday called “Rooseveltian.” 

Experts say the tech industry’s rise in stocks points to businesses models that can thrive under the current conditions. Those businesses may come out as winners during the pandemic due to a shift in lifestyle that incorporates more technology. 

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called on political leaders and the media to fight what he said is a “ tsunami of hate” spurred during the pandemic, citing a rise in ant-foriegner, anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim rhetoric. Guterres said extremists are taking advantage of “captive and potentially despairing audiences.” 

YouTube has removed a 25-minute clip from a documentary called “The Plandemic,” featuring a molecular biologist who claims the federal government is attempting to inflate COVID-19 vaccination profits. The video was removed following YouTube’s new fact-checking policies.  

Coronavirus cases are surging in Russia and Brazil, moving authorities in both countries to extend or amplify lockdowns. The WHO warns that although the virus is less likely to spread exponentially in African nations as it has in other countries, it could have a continual presence there for many years. 

Researchers have found that the majority of outbreaks around the U.S. can be traced back to New York City. The findings follow previous research that linked the majority of coronavirus cases in the U.S. to travelers from Europe, many of them passing through international airports there. In Georgia, phone data indicates that more than 60,000 people from neighboring Florida, Alabama and South Carolina flocked to the state when businesses began to reopen, renewing public health concerns that those businesses are reopening too soon. 

Testing sewage for the infection levels of different regions has grown around the world as local authorities seek to gauge the virus’ presence in their area. The method provides an accurate community sample without having to test individual patients.

Mandates to wear face masks in some businesses have begun in California and Massachusetts , while Ohio is now in the reversal phase of a mask mandate after the state governor said the requirement went “too far.” In Seattle, the lack of government regulation on whether to wear a mask has created social tension between those who do and don’t choose to wear one.   

Drive-in movie theaters are poised to make a comeback as a socially-distanced solution to entertainment this summer. One experimental musician plans to launch a concert tour using drive-in theaters as his venue.

8 critical lessons leaders need to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis (and one that will surprise you) – Fast Company – 5/8/2020
I have lived through something similar as a founder and CEO during the 2001 dot-com burst and the 2008 financial crisis. In both instances, the industry survived and eventually recovered, and I learned some valuable lessons about the resilience of companies during periods of economic downturns. These are the hard-won lessons we can take with us on the other side of this unpredictable period of volatile market conditions and tremendous change.

K-12 school leaders warn of ‘disaster’ from huge coronavirus-related budget cuts as layoffs and furloughs begin – Washington Post – 5/8/2020
The alarm was sounded by school superintendents in 62 cities, who sent a letter to Congress through the nonprofit Council for the Great City Schools, asking Congress for billions of dollars in new federal education assistance and warning that some 275,000 teachers could be laid off in their districts alone because of budget cuts caused by a drop in state and local revenue during the crisis. […] Those would add to existing shortages in virtually every state.

Why are there so many drugs to kill bacteria, but so few to tackle viruses? – The Conversation – 5/8/2020
Why are there so few antivirals? The answer boils down to biology, and specifically the fact viruses use our own cells to multiply. This makes it hard to kill viruses without killing our own cells in the process.

Could the porn industry offer a model for reopening amid Covid-19? – STAT – 5/8/2020
As states and employers furiously develop plans to safely reopen workplaces in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, they’re grappling with what seems like an endless list of questions: where to test, who to test, and how often to test for the virus? Further complicating matters are issues of workers’ privacy, geography, politics, science, and cost. […] But there is one place to look for guidance — the adult film industry.

How the pandemic will change our relationship to time forever – Mashable – 5/8/2020
Even more strangely, on a moment to moment basis the days spent in quarantine can often feel like they drag on forever. Yet somehow, the six to ten weeks since most lockdown and stay-at-home orders went into effect appear to have gone by in the blink of an eye. […] On top of every other disruption brought on by coronavirus, this clash between objective and subjective time is sending people into a tailspin.


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AIDS United @AIDS United 7 May This #NationalNursesWeek, we celebrate nurses for all they do to keep us safe every day and who are on the front lines of the #COVID19 pandemic, risking their lives for us. Thank you.

World Health Organization Western Pacific @World Health Organization Western Pacific 8 May If you’re a frontline worker in the #COVID19 response, know that you’re not alone. Talk about your experiences and feelings with someone you trust. Take care of yourself, including your #MentalHealth. #TogetherWeCan #LetsTalk

ABC11 EyewitnessNews @ABC11 EyewitnessNews 7 May ‘This virus is real’: Raleigh nurse says the best thing you can do for National Nurses Week is be socially responsible

SocialSecurityWorks @SocialSecurityWorks 7 May “Food processing workers, grocery store workers, truck drivers, and many more are all part of America’s public health fabric. Every single frontline worker needs masks to protect themselves, their families, and the communities they serve.” – @DrSriram

40/29 Emma Claybrook @40/29 Emma Claybrook 7 May A Pea Ridge Middle School teacher and her class started the NWA Adopt-a-Nurse Facebook page on May 1 to celebrate Nurse Appreciation Week. Just a week later, the group has almost 4,000 members and almost 800 local nurses have been adopted.


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