“Pet adoption rates have actually gone down because of coronavirus” Quartz, May 14, 2020 / Image: Quartz; Data: 24PetWatch


Thursday’s jobless claims report totals 2.98M in the week ended May 9. The median projection by economists was 2.5M. The number marks the eighth straight week Americans seeking unemployment benefits remained in the millions. 

Global stocks dropped Thursday after the Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell warned of a slow recovery and long-lasting damage to the U.S. economy. U.S. stock futures also dipped as investors worried the economic downturn will be longer than expected. 

In a 4-3 decision, the Wisconsin Supreme Court overturned the state’s stay-at-home order Wednesday, ruling it “unlawful” and “unenforceable.” The decision was seen as a victory for the state’s Republican-led Legislature against Democratic Gov. Tony Evers, who encouraged residents on Twitter to continue to adhere to the order. Wisconsin saw an upswing in new coronavirus cases Wednesday as the number of tests declined slightly. 

The World Health Organization’s chief scientist said it could take four to five years before the pandemic is under control and that a vaccine appeared to be “the best way out.” The European Medicines Agency, the FDA counterpart for drug approvals in the EU, believes a vaccine for the novel coronavirus could be ready in a year .

Computer hackers linked to the Chinese government may be targeting organizations conducting research into coronavirus. The FBI and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a joint warning Wednesday that institutions and companies involved in vaccines, treatments, and testing should take additional security measures.

With the U.S. meat industry struggling to meet domestic demand due to COVID-19 outbreaks at processing plants, exports are surging. The local shortage has plant-based food makers racing to fill the market , as companies like Beyond Meat Inc. and Tofurkey Co. say they are ramping up production. The USDA reported that the shortage will reduce American meat consumption by 4% , which totals to 10 pounds per person, this year. 

Federal prison inmates are navigating how to seek protection from coronavirus, with early releases becoming a priority at several prisons that had significant levels of infection. Tens of thousands of COVID-19 tests are headed to Texas prisons where inmates have tested positive at dramatically higher rates than the rest of the state. Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman, was released to home confinement for the rest of his sentence after concerns arose that he could contract coronavirus in federal prison. 

A diner in Queens, NY is turning its eatery into a pop-up drive-in movie theater and donating money raised to those helping the fight against coronavirus. With the first showing of Dirty Dancing booked out, the owner is expecting more events.

Fortune 500 CEO survey: How are America’s biggest companies dealing with the coronavirus pandemic? – Fortune – 5/14/2020
CEOs of the Fortune 500, surveyed in the last two weeks of April, believe it will be years before the effects of COVID-19 are purged from the U.S. economy. Only 27% expect their workers to fully return to their usual workplaces this year. A majority believe it will be the first quarter of 2022 before overall economic activity returns to levels reached before the pandemic, and another 27% don’t expect that until the first quarter of 2023.

Coronavirus banishes planes to the desert – Deutsche Welle – 5/14/2020
Besides its old town’s architecture being a UNESCO world heritage site, hardly any tourists ever visit, especially during the coronavirus lockdown. COVID-19, however, has put this tiny town on the map for the aviation industry at least. A company called Tarmac Aerosave is seeing a huge surge in demand right now for its long-term parking for passenger jets, complete with a full maintenance schedule to ensure they stay airworthy.

Ferrari Develops New Ventilator For COVID-19 Patients Within Five Weeks – Design Taxi – 5/14/2020
Ferrari’s racing division Scuderia partnered the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) to produce a new pulmonary ventilator to combat the COVID-19 crisis, completing the entire design in five weeks. The ventilator is now named FI5, with “F” representing Ferarri, while the “I” stands for the Italian Institute of Technology. The “5” at the end denotes the five-week duration of the project.

The limits of smartphone data are on display as the country seeks to reopen – Washington Post – 5/14/2020
Federal and state officials are using smartphone location data to inform what amounts to a high-stakes public health experiment in reopening the economy while a lethal pandemic remains rampant. But the value of that data is unproven in predicting when and how to relax restrictions, and epidemiologists are uncertain that the data will be as useful in forecasting the likely result of allowing nail salons, restaurants and movie theaters to reopen as it was in tracking the public’s adherence to stay-at-home orders issued in the early weeks of the pandemic.

Father Throws Daughter Epic Graduation To Replace University Commencement – BET – 5/13/2020
A Tennessee dad who knows what a special day graduation is for high school and college seniors wanted to make sure that despite his daughter’s school not having an in-person ceremony, she would be able to celebrate. So he threw her a personalized graduation right in his front yard.


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Tom D’Angelo @tomdangelo44 14 May Gov. DeSantis says pro sports teams welcome to practice and play in Florida. What has changed?

Sportstar @sportstarweb 14 May 🎾 Henri Leconte says the French Open should be cancelled if it is impossible to have spectators at the claycourt Grand Slam event 🎾#FrenchOpen #Tennis #COVIDー19

DT Next @dt_next 14 May Even though the matches are to be played behind closed doors, for football fans this return to live sporting action shines as a positive ray of hope.

BBC Radio 4 Today @BBCr4today 14 May Wayne Rooney said footballers were used as “guinea pigs” during the coronavirus outbreak by playing into mid-March. How are footballers feeling about potentially returning in June? @KarthiSport spoke to Derby County’s @TheCurtisDavies. #R4Today

Josh Vitale @JoshVitale 14 May Auburn University president Jay Gogue released a video for incoming freshmen last week. His message? “We’re going to have football this fall. We’re going to have all of the activities we have every fall.”


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