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After another 2.4 million people filed for unemployment in the last week, marking a gradual slow in applications, research from the University of Chicago forecasts that 42 percent of all jobs lost through late April will become permanent . The Census Bureau reports that now nearly half of Americans say either they or a household member has lost employment since March 13. 

Following optimistic earnings and a high finish on Wednesday, stock futures this morning are volatile.

A majority of small business owners who took advantage of the federal Paycheck Protection Program said in a survey that they plan to meet the stipulations to have their loans forgiven, but frustrations abound over the government’s communication on how to do so. Some independent restaurant owners are mounting “ guerilla campaigns” to urge customers to avoid using online food platforms such as Grubhub, which they say charge fees that deplete their income.

A clearer picture has emerged of what dining out will look like as restaurant owners say they plan to significantly change their menus and dining spaces in an effort to comply with social distancing measures.

Meat supply in the U.S. is rebounding after shuttered processing plants begin to reopen, although demand is expected to remain low through Memorial Day. In North Carolina, nearly 600 employees at a Tyson chicken plant have tested positive for Covid-19 after reopening.

McDonalds employees across the nation went on strike on Wednesday, joining other frontline workers who say they do not have adequate protections from the virus. Five employees from a Chicago McDonalds are suing the restaurant chain. 

The U.S. and other countries have ramped up a race to invest in companies that develop promising vaccines. The U.S. has secured a third of vaccine doses from the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca after investing $1 billion.

The AAA will not issue a travel forecast this Memorial Day weekend for the first time in 20 years. Still, the tourism industry continues to prep for summer travelers, looking to positive indicators including a rebound in the number of people passing through airport checkpoints. In Hawaii, hotels have taken to using single-use keys to enforce the governor’s two-week quarantine rule for newcomers to the state. If quarantined guests leave their room, they must go to the front desk to get back in. 

Here is exactly what the CDC wants schools and camps to do before reopening – Washington Post – 5/21/2020
Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces within the school and on school buses at least daily (for example, playground equipment, door handles, sink handles, drinking fountains) as well as shared objects (for example, toys, games, art supplies) between uses.

Weighing whether to travel this summer during the coronavirus pandemic? What to consider – USA TODAY – 5/20/2020
Planning a road trip? First off, don’t travel if you or someone you wish to travel with is sick. Once that’s all clear: Take food and water with you – specifically non-perishables in case restaurants and stores are closed along the way. Make sure you have medicine and hand sanitizer as well as cleaning supplies.

A Doctor Explains What You Should Know Before Visiting A Park This Summer – Bustle – 5/21/2020
Fortunately, it’s not just good for your mental health to stretch your legs and get some sunlight — Dr. Cassoobhoy tells Bustle that it’s one of the safer things you can do outside the home right now. “The evidence suggests the virus doesn’t spread easily outdoors, so a spacious, quiet park is a much better option than a public indoor space,” she says.

Why some viruses die out in summer, but others don’t – Mashable – 5/21/2020
One explanation is that viruses with a certain type of shell, made out of fats (known as lipids), are more susceptible to heat, explained Mushatt. For example, flu viruses and coronaviruses have fatty exteriors. “Lipid shells are weaker,” said Siobain Duffy, who researches the evolution of viruses at Rutgers University. “That makes them easier to kill.” 

With No School Start Times, My Kids Are Turning Into Vampires – Scary Mommy – 5/20/2020
Because of these new sleep habits, our entire day has shifted. Breakfast is now at noon. Lunch is around 4, and dinner is at 8 or 9. My workday happens in chunks through the day, and I often look at the clock startled to find that it is already 5 p.m. Where the hell did the day go?!? Well, when you don’t start the day until afternoon, numbers on a clock seem meaningless.


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CBC News Alerts @CBCAlerts 21 May Nearly 40 million Americans have now lost their jobs due to the coronavirus slowdown. US statistics posted this morning show an additional 2,438,000 people filed initial unemployment claims last week. But as this chart shows, the number of new filers is gradually declining.

Zack Guzman @zGuz 20 May Pretty crazy job loss numbers among older Asian women since the coronavirus crisis hit:Unlike other minority communities, older Asian women (aged 55-64) have suffered nearly 3X as bad as younger Asian women (aged 25-54)chart: @Prof_CEW

Domestic Workers @domesticworkers 20 May If we needed any further evidence that federal relief should center our most vulnerable communities… Pass the #HEROESAct.

MSNBC @MSNBC 21 May “60 percent of Latinos will tell you that they either had a job loss, or had a pay cut in their household,” @jdbalart says of the economic impact of COVID-19 in the Latino community. “They are literally looking at Armageddon economically.”

Dan Tilkin @DanTilkinKOIN6 20 May 4 big takeaways from my interview with the Oregon Employment Department which still needs to process 50,000 claims.1) There was a phone glitch causing the system to hang up on people


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