“Global responses to the pandemic” Financial Times, May 24, 2020 / Image: Max Harlow, Caroline Nevitt and Aleksandra Wisniewska; Source: Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford


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Global stocks and Wall Street are set for a “massive” surge  this morning on optimism for vaccine trials and further stimulus. World shares have reached a 10-week high as Japanese authorities consider a fresh stimulus package, Spanish bars and restaurants reopen , and the UK confirmed that schools will begin a phased reopening starting June 1. The New York Stock Exchange’s famous trading floor will partially reopen today after it was closed on March 23.

Primary care in the U.S. has been “ pushed to the brink” due to a decline in revenue during the outbreak, forcing pay cuts, furloughs and supply shortages for family doctors. LATAM, Latin America’s largest airline, has filed for bankruptcy.

Groups of people flocked to beaches in Virginia, Maryland, Florida, Georgia, and Indiana over Memorial Day weekend, while heavy rains kept residents of New York and New Jersey mostly indoors . Closely packed Memorial Day revelers at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri moved health officials to issue an advisory to self-quarantine for 14 days. Meanwhile, activists in Washington, DC closed down roads to provide more pedestrian space to exercise while socially distant. 

The number of employees for Tyson Foods who have tested positive for Covid-19 continues to rise, surpassing more than 7,000 despite efforts to contain the virus. Officials in Vernon, California are grappling with outbreaks at nine different facilities, several of which are food processing plants. 

As tensions rise on wearing a mask as an indicator of political affiliation, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum is pleading with residents not to “mask shame” each other. He was joined on Sunday by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, who insisted that masks should not be used to associate politically.  

The World Health Organization has warned of an “immediate second peak” in places where cases are declining if restrictions are loosened too soon. New research from Singapore suggests coronavirus may remain contagious for no longer than 11 days. Some scientists in the UK have suggested purposely infecting volunteers with Covid-19 to aid in vaccination trials. 

Researchers continue to seek new ways to offer protection from the outbreak, including a face mask with an electric field that could kill the virus on contact. A gaming and music experience company has designed a full protective suit for concerts and festivals, complete with an N95 filter, LED lights, and a snap-in canister for drinking and vaping.

When the C.E.O., Already Facing a Crisis, Gets the Coronavirus – The New York Times – 5/26/2020
Then the virus that ravaged his business got him, too. […] He was among a wave of leaders at publicly traded companies who tested positive for the coronavirus. At least half a dozen chief executives have contracted it in the past three months, according to a tally by The New York Times, including the heads of NBCUniversal; the real estate investment firm Kimco Realty; Becle, which makes Jose Cuervo tequila; and the security company ADT. In April, Morgan Stanley’s chief, James Gorman, told employees that he had tested positive and recovered.

The way South Korea crushed its second wave is a warning to us all – WIRED UK – 5/26/2020
But there are signs that the rigorously efficient contact tracing regime deployed by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) is bringing this new outbreak under control. […] While this level of surveillance would likely be unpopular in many countries, it has played a key role in Korea’s ability to quickly flatten the curve. […] The process of handling each case of Covid-19 has also helped keep fatalities down to remarkably low levels.

Coronavirus: Can we stay safe as lockdown eases? – BBC News – 5/26/2020
Frustratingly, the evidence for how the virus can be transmitted is often slim and if the answers seem vague it’s because the science is uncertain. It comes amid pressure from businesses, such as pubs, to be allowed to reopen. But the influence is also coming from people wondering if the rules are too strict.

As Covid-19 hits Navajo Nation, young people step up to protect elders – STAT – 5/26/2020
In recent weeks, similar messages have resounded across the Navajo Nation, as younger generations have come to play a pivotal grassroots role in the pandemic response. They have moved quickly for good reason. Navajo residents have been devastated as the virus has swept through a reservation that spans four states.

Seeing is believing: how media mythbusting can actually make false beliefs stronger – The Conversation – 5/25/2020
Social media companies are working to reduce the spread of myths. In contrast, mainstream media and other information channels have in many cases ramped up efforts to address misinformation. But these efforts may backfire by unintentionally increasing public exposure to false claims.


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Isaac Saul @Ike_Saul 26 May U.S. reported 600 deaths Sunday, fewest since mid-April. NY Stock Exchange trading floor is reopening today. NBA looking at a July restart in Florida. Crowded beaches over Memorial Day. Seems like the dam has broken

CBS This Morning @CBSThisMorning 26 May President Trump and Joe Biden both paid public tributes to our nation’s fallen on Memorial Day. Mr. Trump chose not to wear a mask at Arlington National Cemetery. His Democratic rival did wear one during his first public appearance since March, at a memorial in Delaware.

Abraar Karan @AbraarKaran 26 May 2 weeks from now, we’ll likely see the effects of Memorial Day Weekend in terms of #covid19 cases. It will also give us a better finger on the pulse of whether/to what extent social distancing is actually continuing in this country (aside from what the media has covered)

CBS4 Indy @CBS4Indy 26 May The National Cemetery Administration confirms more than 14,000 veterans nationwide are awaiting committal services. @AngelaBrauerTV reports the organization stopped burying veterans with full honors in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. #4yourmorning

KARE 11 @kare11 26 May With traditional Memorial Day services cancelled, taps echoed through neighborhoods coast to coast. #sunrisers


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