Johanna and Philipp Sofsky exchange their wedding rings during their wedding ceremony at the temporary registry office in Hanau, Germany, May 2, 2020, as the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach


The $74 billion wedding industry has been hit with “waves of cancellations” amid the coronavirus, impacting “florists, reception venues and catering halls, photographers and videographers, clothing stores, and more.” As of March 15, the CDC deemed large events and gatherings such as festivals, conferences, sporting events, and weddings as potential contributors to the spread of Covid-19 and advised that they be postponed or canceled whenever possible.

In response to coronavirus-related lockdowns, vendors, tech companies, and state governments have all been forced to get creative. Starting in mid-March, Wedfuly and Zoom partnered to “help couples successfully bring their wedding celebrations online.” On April 18, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order permitting online marriage license authorization, though the level of need for that service will likely result in delays through September. In Colorado, The Maven Hotel has offered its Windsor event space “free of charge to couples who have had to cancel or postpone their weddings due to the coronavirus pandemic” through mid-June, with groups limited to nine socially-distanced people.

As reopenings begin to take place across the United States, some wedding venues are open for business with some restrictions still in place. Ohio, for example, will allow “wedding and banquet receptions of up to 300 people” starting on June 1.


Is it Safe to Go to a Wedding During COVID-19? Here’s What Experts Say – Health – 5/26/2020
Weddings are usually considered high-risk events for transmission of COVID-19, Dr. Schaffner says. “A wedding is one of those occasions where there will be an epidemic of hugging and kissing that goes on,” he points out. “Can people try to be restrained? It’s unlikely.”

The stark loneliness of digital togetherness – Vox – 5/26/2020
The wedding Hayden Dawes and his husband, Nick, envisioned was very different from the wedding they had. […] When the couple tied the knot in their backyard in Durham, North Carolina, last month, just three guests were in attendance, while a select group of family and close friends watched online. Their dream reception, in both size and atmosphere, didn’t seem possible through a grid of faces on Zoom.

‘There’s so much unknown’: Wedding industry hit hard by coronavirus crisis – KMOV4 – 5/26/2020
Florists, photographers, DJs and make up artists in the wedding industry prepared for a peak wedding season to practically nothing. COVID-19 restrictions and closures stopped brides and grooms in their tracks practically bringing spring wedding season to a halt. Local vendors have been trying to figure out a way for them to sustain their small businesses and give the couples what they deserve. 

Wedding venues ‘breaking the law’ by refusing to refund couples – inews – 5/26/2020
Twenty couples have complained to the consumer organisation Which? that their wedding venue refused to offer a refund or made the process for obtaining a refund difficult after they were forced to cancel or postpone their ceremony to comply with the 23 March Government ban on all social events and large gatherings.

INFLUENCER PERSPECTIVE on Twitter, 5/26/2020: Some people have canceled their wedding over COVID-19 pandemic, but not this couple. Instead, the couple reduced the number of guests from 2,500 to just 15. They wouldn’t let the pandemic deprive them of their beautiful moment.😘👏🥰🙂

John Emmons for Congress on Twitter, 5/26/2020: Gov. Wolf’s Lockdown Logic: We can’t go to our local florist to buy flowers, but we can buy flowers at a big box stores…Please share some of your own infuriating experiences with Gov. Wolf’s lockdown and let’s send a clear message that it’s time to reopen PA. #OpenPA #OpenUSA…

Laura Hettiger on Twitter, 5/26/2020: I had a long talk this weekend with my parents about my 2020 wedding. We are taking the “wait and see” approach. If my NYE wedding needs to be postponed, so be it. I’m sending a lot of love to the other brides and to those in the wedding industry! #n4tm @kmov #wedding #bride…

LegalZoom on Twitter, 5/26/2020: #Minimonies are now the new way for #engagedcouples to still have their special day. Learn more about them and how you can have your #wedding as a #minimony.

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