“At least 97,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S. At least 1,672,000 cases have been reported.” Washington Post, May 27, 2020 / Source: Washington Post


As Tuesday’s trading day opened with a surge over new Covid-19 vaccine news, the day ended with caution. Shares of Covid-19 vaccine developer Moderna tumbled at the end of the session following Merck CEO Ken Frazier’s comments suggesting that vaccine timeframes set out by other vaccine developers are “very aggressive.”

Pay cuts for those Americans who have managed to keep their jobs during the pandemic could delay economic recovery in the U.S. as a larger percentage of income is used for fixed expenses.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has mandated the testing of all nursing home residents following criticism from advocates who say that nursing homes account for a much higher rate of coronavirus-related deaths. British officials face similar scrutiny for a high death toll in nursing homes as critics say the government sacrificed elderly residents in an effort to relieve hospitals. Deaths in nursing homes account for 50 percent or more of all coronavirus-related deaths in Norway, Ireland, Belgium and France.

 A third of Americans now show symptoms of clinical anxiety, depression, or both. Some physicians are expressing alarm at a rise in the number of prescriptions for anxiety and insomnia during the coronavirus outbreak. 

The World Health Organization has declared the Americas the new center of the coronavirus pandemic as Latin America has surpassed Europe and the U.S. in daily infection rates. In South Korea, the largest increase in coronavirus infections in seven weeks has alarmed authorities as students return to school. 

Recreational vehicle dealers across the country report a surge in sales as Americans seek options for safe travel this summer. While many day camps have plans to run modified programs over the summer, some sleepaway camps say a missed season may force them to close permanently.

The National Hockey League has announced official plans for a return this summer, with a “unique” playoff tournament in two cities. In Finland, residents can now borrow barbeque grills from the public library after they were donated in an effort to provide some levity during lockdown.

How Wuhan, China tested 6.5M people for coronavirus in 10 days – Fortune – 5/27/2020
The Wuhan government coughed up an estimated $140 million for the campaign, with the government covering individual test costs. […] Wuhan health workers have swabbed samples from more than 9 million people, which makes up more than 90% of the city’s target for sampling, according to Chinese state media. Over 6.5 million of those samples have been tested, and the rest are still being processed.

A third of Americans now show signs of clinical anxiety or depression, Census Bureau finds amid coronavirus pandemic – Washington Post – 5/26/2020
The agency launched an emergency weekly survey of U.S. households at the end of April to measure the pandemic’s effects on employment, housing, finances, education and health. […] Buried within that 20-minute survey, U.S. officials included four questions taken nearly word-for-word from a form used by doctors to screen patients for depression and anxiety. Those answers provide a real-time window into the country’s collective mental health after three months of fear, isolation, soaring unemployment and continuing uncertainty.

How COVID-19 is causing the gardening industry to pivot – Ad Age – 5/27/2020
Consumers are more than ever interested in gardening, but what they are buying and how they are buying it has changed, causing industry players to rethink their own growth plans. The spring of 2020 is expected to stand as a high point for businesses that are able to meet the rising interest in at-home gardening. The timing of the country shutting down was fortuitous, coming as the days were getting longer, and the weather was signaling it was time to do some planting.

His mom died the day before he closed 23 restaurants. Now he’s on a mission to save the industry he loves. – USA Today – 5/26/2020
A founding member of the Independent Restaurant Coalition, a new advocacy group fighting for a voice in the federal government, he changed his elevator pitches from opening restaurants to aiding recovery. Even while surrounded by friends, family and supporters, Boehm couldn’t reach for the two umbrellas he’d always used against the storm of life: His mother, with her advice and calming nature, and his restaurants, where he’d find the comfort of his second family and their lovable chaos. In the span of two days, both were gone and he was soaked through.

The dos and don’ts of seeing friends in person, according to doctors and nurses – Well+Good – 5/26/2020
Marcus Plescia, MD, MPH, chief medical officer of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, says it’s okay to see people in person, but you have to follow more than a few rules if you do. “I know people are frustrated, and I know it’s getting a little old having these really extreme precautions that we’re taking, but people need to realize that we’re still pretty early in this pandemic,” says Dr. Plescia.


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Bristol24/7 @bristol247 27 May “Taking photos has been the most significant and helpful pastime throughout lockdown”

North Norfolk News @nthnorfolknews 27 May A pair of artist friends have completed their second book featuring 40 original paintings, drawings and collages, two months after being forced to put the project on hold by lockdown.

Emilie Wapnick @emiliewapnick 27 May “We mute our microphones and get to it. Some of us are focusing on work projects, some are studying, some are making art, some are writing, some are pursuing a BIG SCARY DREAM PROJECT we normally put off… Anything goes at the Focus Party!”

Cornell University @Cornell 27 May Poets, artists, designers and composers at Cornell have found inspiration in the coronavirus era with creative work responding to the challenges of living during a pandemic.

The Associated Press @AP 27 May .@AP reporters around the world asked kids to use art to show us what the future might hold after coronavirus lockdowns. They sketched, painted, sang, danced, and built with LEGOs. This is life under lockdown, through children’s eyes.


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