Head teacher Polly Goodson and Deputy Head Claire Cowgill measure the distance between desks in a classroom at St Anne’s CE primary school as the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues in Sale, Britain, May 27, 2020. REUTERS/Phil Noble

Even if a vaccine is not available by this fall, many educators and administrators say a return to the classroom at least part-time is necessary for student progress. Others say that they do not plan to return to their classrooms if schools reopen.

While the end of the school year brought mostly reviews and missed tests, educators argue that students will have more needs in the fall as they learn brand new material with teachers who have not yet developed a rapport. Many school districts are considering a hybrid method that would limit the number of students in the building and incorporate online learning, with socially distanced recess and even one-way hallways. 

In New York City schools, educators warn that “Covid slide” caused by remote learning could already be placing struggling learners behind for the coming school year. Teachers of students who do not speak English as their native language have warned those students face an even greater risk of falling behind in the “remote divide.”


Three-Quarters Of Voters Want Coronavirus Testing Before Returning To School – Forbes – 5/27/2020
A new poll from Morning Consult shows that 74% of registered voters think coronavirus testing should be required before students return to schools or colleges. The majority of voters think testing should be required to return to the classroom regardless of party affiliation, though there are large differences across parties.

With most campuses closed, Forest School enjoys its moment in the woods – Washington Post – 5/27/2020
More than 250 nature-based preschools and kindergartens have sprouted across the country over the past decade or so, appearing in at least 43 states and serving approximately 10,000 children annually as of 2017, according to a national survey sponsored by several environmental education groups. Now, with traditional schools closed and more summer camps being canceled every day, the schools are “having a moment,” said Eubank, 53. “I think that’s the phrase?”

‘These kids are coming back’: Reopened Montana school offers peek at what fall might bring – USA Today – 5/26/2020
Willow Creek School is one of 11 Montana schools that fully opted to reopen on the first day, state officials said. The school first surveyed parents about reopening, and 76% indicated they were in favor of it.

No school until coronavirus vaccine is available: Duterte – Al Jazeera – 5/26/2020
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has said he will not allow students to go back to school until a coronavirus vaccine is available, even as some countries resume in-person classes. Without a vaccine, sending children to school “spells disaster,” Duterte said during a televised address late on Monday.


FEE @feeonline on Twitter, 5/27/2020: Parents may prefer to continue homeschooling and distance learning.

Choice Media @ChoiceMediatv on Twitter, 5/27/2020:  Report Finds Only 12% of Teachers Covered Full Curriculum They Would Have If School Hadn’t Closed Due to Coronavirus by @HamiltonLauraS @RANDCorporation

Tom Hadwin @TheMassHistoria on Twitter, 5/27/2020:  So under the new #TestandTrace system, if a student in school shows Covid symptoms and tests positive, everyone they’ve come in to contact with, i.e. every other student and teacher in school, has to also isolate. How on earth will schools be able to run like this?

United Way @UnitedWay on Twitter, 5/27/2020:  We’re encouraging students to learn while quarantined. 🧠 To avoid the summer slide, @UnitedWay and @Scholastic are offering Summer #ReadAPalooza, a free digital program to accommodate school closures. 🙌

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