“The recovery is underway. Does that mean it’s time for more stimulus?” CNN Business, May 31, 2020 / Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Graphic:Tal Yellin, CNN


U.S. stocks climbed higher this morning following U.S. jobless data released Friday that points to a recovery. Even so, reporters and economists are questioning whether May’s jobless report was intentionally changed to appear lower than it is.  Leaders with the Bureau of Labor Statistics say that a note at the bottom of the report explaining a “misclassification error” was not an effort to distort the numbers, but a result of the challenges of collecting employment data in real time. 

Despite the suspension of student debt and foreclosures for many Americans, some ongoing consumer debt collection is hitting low-income Americans particularly hard

Following reports of AstraZeneca’s proposed merger with Gliead, London’s FTSE 100 index is down amid investors’ anxiety about “unsustainable” corporate debt. In Mexico, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has refused to pass any government bailout packages for his country’s economy, prompting criticism from domestic leaders and economists. China continues to battle an economic slump due in part to low demand for products abroad. Still, Chinese authorities announced the country will suspend debt repayment for 77 developing countries to aid in their fight against the pandemic.  

Lockdown restrictions prevented 60 million infections in the U.S. and 285 million in China, according to new studies on the effectiveness of stay-at-home orders. New cases continue to be reported in MinnesotaFloridaArizonaGeorgiaOregon, and parts of California. Public health officials in some of those states say a rise in cases is due to increased testing and monitoring practices.    

New Zealand’s prime minister announced the country has effectively “eliminated transmission” of the virus, moving the country to lift all of its coronavirus-related restrictions.

A supply chain disruption of family planning and sexual health products could affect dozens of countries, an arm of the United Nations has warned. In the U.S., a decline in child abuse reports in some regions has advocates worried that abuse has become less visible.

With a rise in the popularity of education apps and other online learning tools, young entrepreneurs are taking the reins in the development of “edtech.” One app, called Snapask, connects high school and college students in Asia with tutors who can answer their questions.

Why The Office Simply Cannot Go Away: The Compelling Case For The Workplace – Forbes – 6/7/2020
The office is critical to our humanity. We are social creatures and we crave connections with other people—even at socially-distanced lengths. […] Face-to-face communication contributes to all kinds of wellbeing including physical, cognitive, and emotional.

I just gave birth during lockdown. I’m lonely, anxious and I can’t get the mental health support I need – The Independent – 6/7/2020
The first few days of motherhood were very different to that which I’d imagined and expected. There were no visitors, no flowers, and nobody holding my baby bar me and my partner. There wasn’t the shared excitement there was supposed to be.

America Is Giving Up on the Pandemic – The Atlantic – 6/8/2020
These numbers all reflect infections that likely began before this week of protest. An even larger spike now seems likely. Put another way: If the country doesn’t see a substantial increase in new COVID-19 cases after this week, it should prompt a rethinking of what epidemiologists believe about how the virus spreads.

Huawei’s clever new smartphone can take your temperature – Fast Company – 6/8/2020
Huawei’s new Honor Play 4 smartphone features an infrared temperature sensor within its rear-facing camera block. So you can hold the $420 phone up to someone’s forehead and check for a fever, just as easily as you might take their photo.

California Was Set To Spend Over $1 Billion to Prevent Wildfires. Then Came COVID-19 – NPR – 6/7/2020
“Most homes are not burned by fires just marching up to them and burning them down,” says Syphard. “Most are destroyed because the fires are occurring during really high wind conditions and there tend to be these burning embers that can fly kilometers ahead of the fire front.


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Eugene Scott @Eugene_Scott 8 Jun The number of black-owned businesses spiked 35 percent during Obama’s first term. But economists and business owners say many of those gains could be wiped out by the civil unrest, coronavirus and ensuing recession of the Trump era.

Jessie Gómez @jessiereport 7 Jun I’m gonna use this time to catch my breath. There’s so much happening right now from ongoing racism, civil right breaches, coronavirus, unemployment, police reforms, etc. Racial injustice isn’t new, but people are FED UP. More importantly, the black community is fed up.

USA TODAY @USATODAY 7 Jun The African American teen suicide rate was already rising far faster than for white teens. Now these “quaranteens” of color have to deal with the COVID-19 death toll in black communities, social isolation and the “vicarious trauma” of police violence.

Mic @mic 8 Jun Doctors can’t treat coronavirus effectively without addressing racial inequality. Here’s why.

Not Ben Tobin @Billy_Kobin 8 Jun “Older residents say the city hasn’t felt like this since the race riots of 1968. Then they quickly note that nothing has changed.”The coronavirus exposed Louisville’s racial divide. Two police killings revealed its depth. (ft: @2xGameChangers + others)


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