“Mapping the Coronavirus Outbreak Across the World” Bloomberg, June 10, 2020 / Sources: IATA, U.S. Dept. of State, Bloomberg News reporting


U.S. stock futures had a mixed open this morning in anticipation of the Federal Reserve’s outlook on economic growth to be presented this afternoon. The Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has predicted a worsened global economy and a muted recovery if a second round of lockdowns occurs. U.S. mortgage applications gained steam for another week, up by 13 percent compared to one year ago.

Despite a $2.2 billion loss in the first quarter, AMC Theaters announced plans to fully reopen in July. Online sales for the clothing company Zara skyrocketed by 95 percent in April, pointing to a growing expectation that a great deal of commerce post-pandemic will be “digital first.” 

Tesla’s Elon Musk is taking advantage of the decline in air pollution during lockdowns to highlight what the company’s electric vehicles could do for the environment, although those efforts have been countered by reports of Covid-19 outbreaks at Tesla’s plants following Musk’s refusal to close down during lockdowns.

At least nine U.S. states have experienced a rise in hospitalizations due to Covid-19 since Memorial Day, with some reporting their highest-ever hospitalizations throughout the pandemic in recent days. Outbreaks among America’s farm workers are also on the rise, moving advocates to call for the federal government to require personal safety measures. 

While healthcare experts warn that large gatherings could contribute to a second outbreak, a growing number have voiced support for protests spurred by the killing of George Floyd. The city of Dallas will operate a pop-up testing site for protestors after deeming them a “high-risk” population. 

The World Health Organization clarified its comments that asymptomatic spread is “very rare” after coming under fire by academics and epidemiologists for misleading the public. While more transmission does happen among symptomatic individuals, a risk of transmission is present for all, an official explained. In Brazil, the government has resumed publishing the country’s Covid-19 death count following demands for transparency.

Environmental groups are warning that there could soon be “more masks than jellyfish” in some parts of the ocean if face masks and latex gloves are not properly disposed. For those living in America’s “food deserts,” experts say that limited access to groceries and other basic goods has worsened during the pandemic.

To encourage young children to wear a face mask while in public, some pediatricians have suggested that parents name, talk to it and even pretend to feed their child’s mask. While it may feel silly, doctors say that kids quickly adapt the same attitudes as adults, including for the use of face masks.

  • COVID-19 Media Coverage: Breaking News Vs “Persistent” News – Forbes – 6/9/2020
    • Rarely in the past, except in the times of sustained conflict, have two major news events competed for this much attention. The news media will have to be prepared for similar challenge as America inches towards the November elections and COVID-19 shows no signs of disappearing.
  • Home-made face mask uses LEDs to show you when someone is talking and smiling – The Independent – 6/10/2020
    • “I had a random idea for it,” Tyler Glaiel, who built the mask, said to the BBC. “I was wondering if it existed, to have a face mask that just lighted up with mouth shapes and so I looked around online to see if there was anything I could feasibly buy to do this and there really wasn’t anything there.” 


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Aaron Randle @aaronronel 9 Jun Dicks doesn’t have a kettlebell “within 100 miles of NYC.” On Amazon there’s a 3 week wait time for dumbbells. On eBay workout equipment is being sold at a 150 percent markup. Inside New York’s great coronavirus-induced workout equipment shortage:

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Jessica Hinchliffe @JessHinchy 10 Jun Physiotherapists are being kept busy as gym-goers hit their workouts hard post-coronavirus | “Remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and ease yourself back in.” @abcbrisbane @abcnews @apaphysio

Slate @Slate 10 Jun If you want to go to the gym now, you may have to make an appointment—and forget about the locker room.


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