Multiple hot dogs with a variety of toppings. (Eat This, Not That!)


A divisive debate about the category of a hot dog resurfaces every few months. Is a hot dog a sandwich, or does it fall into its own category? There is a quiz that can be taken to determine individual sandwich categorization that offers a personal score. Celebrity Brie Larson recently asked her followers their opinion in a poll, which determined that hot dogs are not a sandwich. 

Sandwich believers state that a “sandwich is anything in between bread” and critics say a hot dog is cylindrical meat that deserves its own category. The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council has stated that a hot dog is not a sandwich, although the hot dog has historically been referred to as a “Coney Island Sandwich” or “Frankfurter sandwich.” The dictionary defines a hot dog as a sandwich, and New York City taxes hot dogs under a “sandwich tax.” Further rattling food connoisseurs is the Cube Rule, which classifies a hot dog as a taco

qualifying list of what makes a sandwich a sandwich includes: two exterior separated (or almost separated) pieces which are primarily carbohydrate-based, rests horizontally, and is portable. These criteria would disqualify a hot dog from being a sandwich because it fails the third criterion of resting horizontally. However, the list also disqualifies a lobster roll, gyro, and “open-faced” sandwich, all of which are commonly accepted as sandwiches. Many people would also argue that a hot dog is just a hot dog.


It’s time to stop debating whether a hot dog is a sandwich – The Verge – 4/9/2020
Few questions are as divisive as the hot dog/sandwich debate. I’ve certainly had it more times than I can count. But what’s unique about the controversy isn’t how eager people are to argue; it’s how dead-set they are in their opinions from the get-go.

A Hot Dog Is Not a Sandwich – The Atlantic – 11/5/2015
Things that are not sandwiches, however, include the wrap, the burrito, the taco, the KFC Double Down, the drastically misnamed open-faced “sandwich”… and, yes, the hot dog.

A hot dog is a taco. A steak is a salad. A Pop-Tart is a calzone. Let the Cube Rule explain. – The Washington Post – 12/12/2018
Some say that a sandwich is anything in between bread, which would make a hot dog a sandwich. But some say bread that is not in two distinct slices is different — and that tubular meat within it deserves its own distinct category.

End of debate: A hot dog is a sandwich – Washington Examiner – 8/10/2019
Whatever one associates with the simple comfort food, one thing is certain: A hot dog is and should be considered a sandwich. It is necessary to look at both history and economics to understand why the debate over hot dog categorization is a tragic illustration of governmental manipulation.


Steven Ray Morris on Twitter, 06/11/20 Nobody has presented a compelling reason why a hot dog ISN’T a sandwich. 

John Hodgman on Twitter, 6/11/20 And obviously a hot dog is not a sandwich. 

Chris Towers on Twitter, 6/11/20 I’m sorry, but if we live in a world where a lobster roll or pita are sandwiches, then a hot dog and taco are too.

Meg Graham on Twitter, 6/11/20 is the hot dog’s absence from the encyclopedia of sandwiches our definitive ruling that a hot dog is not a sandwich?

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