U.S. stock futures are up this morning despite the Federal Reserve’s indications of a long road to recovery. One month into reopenings, public health experts say the outbreak is far from over. A doctor with the Harvard Global Health Institute has said he believes the pandemic will linger into next spring or summer and that the U.S. death toll will likely reach 200,000 by this fall.

In an effort to find areas to shore up the U.S. economy, some Republican lawmakers have suggested that the U.S. default on its $1 trillion debt to China.

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has introduced a plan to restart the U.S. economy post-coronavirus that addresses protections for employees in high-risk fields, funding for small businesses and a guideline for reopening schools.

While demand for remote jobs in recruiting, sales, and customer service and support has surged, one new report suggests that up to 85 percent of independent restaurants could close permanently. 

As Americans shift their work more permanently to home offices, sparsely populated cities in states such as Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin have become favorable prospects for those looking to move. Outside of New York City, real estate brokers describe fierce competition for homes in less densely populated areas. 

Thousands of people have signed a petition asking Disneyland theme parks to delay a reopening slated for July 9, citing concerns that the park offers too many risks of spread and exposure. In North Carolina, one local publication found that the vast majority of people on Myrtle Beach were not wearing masks.  

Activists in the Black Lives Matter movement are sounding the alarm on police tactics during protests that they say forgoes the use of personal protective equipment and forces detainees in close quarters.

Vietnam has so far emerged a “rare winner” in the global pandemic, with zero recorded coronavirus-related deaths due to rigorous contact tracing and monitoring of residents as a surveillance state. South Korea relaxed social distancing at the beginning of May, but is back on high alert after an outbreak traced back to Seoul’s nightlife district. Poverty in Argentina is expected to swell to 45 percent this year due to the pandemic, while Poland and Sweden continue to battle Covid-19 cases even as other countries of the European Union experience a slowdown. Russia has joined the race for a vaccine, with especially high reported cases in Moscow.

Airport officials in Taiwan have found a creative solution to offer those who need a travel fix but must remain at home during the pandemic. Taipei’s Songshan airport will offer a tour of the airport for attendees to have the experience of going through immigration, boarding a plane and then disembarking without ever leaving the ground.

The work-from-anywhere era changes everything about compensation – Fast Company – 6/12/2020
Employee compensation is a company’s largest operational expense. […] once the dust settles and many or most employees have moved off-site, employers will be looking at shifting pay policies while employees reconcile how this affects their paychecks and plans

Coronavirus: the psychological impact of ‘shielding’ indoors – and how to move on – The Conversation – 6/12/2020
It is important to keep our thoughts accurate and in perspective, stay in the here and now and treat ourselves with self-compassion when things don’t go as planned. For the most anxious, a gradual return to the outdoors may be best.

Does Speaking English Spread Coronavirus Quicker? – Popular Mechanics – 6/11/2020
In English, only a few sounds can be made without any airflow, and these are consonants that mean little without supporting vowels. Sibilant or strident sounds like ssshth, and f even make you blow more air through a smaller mouth shape—anecdotally, the times you’re most likely to accidentally spray moisture onto your conversation partner.

Quarantined cruise ship employee creates incredible outfits out of paper bags – CNN – 6/12/2020
“I am usually quite a creative person, I love doing art and I studied art for a bit — and obviously we have a lot to do with costuming and design within the theater industry and within the dance scene — so I do love making bits and pieces,” Perrie, now back home, tells CNN Travel.

Nearly 160 coronavirus vaccines are in the works. Here’s a closer look at the science – Los Angeles Times – 6/12/2020
Developed in 1937 by virologist Max Theiler to create a yellow fever vaccine, this protocol takes a live virus and introduces it to mice, chicken embryos or other non-human species. […] This protocol, pioneered by Jonas Salk in the early 1950s, takes live viruses and kills them so they can’t replicate. The inactivated, or dead, virus is injected into the body, which prompts the creation of antibodies.


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Ashley Dvorkin @AshleyDvorkin 12 Jun #Pride events go virtual | Parades and gatherings for National Pride Month, to raise awareness for LGBTQIA+ rights, go virtual because of the coronavirus pandemic

El Paso Times @elpasotimes 12 Jun El Paso Pride celebrations survive pandemic through social distancing, social media

Government Equalities Office @GEOgovuk 11 Jun The LGBT community is likely to be significantly impacted by #COVID19 🦠We’ve pulled together the latest government #coronavirus guidance and LGBT resources on the things that are directly impacting the LGBT community #YouAreNotAlone | #StayAlert

Galen Ettlin KGW @GalenEttlin 11 Jun This is such an interesting look at the archives of #PortlandPride. This year will be really different, but it’s neat to see @PDXPrideNW come up with a new way to celebrate. via @KGWNews @bryant09fhn


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