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All attendees of President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign rally at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, will have to acknowledge an “inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19” and “voluntarily assume all risks.” Although he has called for continued social distancing and “minimize[ing] time spent in crowded environments,” Gov. Kevin Stitt (R-OK) said the rally “confirms Oklahoma is the national example in responsibly and safely reopening.”

Legal experts say that the waiver will likely not hold up in court because it is not specific enough in what the campaign could not be held liable for. Catherine Sharkey, a law professor at New York University School of Law, said, “They only give limited protections, so they never would protect against, for example, gross negligence or recklessness. One could argue that holding a large public gathering that will draw people together in a context in which they’re not able to do social distancing or follow the directive of the CDC, et cetera. One could argue that is grossly negligent.”

Hillary Clinton criticized the event on Twitter on Friday, noting that “If your rallies come with a liability waiver, you shouldn’t be holding them.” Joe Biden condemned the waivers, saying, “I mean, come on, man. I get angry about it.” The rally has drawn criticism from its announcement on Wednesday, specifically for its date and location due to the current racial climate in America, as well as the lack of planning regarding coronavirus precautions. June 19th, or Juneteenth, is a historical celebration of the end of slavery, while Tulsa was the site of one of the largest racially motivated massacres in U.S. history.  The rally has since been moved to June 20th “out of respect” for Juneteenth.

The news of the rally followed the campaign’s announcement Thursday that they will move President Trump’s acceptance speech of the Republican Party’s nomination to Jacksonville, Florida. The campaign threatened to move the Republican National Convention from Charlotte, North Carolina, when Gov. Roy Cooper (D-NC) would not commit to lifting all social distancing measures. A smaller group will still attend in Charlotte to formally nominate the President and Vice President, while the party’s policy platform will be adopted in Jacksonville.


If Trump Gives You COVID-19 at His Rally, You Can’t Sue Him – Rolling Stone – 6/11/2020
The president’s decision to hold this rally only affirms what we’ve long known — he does not care about the well-being and safety of his supporters. If he did, he would listen to his own Centers for Disease Control, which still recommends “avoiding mass gatherings” of people. But Trump has continually flaunted the CDC recommendations since the virus reached American shores.

Trump Campaign Has Rally Attendees Acknowledge Disclaimer Assuming All Coronavirus Risks – Breitbart – 6/12/2020
While the risk of the coronavirus has not been eradicated, the country is gradually reopening after weeks of closures across a range of industries, as cases and hospitalizations decline across the board. The Trump campaign, while resuming the rallies, is taking precautions in the post-pandemic era and having attendees acknowledge a disclaimer upon registering for the upcoming event.

Trump: It’s Your Fault If You Get the Coronavirus at My Rallies, Please Sign Here – Gizmodo – 6/12/2020
Certified brain genius Donald Trump, apparently troubled not by the roughly 115,000 Americans dead from the coronavirus pandemic but instead by his plummeting poll numbers, has begun planning to hold densely packed campaign rallies in some of the states where the virus is raging its hardest. That’s right: The plan is to cram tens of thousands of Trump’s predominantly older supporters right alongside the anti-mask caucus, with lots of yelling.

Tulsa MAGA Rallygoers Must Sign COVID-19 Disclaimer – Newsmax – 6/12/2020
According to Oklahoma’s state coronavirus reporting page, the state has 7,626 cases overall, with 6,263 recoveries and 357 deaths. Cases began to spike earlier this month, with health officials saying the increase had been expected when the state began to reopen.  Glassner said Trump is “fired up and ready to rebuild, restore, and renew the American Dream. There’s no doubt that the Great American Comeback is here. We are looking forward to the tremendous crowds and enthusiasm behind President Trump.”


Hillary Clinton on Twitter, 6/12/2020: If your rallies come with a liability waiver, you shouldn’t be holding them.

Ron Perlman on Twitter, 6/12/2020: The virus is gone! Come to a rally! Clap for Trump! But first real quick sign this waiver saying you won’t sue us if you get sick and die. MAGA!

Brad Parscale on Twitter, 6/12/2020: Trump #MAGA Rally in Tulsa is hottest ticket ever! Over 200K tickets already & it’s not even political season. Looking at a 2nd event in town to get more people to be w/@realDonaldTrump. Gonna be GREAT in the most open state in nation! Register 👇

Tim Young on Twitter, 6/12/2020: Sooo… if you protest or riot something the left agrees with in a large group it’s TOTALLY FINE… But if you attend a Trump rally, COVID will suddenly take off again and bring about the end of the world …got it.

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