“Florida leads U.S. in new coronavirus cases” Fortune, June 16, 2020 / Image: Fortune, Data: New York Times / compilation of states and local government health department data


U.S. stock futures rose as signs of more official stimulus spur hopes of an economic recovery. Since the stock market plummeted in the early weeks of the U.S.’s coronavirus outbreak, it has recently rallied with the S&P 500 index climbing 40%. The stock market’s optimism has prompted various startups to go public – some of Silicon Valley’s startups are taking steps toward an I.P.O.

Despite a recent jump in retail sales, a decline in spending by the wealthy could contribute to an economic slowdown. Researchers tracking spending patterns using credit card data found that people at the bottom of the income bracket are spending nearly as much as before the pandemic, while the wealthy are not matching them. Globally, Morgan Stanley says a second wave of coronavirus likely won’t derail Asia’s economic recovery as the situation will be much more manageable for policymakers.

New coronavirus infections hit record highs in six U.S. states on Tuesday, marking the second consecutive week cases have risen as states move to reopen their economies. Arizona, Florida, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Texas all saw an uptick in cases. In Florida, a group of 16 friends all tested positive for coronavirus after going out to a bar. A recent Gallup poll shows 66% of Americans remain worried about exposure to the virus, with Black and Hispanic Americans “notably more concerned than white counterparts.” 

President Donald Trump will hold his first rally in months on Saturday in Oklahoma, despite pleas from officials to cancel or hold it outdoors. A judge rejected a court order to stop the rally after two Tulsa organizations sued the venue, alleging the event would help spread coronavirus. 

As protests calling for police reform wage on across the country, coronavirus concerns remain as people gather in close proximity. The state of Massachusetts launched more than 50 pop-up coronavirus testing sites for people who recently participated in large gatherings. In Seattle, fewer than 1% of tests are coming back positive after the city urged all protestors to get tested at expanded facilities. The Seattle City council recently voted unanimously to ban police from using tear gas and pepper spray. On Tuesday, President Trump signed an executive order aimed at tracking law enforcement misconduct, expressing his praise for law enforcement and stating they are “underfunded.” 

Soldiers on deployment are facing new guidelines and many unknowns amid the pandemic. Some two thousand paratroopers recently deployed to Iraq and Syria after being quarantined will immediately be screened for COVID-19 upon touchdown and any soldier exhibiting symptoms will be quarantined again for two weeks. The department of defense has been forced to adapt to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s guidelines while also upholding a “constant state of readiness.” For U.S. military families on base in Okinawa, Japan, life is returning to some semblance of its past as coronavirus restrictions are lifted, allowing families to venture off base for some events. 

A dog trainer in Florida is teaching his dogs to sniff out coronavirus, claiming the virus-sniffing dogs could prove useful in areas where people congregate in large groups. The dog trainer said their success rate at finding the virus has been at 95% to 96% based on all the work he has done.

Six charts show how Americans have been affected by COVID-19 – Los Angeles Times – 6/16/2020
Coronavirus infections were 12 times more deadly in patients with underlying health conditions than in patients without them. Among patients who were healthy before they encountered the virus, 1.6% died of COVID-19. 

Why Sharing Good News Matters – MIT Sloan Management Review – 6/17/2020
Among other things, negative news increases the level of cortisol, the body’s primary stress hormone. Continuous exposure to cortisol has been shown to cause severe side effects, including being unable to naturally regulate blood pressure.

Jails are using light-emitting robots to battle coronavirus – Mic – 6/17/2020
Now, the robots target everything from solitary cells to eating utensils. Mahoney says he’s had 40 cases at the jail so far after testing the roughly 450 prisoners and 600 staff who work there, a level of infection that he believes would be higher if not for the robots.

Flushing the Toilet May Fling Coronavirus Aerosols All Over – New York Times – 6/16/2020
Scientists have found that in addition to clearing out whatever business you’ve left behind, flushing a toilet can generate a cloud of aerosol droplets that rises nearly three feet. Those droplets may linger in the air long enough to be inhaled by a shared toilet’s next user, or land on surfaces in the bathroom.

How campaigns are adjusting to COVID-19 – The Hill – 6/17/2020
“There was a clear sense that full-on political advertising was off point and at worst tone deaf,” Kaufman said. “Candidates who aren’t involved with their community on outreach related to COVID, candidates who just try to get by on a list of ‘issues’ may find no one is listening.”


Priscilla Huff @phuffdaddy 16 Jun “Until the public is confident that the disease is contained, a full recovery is unlikely,” @federalreserve chair #JeromePowell #HumphreyHawkins #Coronavirus #COVID19

Ariana Eunjung Cha @arianaeunjung 17 Jun China is moving rapidly to seal off its capital city of 22 million residents by canceling flights and trains amid growing fears that a potential second wave of covid-19 is gathering strength in Beijing and could spread to the rest of the country.

Rachel Loxton @RachLoxton 17 Jun Sharing this again (wrote a few weeks ago) because sometimes I’m puzzled that the number of infections in Germany isn’t going up wildly. But basically: loads of people are still being cautious, there’s increased awareness and big events ban

Ben Myers @blevimyers 17 Jun Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory pins virus spike solely on increased testing. His statement gives no numbers, cites regional state health official by name. But the available data — as well as the official, Tina Stefanski — say something different

Richard Tofel @dicktofel 17 Jun During the 15 years I worked at the WSJ, we often joked that the news and opinion pages offered two contrasting newspapers for the price of one. Rarely so clear as this today:


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