1963 India-China Border


Tensions have continued to escalate over the past few weeks between China and India over control of a shared border, the Line of Actual Control. On Monday, combat ensued between the two nations and resulted in 20 Indian deaths, the largest number of violent casualties between the two countries in 45 years. It has not been revealed how many deaths or injuries affected the Chinese forces. 

Both sides have argued that the other was responsible for the casualties. Chinese leaders accused India of provoking the clash despite an agreement to withdraw forces from the Galwan Valley while Indian officials blamed China for a premeditated attack. The most recent conflict arose as Indian forces set fire to Chinese tents, to which the Chinese patrol responded by brandishing fence posts and clubs equipped with barbed wire or nails. Reportedly, no firearms were used in the skirmish. In addition to fallen soldiers, India has also lost 23 square miles along the border to the Chinese over the last two months, a statement to India’s economic and military fall behind their neighbor. 

Following the incident, officials from India and China spoke of each country’s desire to preserve peace between the two countries. However, professionals are speculative about the longevity of peace. Recent developments have revealed that India has called for increased tariffs and blocking investments from China following the aftermath of violence.


In China-India Clash, Two Nationalist Leaders With Little Room to Give – New York Times – 6/17/2020
Xi Jinping of China and Narendra Modi of India probably did not intend to ignite a clash on their border on Monday, high in the Himalayas, that killed 20 Indian troops and may have resulted in Chinese casualties, too. Yet the leaders of the two nuclear-equipped countries now confront a military crisis that could spin dangerously out of control.

India-China standoff: Khalistan group writes to China, extends support – OpIndia – 6/18/2020
In a letter written to Chinese President, the Sikh separatist group ‘Sikh for Justice’ (SFJ) said that they emphasised with the people of China and claimed as they themselves are a group of people who land and resources are under Indian occupation and who have faced “genocide at the hands of Indian state since 1947”.

China Is Foolish to Make an Enemy of India – Bloomberg – 6/17/2020
Neither country wants the situation to escalate. While men died in the Galwan valley, no shots were apparently fired — a sign that an old agreement not to use “military capability” is being nominally respected. Indian officials in particular are mindful of the dangers of India’s noisy democracy and of the hyper-nationalism that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party rode to a stunning re-election victory last year.

Reset ties with China – Hindustan Times – 6/17/2020
With its aggression in the Galwan Valley, Ladakh, China has crossed a threshold and pushed the relationship with India to a dangerous low, with long-lasting consequences. Chinese soldiers used the opportunity of a negotiated withdrawal operation to viciously attack a supervisory Indian contingent.


Hu Xijin 胡锡进  on Twitter, 6/16/2020: 17 injured Indian soldiers reportedly died due to lack of in-time rescue, which reflects the serious flaws of Indian army to provide emergency treatment to the wounded. This is not an army with real modern combat capabilities at plateau. Indian public opinion needs to stay sober.

Shivam Vij  on Twitter, 6/18/2020: Modi has been fascinated with China since he was the chief propaganda minister of Gujarat. He’s drawn to authoritarianism. In recent years the BJP has tried to equate itself with the Communist party of China, wanting to make India a single party state, merging party and state.

Abhinav Khare on Twitter, 6/18/2020: As an intrusive China again violating LAC repeating China’s history, we should deal with an iron hand. India has learned its lessons & will not sit back this time. History will be a witness to India’s changed strategies. Jai Shriram! #ChineseProductsInDustbin #BoycottChina

maung zarni on Twitter, 6/18/2020: If #India with 1.2 billion launches sustained consumers boycott #CCP #China that will definitely bite!! Indians squeezed the greatest Evil off their soil – #BritishRaj, in part with such boycotts. @SNiranjansahoo @dktatlow @VanessaFrangvi1 @greta @CSIS @officialFORSEA

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