Esmeralda Cuadrado blows her father Alfonso a kiss on the first day family visits are resumed after three months amid the coronavirus… SUSANA VERA June 08, 2020 11:19am EDT


As local governments enter new phases of reopening, states such as Florida and South Carolina continue to set records for newly reported cases. Health officials in southern states have warned of a significant rise in the number of young people who are testing positive for the virus, attributing the overall rise in cases not just to an increase in reporting, but a general relaxation of social distancing behaviors. In California’s Bay Area, reporters describe a growing acceptance of the coronavirus as a part of daily life.

As Americans become more comfortable with traveling and eating out, some complain that businesses are not enforcing social distancing rules, pointing to almost no citations for those that violate local regulations. In Los Angeles, nursing home workers say that their residents are getting evicted to make room for more profitable COVID-19 patients.

NBA officials say they are closely monitoring the surge of new cases in Florida as teams prepare to play in Orlando next month. The Yankees will leave their Florida-based training camp after employees there tested positive for COVID-19. In Nashville, Comedian and actor D.L. Hughley collapsed while onstage, announcing later that he had tested positive for the virus but was initially asymptomatic. 

At his Tulsa campaign rally, President Donald Trump claimed that he told his aides to slow testing efforts to make the country appear to be recovering more quickly. The White House has said that the president made the comments in jest. While some health officials warned that the rally could cause a new outbreak, attendance was much lower than expected. TikTok users and K-pop fans say that they are responsible for the low turnout after registering for thousands of tickets with no intention to attend.

U.S. banks are reporting an unprecedented $2 trillion surge in deposits, an increase driven by government stimulus and Americans’ desire to save money in the face of an uncertain future. Older Americans say they are facing a higher risk of unemployment due to fewer work-from-home job opportunities, while recent high school graduates are struggling to find work after they say their post-graduation plans were scrambled.

Officials in Beijing have shuttered a Pepsi plant after a reported outbreak, doubling testing capacity to accommodate 1 million people per day. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned of a possible second lockdown after a reported surge in cases. In Russia, lockdown restrictions will be lifted ahead of Victory Day even as the virus remains.

This Father’s Day, some families say they will celebrate a little extra after their dads successfully recovered from COVID-19. Others are finding creative ways to make the day special.

The Pandemic Has Reshaped American Fatherhood. Can It Last? – New York Times – 6/21/2020
A recent study showed that 45 percent of American fathers are spending more time on child care than they did before the pandemic. “The pandemic has reshaped the way fathers are involved with their families and children […]

During COVID-19 lockdown, what’s happened to sugar consumption? (Includes interview) – Digital Journal – 6/21/2020
A key driver for the fall in sugar demand is with the closure of restaurants, sports arenas and cinemas. These measures mean that for the first time in four decades sugar demand drops. […] “Sugar consumption is in focus as the most recent commodity to exhibit rapidly falling demand associated with COVID-19 and global lockdowns […]

Gut reaction: How the gut microbiome may influence the severity of COVID-19 – The Conversation – 6/21/2020
The microbiome contains bacteria, fungi (yeast), viruses and protozoa, all of which contribute to maintaining a balanced ecosystem and human health. These microbes collectively perform many beneficial functions, including educating the immune system.

The Latest Pandemic Shortage: Coins Are The New Toilet Paper – NPR – 6/21/2020
Under the rationing order, her allotment was cut down to just 100 rolls, with similar cutbacks in nickels, dimes and quarters. […] “You think about all your grocery stores and convenience stores and a lot of people that still operate with cash,” Dempsey said. “They have to have that just to make change.”

5 tips to use if you’re planning to ask to keep working remotely after COVID-19 – Fast Company – 6/21/2020
Some companies, including tech giants such as Twitter, are adjusting their work-from-home policies. But others just won’t. If your company doesn’t plan on letting people continue to work remotely, you’ll have to ask. We’ve gathered some tips from managers, HR folks, and remote employees on how to gracefully and, hopefully, successfully ask to work from home.


Shako Liu @shakofilm 21 Jun Among the 100,000+ deaths of the coronavirus in the last three months, many are someone’s father. It is the first Father’s Day for them to be without their dads. Here is another piece I co-produced with the awesome @RimaKader.

Jack Durkin @DurkinWeather 21 Jun On May 4th my father passed away due to complications from Covid-19.Happy Father’s Day to the man that meant the world to me ❤️*This pandemic is very real and is still very much going on.*Please be smart while interacting in public spaces.#FathersDay #coronavirus #COVID19

CNBC Make It @CNBCMakeIt 21 Jun The coronavirus pandemic probably won’t launch a stay-at-home dad revolution.

Anthonia Orji @AnthoniaOrji 21 Jun 25 Families Salute Their Dads Serving as Essential Workers During the Coronavirus: Let’s hear it for the dads! There’s no question that this Father’s Day will look quite different for many families. With the Coronavirus still impacting the country,…

AWP Mental Health @AWPNHS 21 Jun This #FathersDay why not start a conversation with your #dad about how he’s feeling and to check on his #MentalHealth? If he’s struggling you can find lots of useful information here:


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