“U.S. coronavirus cases are increasing, but deaths aren’t — yet” – Axios / Data: The COVID Tracking Project / Chart: Naema Ahmed / Axios


The World Health Organization reported the largest increase in COVID-19 cases on Sunday, surpassing 183,000 with the majority concentrated in North and South America. Almost half of U.S. states are now reporting a rise in new cases, and Florida is on track to surpass a total of 100,000 cases today. Experts say the rise is due to both widespread testing and a disregard for social distancing measures that is resulting in more infections. In Texas, 12 bars have lost their alcohol permits for failing to enforce limitations on large groups and reduce their capacity.

South Korea has officially declared a second outbreak is underway after a new cluster of cases was reported in May. Germany also reported an increase in the country’s infection rate, while indications of a second wave in Australia have prompted an extension of gathering limitations and delayed reopenings.

Despite a continuing swell of new cases, U.S. and international markets appear unworried. New data from the Federal Reserve shows that central banks around the world sought the fewest U.S. dollars week-to-week since the beginning of the outbreak, another indication of a turnaround for the global economy. U.S. Movie theater chains such as Regal and AMC have announced they will reopen in mid-July, despite decisions from other companies such as Apple to close some U.S. stores once more. 

lack of companies protesting federal contracting awards for the coronavirus effort has moved critics to question whether the government is awarding costly projects in a fair and open way. U.S. authorities say that companies’ desire to avoid bad press and a lack of opportunity for long-term procurements could be natural contributing factors. Some public health experts are also criticizing the federal government’s lack of advocacy and outreach for people of color, who have been particularly vulnerable during the outbreak.

Reports of couples holding virtual wedding ceremonies continue to pour in, as many are undeterred or unwilling to wait out the pandemic. Those in the dating scene say that the outbreak has amounted to a “lost year” in finding love, interrupting family planning and worsening feelings of loneliness. Experts say that essential human needs for sex and human contact will likely drive some people to ignore social distancing recommendations.

Global Citizen and the European Commission have announced a new charity concert for marginalized communities during the coronavirus pandemic. Among the musicians slated to perform on June 27 are Miley Cyrus, Shakira, J Balvin, Justin Bieber and Coldplay.

Fewer pet neutering procedures during lockdowns has induced a “kitten crisis” in the United Kingdom, with an anticipated 84,000 additional kittens that could be born this summer. A new study in Colorado has found that women in online dating platforms are less likely to pursue men who post pictures of themselves with a cat.

COVID-19 Can Cause Loss of Smell, And Scientists Finally Discovered Why – ScienceAlert – 6/22/2020
When this inflammation is severe, other nearby cells start to be damaged or destroyed by this “splash damage”. We believe that accounts for the second stage, where the olfactory neurons are damaged. Recovery of smell is much slower because the olfactory neurons need time to regenerate from the supply of stem cells within the lining of the nose.

Is Eating Meat From Meatpacking Plants With Covid-19 Coronavirus Outbreaks Safe? – Forbes – 6/21/2020
“Meat is probably not a big risk,” said said Angela L. Rasmussen, PhD, a virologist in the faculty of the Center for Infection and Immunity at the Columbia Mailman School of Public Health. “There is no evidence of food borne transmission,” Rasmussen added.

Coronavirus changed everything. Except T.J. Maxx. – Fox Business – 6/22/2020
For now, though, shoppers are flooding reopened stores, pushing sales higher than they were a year ago, Mr. Herrman said in May. Meanwhile, other chains, including Macy’s Inc. and Kohl’s Corp., say sales are running below prepandemic levels.

The death of the open-plan office? Not quite, but a revolution is in the air – The Conversation – 6/22/2020
Waber’s research at the MIT Media Lab demonstrated the probability that any two workers will interact – either in person or electronically – is directly proportional to the distance between their desks. 

The Dangerous Secrets Our Working-From-Home Photos Reveal – Wall Street Journal – 6/21/2020
My research into oversharing online shows that people often don’t realize how much personal information they are revealing in photos—images of their houses and hobbies that provide clues about their usernames, passwords […] hashtags like #WorkFromHome and #HomeOffice make it convenient for crooks to zero in on photos that contain those details.


The Cut @TheCut 22 Jun “We’re all going through a collective grief and a collective trauma right now. Some of that grief is large scale: We’re seeing our fellow humans get sick and die. And then there’s the other grief over the small losses of everyday life”

Yahoo News @YahooNews 22 Jun ‘We’re losing our kids’: Black youth suicide rate rising far faster than for whites; coronavirus, police violence deepen trauma

Mental Health Fdn @mentalhealth 22 Jun 💚For many of us, the gradual easing of lockdown brings longed-for opportunities (even if at a social distance). 😕But for many of us, even the happy, much anticipated changes can be difficult for our mental health. 👉Read our advice: #MondayThoughts

Arianna Huffington @ariannahuff 22 Jun The Class of 2020 graduated during a time of deep uncertainty that they couldn’t have predicted. These are eight tips that can help. #ThrivingWallet

mark henick @markhenick 22 Jun 96% of patients hospitalized for coronavirus infections report experiencing PTSD as a result of their illness: via @NeuroscienceNew #COVID19 #health #mentalhealth #PTSD


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