An elongated (2:1 aspect ratio) version of the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, and similar to The Second Confederate Navy Jack, in use from 1863 until 1865, although with the darker blue field of the Army’s battle flag. Source: Bowling Green Daily News


In the wake of protests amid the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, cries of outrage have rippled across the United States and some have called for the removal of Confederate statues, flags, and other landmarks. On Saturday, Gov. Roy Cooper (D-NC) explained his order to remove two Confederate monuments in the State Capital, “Monuments to white supremacy don’t belong in places of allegiance, and it’s past time that these painful memorials be moved in a legal, safe way.”

In North Carolina, a statue of Henry Wyatt, the first North Carolinian to be killed in the Civil War, along with a statue dedicated to women of the Confederacy, were both removed on June 20, 2020, after remaining near the capital building for over a century. On Sunday, The American Museum of Natural History in New York City stated that it will remove a statue of former president Theodore Roosevelt from outside its main entrance.

However, some individuals have expressed a desire to keep Confederate monuments standing. U.S. Congressman Tim Burchett (TN-02) said, “If you blame your problems on a statue of someone who has been dead over a century, then you only have yourself to blame.” Chairman of the American Conservative Union Matt Schlapp denounced the removal of Confederate monuments and claimed: “statues of Jesus are next.”


Theodore Roosevelt statue will be removed from the front steps of the Museum of Natural History – CNN – 6/22/2020
A statue of President Theodore Roosevelt in front of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City will be removed, a statement from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office said Sunday.

Remove historic statues? Yes, because myths can’t stand in place for truths. – NJ – 6/21/2020
Is removing a statue erasing history? No, it is not erasing history, because statues are mythology, not history. Mythology is a way of remembering the past that tries to avoid the messy reality and give us only images we like. I fix mythology for a living. It’s part of what I do as a historian and educator. I examine popular stories and legends and I try to show what’s going on, or where they come from.

What Will You Do During the Statue Wars, Daddy? – Reason – 6/22/2020
Let’s see: Nathan Bedford Forrest, Robert E. Lee, Teddy Roosevelt, (checks notes), uh, George Washington? Ulysses Grant? Francis Greenleaf freakin’ Whittier? Sometimes it’s protesters, sometimes it’s the museum, sometimes it’s a tagger, sometimes it’s a Twitter troll—by whatever form, America in monthus bizzarus of June 2020 is suddenly having a convulsive conversation about iconography.

Statues toppled throughout US in protests against racism – RiverBender – 6/22/2020
Protesters tore down more statues across the United States, expanding the razing in a San Francisco park to the writer of America’s national anthem and the general who won the country’s Civil War that ended widespread slavery.


John Carney on Twitter, 6/22/2020: Taking down statues is an expression of power. It shows us who has the power to topple or order removal. The more absurd the statue removal–Washington, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt–that clearer the expression of power.

AJC on Twitter, 6/22/2020: The descendants of former Gov. John B. Gordon delivered an unequivocal message for the current occupant of that office: Remove the bronze statue of him, sitting in full Confederate regalia, from the grounds of the Georgia Capitol.

RT on Twitter, 6/22/2020: ‘Don’t do it!’ Trump pushes back against NYC plans to take down Theodore Roosevelt statue on Twitter, 6/22/2020: North Carolina governor has 2 Confederate statues removed after George Floyd protests

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