Apple’s new feature will reduce data collected by advertisers


Many large tech companies are developing new ways to deliver ads on digital platforms. Spotify has announced that it will be testing “in-app ads” on podcast episodes. This move comes as the company gains notoriety for its push into the world of podcasting, having notably picked up the popular “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, as well as a deal with Kim Kardashian-West for an exclusive criminal justice podcast. Spotify claims the new ad format will make it easier for listeners to redeem deals with their favorite podcasters. Spotify listeners will no longer have to remember URLs or offer codes, as they will have the option to tap the “episode sponsors” heading which takes them directly to the promotional page. Harry’s, HelloFresh, and Quibi will become the first official partners advertising with the new feature.

Google has also released a new video ad feature for YouTube content that will allow venders to transform video ads into “shoppable experiences” for viewers. These direct response solutions will allow people to click a “shop now” button to view various products they can purchase right from a retailer’s homepage.

Apple’s new iOS 14 will give customers the capability to decline app ad tracking. Industry experts say the change will likely have a “ripple effect” by reducing the amount of data collected, indirectly preserving user privacy. Apple has also introduced labels for app permissions to inform users how much data an app requests before it is downloaded.


Ad tech insiders expect Apple to eliminate a key mobile ad targeting feature – Digiday – 6/21/20 IDFA is a unique, random number tied to a user’s device that allows advertisers and data companies to assess how a user has interacted with an ad — on an aggregated, not individual, basis. […] Many iOS app developers rely on the ad-supported model and removing the IDFA could massively disrupt their monetization and hamper their new-user download marketing strategies if Apple doesn’t come up with a suitable alternative. They’d likely need to shift to encouraging users to share data in another form, such as through a login.

YouTube announces a new shoppable ad format – TechCrunch – 6/22/20 To use the new shoppable format, brands will first need to sync their Google Merchant Center feed with their video ads. They can then visually expand an ad’s “call to action” button with the best-selling products it wants to feature in the ad in order to generate traffic that sends viewers directly to the product listing on the brand’s own website.

Spotify is testing a feature that does away with repetition in audio ads – AdAge – 6/22/20 The repetition tactic—about as old as audio itself—is ineffective, the company says, while adding that measurement and targeting tools are rudimentary at best. […] Richman says In App Offers “productizes” coupon codes “in a way where consumers have a direct connection with brands and marketers can understand to a much greater degree the efficacy of their ad spend.”

Spotify is shoving ad links with embedded promo codes into some podcast listings – Android Police – 6/22/20 Right now, these so-called offer cards won’t be seen by every listener immediately, but they do have opportunities to appear for the duration of the campaign. Harry’s, HelloFresh, and Quibi have signed on as first partners for the streaming service’s original shows in Germany and the U.S. with The Verge reporting that “Last Podcast on the Left” and “Herrengedeck” being the first to see the new integration.


Ashley Carman on Twitter, 6/22/20: spotify’s podcast ad tech is interesting bc rn its only applicable to the company’s exclusive shows, meaning that if advertisers like this innovation, they have to spend on spotify and take budget away from other, outside shows

Deccan Chronicle on Twitter, 6/22/20: Decline in travel ads hit #Google ad revenues, as market becomes ‘triopoly’ with #Facebook and #Amazon, says tracker. Google’s net US digital ad revenues will drop 5.3 percent to $39.58 billion to bring its market share down to 29.4 percent

ANAmarketers on Twitter, 6/22/20: This story is full of useful data and graphs showing how consumer perception of digital ads has differed before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chris Messina on Twitter, 6/22/20: Progress from @spotifypodcasts on its “Streaming Ad Insertion technology”: “SAI is only used on Spotify’s exclusive shows right now; a spokesperson says they have 100 monetizable shows.” /cc @brianmcc@bretkinsella#SonicAds#ConvComm#VoiceComputing

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