The Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona filled its nearly 2,300 seats with plants for a June 22 concert, which was also broadcast online. Source: NPR, Image: Emilio Morenatti / AP


Dr. Anthony Fauci will testify before U.S. House representatives today along with other top health authorities on the federal government’s efforts to quell the outbreak, marking the first time they will appear together in more than a month. Fauci is expected to address the correlation between a rise in case numbers and more widespread testing, a topic that President Donald Trump referenced at his Tulsa rally this weekend, prompting backlash from the public health community. Two Trump campaign staffers who attended the rally have since tested positive for COVID-19. The White House has halted mandatory temperature checks for staffers and visitors who wish to enter the grounds.

More than 20 public health officials across the nation have left their positions during the pandemic, citing a growing number of personal threats following their guidance on how to slow the spread of infection. News of these threats comes as Americans become more deeply divided politically on whether or not to wear a face mask. In South Carolina, Greenville became the first city in the state to require face coverings while inside of local businesses.

The University of Michigan will withdraw from hosting a presidential debate this fall, citing concerns of hosting too many people during the pandemic. Scientists say that “super-spreader” events such as large conferences, or even funerals, are likely driving up to 80 percent of COVID-19 infections. 

Mental health and addiction counselors are calling on the federal government for additional aid to cover the dramatic increase in demand for services. While Congress passed a bailout for the healthcare industry, health workers say the funding has been tied up with confusion and delays. In the UK, foster agencies have reported a similar rise in referrals, placing strain on the system to find homes for children impacted by abuse and neglect.

The oil industry continues to recover from a historic drop to below zero in March, reaching $40 per barrel on Monday. Even so, the industry faces more hurdles due to weak demand from petroleum refiners. Environmental advocates say the federal government has already done too much to help industries that rely on fossil fuels, citing concerns that aid to those industries will create a “high-carbon” legacy that outlasts the pandemic. 

German physicists have joined the growing number of scientific disciplines working to beat the virus, studying how the structure of coronaviruses allows them to easily replicate in the human body. Other scientists are exploring a trend of neurological abnormalities associated with COVID-19, noting that complications and death can stem not from respiratory problems, but damage to the brain. Players in the NBA will wear a “smart ring” that tracks their temperature and other vital signs to detect early infection, joining experiments to use wearable technologies to fight the virus.

Burger King is giving out free food to incentivize the public to stay at home in Brazil. The fast-food chain uses geolocation technology to detect how long someone is at home, offering free meal vouchers for time spent sheltering in place.

Let’s incubate the Green Swans hatched by the COVID-19 Black Swan – Greenbiz – 6/23/2020
Green Swans, according to John Elkington, are positive market developments once deemed highly unlikely, if not impossible. They can have a profound positive impact across economic, social and environmental value creation.

Covid-19 Has Made Parents Into the Bad Guy – Fatherly – 6/22/2020
“I have to continually remind my children that I’m not saying no to going out just to be a big bummer or to be strict, but to keep everyone as safe as possible,” she says. “They don’t absorb or accept it. Maybe they just need someone to blame and I’m the closest they’ve got to pin it on.” 

Coronavirus Is Killing Traditional Retail, But Vintage Shops Are Thriving – InsideHook – 6/22/2020
“Instagram is the single most powerful tool in our entire toolbox,” says Brian Davis, the owner of Wooden Sleepers in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Like many vintage shop owners, Davis now almost entirely interacts with his customers over Instagram.

Coronavirus and the big shift to cloud – MIT Technology Review – 6/23/2020
“The change of lifestyle and consumption is leading to a revamp of business models,” says Selina Yuan, president of international business at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, noting that as companies embark on a digital transformation, they also need to optimize efficiency and minimize investments. 

Mutating coronavirus: what it means for all of us – The Conversation – 6/23/2020
Unfortunately, there is a bias in the database of genome sequences because samples from patients with more severe symptoms are more likely to be sequenced, making it difficult to associate particular mutations to how severe the disease is.


Julie Chapman @JChapmanTV 23 Jun If you have a college student… They are going back in the fall. There will be plenty of changes! #COVID #coronavirus #SocialDistancing @SPECNewsAlbany

Rep. Salud Carbajal @RepCarbajal 22 Jun 76 years ago, the GI bill was signed into law to provide WWII veterans with funds for a college education and housing. No veterans should be left without, that’s why I was proud to support emergency GI Bills to help our veterans during #COVID19.

Christy Thornton @llchristyll 23 Jun This is outrageous and is going to have huge impacts on higher ed as a whole, and on the lives of our foreign-born colleagues. Where is university leadership pushing back against this?

Sun-Times Sports @suntimes_sports 22 Jun Commentary: How many lives of young men and women should be sacrificed for entertainment — and for billions in profit? That question can’t be ducked as the NCAA allows colleges to begin “voluntary” football practices.

Robert Kelchen @rkelchen 23 Jun CUNY got hit harder from the first wave of the coronavirus than perhaps any other part of American higher education. I just hope that nobody else suffers this fall as much as they did last spring.


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