“France Sees Hiring Rebound as Britain’s Recovery Lags” Bloomberg, June 25, 2020 / Image: Bloomberg, Source: LinkedIn


An additional 1.48 million people filed for unemployment in the past week, a number higher than forecasted by economists. The report marks the 14th consecutive week that states have processed more than 1 million applications. June’s jobs report next week is expected to dictate whether the Senate proposes more stimulus checks and the extension of unemployment benefits in a new coronavirus relief bill. The U.S. Treasury is also mulling a second extension of the tax filing deadline, which is set for July 15. 

A record number of new coronavirus cases reported in the U.S. on Wednesday has surpassed the country’s previous single-day record from late April, at 45,557 new infections. Cases rose sharply in TexasFlorida and California, where Los Angeles has emerged as the most widely infected county in the U.S. The surge has affected more than half of states across the nation, painting the most grim picture yet of the outbreak’s presence in the country. Authorities in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut announced that anyone traveling from highly infected states must comply with a 14-day quarantine. 

Businesses are “agonizing” over plans to reopen amid the drastic surge. Walt Disney theme parks will delay a scheduled reopening for July 17, while Apple announced plans to shutter reopened stores in Texas. 

A study of location data from smartphones indicates that travelers over the period of spring break may have fueled the spread of COVID-19 in March, moving researchers to suggest that colleges and universities discourage student travel upon return this fall. In Idaho, local reports found an outbreak that stemmed from people who visited a bar, but not from those protesting outside in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Scientists suggest that those who visit public indoor spaces seek an open window for ventilation rather than air conditioning, which can re-circulate and spread viral particles. In Germany, experts warn that circulation systems in meat processing plants may have been responsible for the numerous outbreaks in those facilities.

Australia has reported its largest single-day increase in new infections since April, while a surge in Germany has prompted authorities to reimpose a lockdown in two districts. Ireland announced a mandate to quarantine British travelers due to the country’s “poor response” to the outbreak.

United Nations workers are discovering that hundreds of migrants arriving in Somalia did not know about the coronavirus. The UN’s migration agency found that over half of the people interviewed at the border were unaware of COVID-19, pointing to the difficulty in spreading information about the outbreak in all parts of the world.

Costco’s sheet cake is “getting cut,” the retailer has confirmed. A lack of demand for the large sheet cake, often found at parties and graduations prompted its discontinuation, although Costco said that the smaller cake for “socially distanced gatherings” will still be available.  

Inside the plan to track Covid-19 by analysing everyone’s poop – WIRED UK – 6/25/2020
Countries such as Australia, Denmark and South Korea perform hundreds or even thousands of tests for every single confirmed case of Covid-19 they uncover. But the UK government is now reaching for a way to track new outbreaks that doesn’t rely solely on swabs and individual testing. Instead, researchers are trawling through sewage to find traces of Sars-Cov-2 – the virus that causes Covid-19 – in our faeces.

A lack of child care is keeping women on unemployment rolls – Politico – 6/25/2020
The burden is disproportionately falling on women, who are more likely to have been laid off, to have left the labor market or to be considering quitting their jobs so they can manage family responsibilities, Labor Department data, academic research and surveys show. And the problem is on track to only get worse: Continued shutdowns and the need to implement costly safety and social distancing measures are threatening to run so many child care providers out of business that the country could permanently lose an estimated half of its capacity.

Fitness Industry Works to Rebound From Covid-19 – Wall Street Journal – 6/25/2020
The U.S. fitness industry has been upended by Covid-19-related closures, pushing some large gym chains to rapidly shrink their footprints and refocus on apps for at-home workouts, while many smaller studios have gone out of business. […] The warnings show how suddenly the industry has been turned upside down, due to gyms’ potential for spreading the virus.

The Scientists Who Want Kids Back in School – The Atlantic – 6/25/2020
Nuzzo, an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins University and a leading expert on the coronavirus, is one of a number of scientists vocally advocating for summer camps and schools to reopen, with some precautions, even if there’s no vaccine yet. “The idea of keeping kids at home, and having parents work at home, for however long, until we get a vaccine,” Nuzzo told me, “it seems to me that there are harms that kids are experiencing that we are not accounting for.”

Why Amsterdam’s Red Light District May Not Survive the Coronavirus Pandemic – Time – 6/24/2020
That upheaval may change the red light district for good. Residents groups fed up with tourism have been emboldened by seeing their streets calm for the first time, Roubos says. They’re also angry with how little the area’s amenities have to offer local people and are now putting pressure on the city to prevent a return to business as usual.


New York Times Opinion @nytopinion 25 Jun “The rise in remote work represents an opportunity to shift the anachronistic view that the only good work that gets done happens in an office setting,” says @brycecovert

Kunal Shah @kunalb11 24 Jun WFH forces companies to be a lot more planned, organized, clinical and more focussed on metrics overall. This makes all those who move needles (but were bad at marketing themselves) shine a lot more.

BusinessWorld @bworldph 25 Jun Companies that intend to attract and retain upcoming talent must offer work-from-home arrangements as a permanent option.

André Spicer @andre_spicer 25 Jun The more you earn, the more likely you are to be able to work from home

UW News @uwnews 24 Jun A new @UW study has found that 75% of the U.S. workforce can’t work from home — they also represent some of the lowest paid workers in the country. @uwsph @UWDEOHS


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