“New U.S. COVID-19 cases surpass peak set in April as states rethink strategy” Yahoo News, June 25, 2020 / Image: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


The White House will hold a coronavirus task force briefing today following this week’s record number of new reported COVID-19 cases and an estimate from the CDC that more than 20 million Americans have likely been infected. The briefing comes after two months of silence from the task force, which has had a limited presence since early this month.

The Trump Administration on Thursday filed a brief with the Supreme Court calling for the end of the Affordable Care Act. If successful, the termination of what is known as Obamacare would cease health insurance coverage for as many as 23 million people.

Consumer spending in May accelerated by a robust 8% as Americans spend more on cars, travel and home furnishings, while others say they are settling into an accepted risk for commodities such as salon visits. With the approach of the end of the second financial quarter, some economists say they are “clueless” as to what corporations will report for earnings now and in the future.

The coronavirus continues to have a stronger presence in younger populations, the CDC has warned. The agency’s authorities said they may employ the social media platform TikTok to plead with the younger demographic to continue socially distancing. In Michigan, thousands of people say they still plan to attend a massive boat party known as “Jobbie Nooner.”

While public health officials initially praised containment of the outbreak in California, they say a rapid rise in infections there is due in part to a lack of caution while reopening. An analysis of payment card spending by JPMorgan Chase & Co. revealed that high levels of in-person spending at dining establishments directly correlates with where new outbreaks have emerged. Epidemiologists say that bars, too, are surfacing as coronavirus hotspots due to conditions with high proximity to people, poor ventilation and a loss of inhibition with the intake of alcohol.

Virus cases among Latinos across the nation are “soaring,” highlighting the disproportionate number who did not have the option to stay at home during the pandemic. Many older Americans are mulling early retirement, faced with the risks of either returning to work or cutting their losses to remain at home.

South American countries are now bracing for flu season with the onset of cooler weather, prompting expanded flu vaccination programs. Dwindling support of Sweden’s off-hands approach to the outbreak has moved residents there to call for a review of the strategy before the next election. In Portugal, rising cases are competing with the government’s desire to keep the country open for tourism.

In the city of Rockland, known as the “Arts Capital of Maine,” one muralist made the most of street closures meant to extend dining space for local businesses. An existing wall mural was expanded to the entirety of Main Street with the help of fellow local artists.

The American Infection – National Review – 6/26/2020
Americans, along with Brazilians and Russians — that’s the company we keep now — are on a list of those who are to be excluded from entering the European Union as its member countries begin opening themselves up to travel again. What is concerning Brussels is this: The EU countries are seeing, on average, 14 new coronavirus cases daily per 100,000 population. […] And in the United States, we currently are seeing 107 new cases daily per 100,000 population, just short of eight times the EU rate of infection.

CDC Warns That For Every COVID-19 Case, There Are 10 People Possibly Undiagnosed – Design Taxi – 6/26/2020
On 23 June 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported up to at least 2.3 million coronavirus cases in the US. However, director of the CDC Dr Robert Redfield projects that the number could be over 20 million. […] The number is based on blood samples collected in the US to check for the presence of antibodies to the virus. The CDC found that for every confirmed case of COVID-19, there were 10 more people with the antibodies.

This Is How COVID-19 Has Changed How We Die and Grieve in the U.S. – US News & World Report – 6/26/2020
As coronavirus infections took root in Indiana and neighboring Chicago, Methodist banned all visitors to prevent transmission, says Deggans, a TV critic for NPR. The protocol, he says, was so sweeping – and abrupt – that hospital staff broke up an impromptu bedside prayer circle and escorted everyone from Williams’ hospital room. A lifetime in the making, her network was shredded when she needed it most.

Coronavirus diaries: social media in an unsocial age – Nature – 6/26/2020
In the absence of seeing friends and colleagues in person, I’ve been turning a lot more to social media. […] It’s good to be able to interact with people while staying physically distant, but online social media can be difficult. There are three areas that I find most tricky: the time-sink, the acrimony, and the jealousy.

How scuba divers are turning ocean waste into face masks – World Economic Forum – 6/26/2020
Using water bottles recovered from the sea, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) has set up an operation with Irish watersports clothing company RashR to recycle the waste plastic into a range of face coverings. To date, the project has recycled over 500kg of plastic and the masks are being sold for no more than the cost of producing them, PADI says.


Professor Karol Sikora @ProfKarolSikora 26 Jun It’s absolutely right that people want to go out and enjoy the sun, but we all have to be sensible. If the beach is packed and you can’t keep your distance, try elsewhere. My wife was at the coast and said it was empty! Remember that the vast majority are behaving.

Bloomberg @business 26 Jun British Health Secretary Matt Hancock threatens to close U.K. beaches after crowds of daytrippers fill coastal resorts and spark fears of a fresh coronavirus spike via @QuickTake

Outdoor Swimming Society @outdoorswimming 26 Jun ‘It’s a social lifeline’: swimmers frustrated as UK lidos stay shut ⁦@LidoPh⁩ ⁦@CityCorpHeath⁩ ⁦@thepondsfilm⁩ ⁦@Swim_England⁩ ⁦@outdoor_swimmer⁩

Daily Mail Online @MailOnline 26 Jun Wuhan swimmers don ‘facekinis’ to protect them against coronavirus

Dave @davechannel 26 Jun You don’t need to go to the beach to make it feel like you’re at the seaside! Fill the bath with sand! Get someone to throw a frisbee at your head! Pretend you’re hours away from the nearest bathroom! Release a seagull into your kitchen! Easy.


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