FILE PHOTO: Colin Kaepernick is seen at a special training event created by Kaepernick to provide greater access to scouts, the media, and the public, at Charles. R. Drew High School in Riverdale, Georgia, U.S., November 16, 2019. REUTERS/Elijah Nouvelage/File Photo


The U.S. Navy is investigating an incident from a 2019 fundraiser at the Navy SEAL Museum. A video surfaced Sunday showing a K-9 demonstration in which dogs attacked a volunteer wearing padding and a jersey of former San Francisco Forty-niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick. After the stand-in was taken to the ground, people can be heard saying “Oh man, I will stand,” as onlookers laughed.

Kaepernick gained notoriety among conservatives in 2016 when he started a protest movement in the NFL against police brutality by kneeling during pre-game national anthem performances. Green Beret and former Seattle Seahawk long snapper Nate Boyer inspired Kaepernick’s original protest. Before the Navy SEAL video went viral this week, Boyer said on Twitter, “YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KNEEL TO JOIN THE FIGHT FOR RACIAL EQUALITY IN THIS COUNTRY YOU DO NOT HAVE TO STAND TO LOVE THIS COUNTRY AND THOSE THAT FOUGHT FOR IT… Damn y’all, c’mon! It’s been 4 years.” 

The official Twitter account of the Navy Seals issued a statement Sunday calling the video’s message “completely inconsistent with the values and ethos of Naval Special Warfare and the U.S. Navy.” The Navy said it was not “aware” of the footage, which was posted in January 2019, before Sunday. The statement also noted that they initially believed there were no active-duty personnel or equipment involved in the independent organization’s event. Know Your Rights Camp, a youth campaign founded by Kaepernick, called the video “extremely disrespectful” on Instagram.


Navy probes video of dogs attacking Kap fill-in – ESPN – 8/3/2020
The videos show four dogs attacking a man who is wearing a red Kaepernick football jersey over heavily padded gear as people watch nearby. In a second video, the man is lying on the ground and approached by men wearing fatigues and holding rifles, saying, “On your belly.” The man replies, “Oh, man, I will stand,” as he rolls over, followed by laughing from the crowd.

Navy probes video of K-9 attacking ‘Colin Kaepernick stand-in’ during demonstration – The Washington Times – 8/4/2020
The U.S. Navy launched an investigation Sunday into a recently surfaced video that shows working dogs attacking a “stand-in” who was wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey during a demonstration at the National Navy SEAL Museum in Florida last year. In a statement posted to Twitter, the Navy said the 2019 video that went viral over the weekend is “completely inconsistent with the values and ethos” of the special forces unit.

Ex-Navy SEALs linked to demonstration where dogs attack man in Colin Kaepernick jersey – New York Daily News – 8/3/2020
A video of the demonstration shows men in military uniforms releasing dogs to attack a man wearing a Kaepernick jersey over a padded outfit. At least four shepherd-family dogs tear at the man and try to bring him down as onlookers watch from a distance. “Oh man, I will stand,” the man being attacked joked during the demonstration, according to the BBC.


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