“More Than 40% of U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Are Linked to Nursing Homes” – New York Times / Note: Only facilities with reliable case and death data and at least 50 cases are included.


The 2020 Democratic Convention kicks off Monday morning as a fully virtual event, cementing new realities forced by the pandemic in which presidential nominees lose the opportunity to galvanize voters in person. Former Vice President Joe Biden will accept the Democratic nomination from his home in Delaware, where he has done the bulk of his campaigning this year. The Republican National Convention, slated for the week of August 24, will also go virtual.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will shorten lawmakers’ summer recess to enact a vote that would prohibit changes to the U.S. Postal Service. The agency warned last week that it did not have the capacity to deliver mail-in ballots across the country in time to be counted for the November election, worsening an existing partisan tension over mail-in voting.

The leaders of successful companies during the pandemic say that old benchmarks no longer apply as they plan for the future. The CEO of Home Depot, which saw unprecedented traffic with the outset of lockdowns, said his team has shifted its focus from driving sales to keeping consumers and staff healthy. Sales of bikes, scooters and other wheeled transportation continue to surge, as does business for their respective service and maintenance providers. Some city planners and transportation experts say they must pivot their plans to incorporate those modes of transport in urban planning even as the number of cars on the road is restored to pre-pandemic levels.   

Industry prospects for airline carriers have gone from “ bad to worse.” Efforts to quell the public’s fears over possible contraction of the virus while onboard are not working, experts say, and global air travel is down 85% from one year ago.

The U.S. Census Bureau has extended a weekly study of mental health and hunger into October as the pandemic wears on. In the first three months of the agency’s project, researchers found that almost one-third of Americans have “little or no confidence” that they can pay their housing costs this month, while more than 50% of households reported a loss in employment income since March. At the same time, household electric consumption is soaring across the country. Some families say they face financial hardship in paying the increase in utilities with more time at home.

Some residents of Spain have joined the ranks of those protesting the use of face masks. At a demonstration in Madrid, protesters said they believe the outbreaks have been exaggerated by the government and that mask mandates limit their freedom.

What research says about the amount of coronavirus you are initially exposed to – The Salt Lake Tribune – 8/16/2020
A large study released this week showed that patients with higher amounts of virus in their system in the hospital were more likely to die, though that doesn’t necessarily mean they had higher amounts of virus in their initial infection.

Rural Schools Struggle With Road Ahead In Era Of Coronavirus – NPR – 8/17/2020
This is widely seen as an uncomfortable reality in Idaho, where generally most state leaders have been pushing for businesses and schools to reopen. This is one of the most politically red corners of the country, yet the state also now has a big red mark next to it as having one of the nation’s fastest growing rates of coronavirus infections.

The conventions’ quantum leap – Axios – 8/17/2020
Convention speeches are shorter this year — and this means less time for rising stars in the party to grab the spotlight. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets only 60 seconds, hemmed in by musical interludes and a master of ceremonies to move events along.

Why modernizing animal farming will curb future pandemics – Qrius – 8/17/2020
“Seventy per cent of the new diseases that have emerged in humans over recent decades are of animal origin and, in part, directly related to the human quest for more animal-sourced food”- World Livestock 2013 report: Changing Disease Landscapes.

The World Is Drowning in Used Face Masks. Should We Turn Them Into Fuel? – Next City – 8/17/2020
“It is an efficient and economical method of recycling polypropylene,” the study said, arguing that chemical recycling can not only prevent plastic pollution that would cause “severe after-effects to humankind and the environment,” but can also create a “clean” liquid fuel to meet increasing global energy demand.


Daniel Kraft, MD @daniel_kraft 17 Aug Anti-#COVID19 antibodies, as well as B cells & T cells capable of recognizing the virus, appear to persist months after infections have resolved — Study by @deeptabhattacha @UArizona et al #immunology

Forbes @Forbes 17 Aug How long are you immune after Covid-19? Here is what the CDC says

Jerome Adams @JeromeAdamsMD 16 Aug 1/ A #COVID19 FAQ I often get is about “herd immunity.” Here’s a short thread with some relevant links but the punchline is this- in order for the numbers to work we’d need to accept 1.3 million U.S. citizens dead from the virus.

Skip Foster @skipfoster 16 Aug Obviously, this would be amazing news.What if ‘Herd Immunity’ Is Closer Than Scientists Thought?

Tony Leachon MD @DrTonyLeachon 16 Aug it’s likely that people will need two doses of a coronavirus vaccine a few weeks apart for it to be effective.


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