U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S., August 24, 2020. David T. Foster/Pool via REUTERS


In a surprise appearance to accept the nomination as president and kick off the first day of the Republican National Convention, President Donald Trump warned Republicans that the election results would be contested this November, stating Democrats were exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic. “What they’re doing is using COVID to steal an election,” Trump said Monday morning. 

Trump advisers stated before the convention that the President would lay out an optimistic agenda of jobs and progress: Indeed, his campaign released a list of nearly 50 objectives for his next term, and Trump planned to meet with frontline workers the first night of the convention. He even responded to a man, “Let’s be nice” while the man shouted in support over Trump as he was presenting a theory about Obama’s administration spying on his campaign. 

Here are some other notable events of today and what you can expect tonight:

• The Republicans held a live roll call, in contrast to the Democrats’ virtual event, that also showcased the diversity of the nation. North Carolina’s self-described nutmegger delegate cast some “spicy votes” to nominate Trump as president. 

• The viral couple who held guns in response to Black Lives Matter protestors marching in front of their St. Louis house will speak tonight, saying it was their “God-given right” to defend themselves. Other speakers include high school student Nicholas Sandmann; Rep. Jim Jordan; Andrew Pollack; the father of Morgan, a teenager killed in the Parkland school shooting; congressional candidate Sean Parnell and House Minority Whip Steve Scalise.

• Here’s a guide to what other events you can expect, including an appearance by Donald Trump Jr.


Republican National Convention kicks off in Charlotte, subdued — then Trump shows up – McClatchy DC – 8/24/2020
Trump addressed the crowd after formally winning renomination around mid-day, when the votes of Florida clinched the nomination. What was already expected to be a hard battle for re-election as only been complicated by the pandemic. The president is trailing his rival Democrat, former Vice President Joe Biden, in the polls in a number of swing states, including North Carolina.

Republican Convention Takes on the Weighty Task of Boosting Trump’s Bruised Ego – Truthout – 8/24/2020
Many will watch, many more will not, and I’ll be fixated on this four-day failapalooza for one reason only: to see if the Audience of One phenomenon rears its orange head and burns the whole project to the ground. I very strongly suspect it will.

The Republican Party’s 2020 Pitch to Voters: Trump, the Whole Trump, and Nothing but Donald Trump – Hill Reporter – 8/24/2020
In a resolution that would normally consist of a laundry list of legislative, foreign policy, and economic goals, the GOP’s sales pitch this election cycle is, basically, ‘whatever Trump wants, Trump gets.’

Here Are All The Ways The RNC Will Be Different Than The DNCDaily Caller – 8/24/2020
The Democrats’ first-ever virtual political convention suffered from technological mishaps that resulted in some awkward transitions and cut off introductions. Going second, Republicans have the chance to learn from what worked and what didn’t. Here’s what they’re doing differently.


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