Pro-Trump and pro-police demonstrators show up at a protest against racial injustice in Portland, Oregon, U.S., August 22, 2020. REUTERS/Maranie Staab TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY


A man was shot and killed in Oregon on Saturday night as dueling protests swept the streets of downtown. He was identified as Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson and was a member of the Portland right-wing group Patriot Prayer. Danielson’s body was found next to camouflage gear and thin blue line patches, signaling support of the “Blue Lives Matter” pro-police movement.  

Hours before the shooting, an organized vehicle rally supporting President Donald Trump began its caravan through Portland, where protestors supporting Black Lives Matter have marched for three months.  The Portland Police confirmed that the shooting happened downtown among the protest violence, but did not confirm any connection between the two. According to reports from The Oregonian, police are currently investigating a suspect who self-describes as “100% ANTIFA.”

The shooting came right after 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse was charged with homicide for using military-grade weapons to kill two protestors in Kenosha, Wis. 

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler touted blamed President Trump’s “campaign of fear” as the motivation behind the violence and said he “created the hate and the division” across the country and in Portland. President Trump responded to Wheeler’s press conference with a thread of Tweets, stating that “[Wheeler] tried mixing with the Agitators and Anarchists and they mocked him.” President Trump also reshared multiple videos of the Pro-Trump rally along with escalating counter-protests and claimed that the “big backlash going on in Portland cannot be unexpected after 95 days of watching.” Democratic nominee Joe Biden released a statement accusing President Trump of “recklessly encouraging violence.” 

Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown has since unveiled a six-point “Unified Law Enforcement Plan” dedicated to protecting protestors’ rights to freedom of speech while also bringing an end to the violence in downtown Portland.


Portland mayor to President Donald Trump: ‘Support us’ or ‘stay the hell out of the way’ – The Oregonian – 8/30/2020
Near the end, the press conference took a bizarre turn as it became evident President Donald Trump was watching a live broadcast and simultaneously tweeting attacks on Wheeler. Wheeler spent Sunday morning under attack from all sides, as the president criticized him on twitter and various left leaning groups across the Portland area called on him to resign following the fatal shooting.

One Dead In Portland After Pro-Trump Caravan Clashes With Protestors – The Federalist – 8/30/2020
Another night of riots in Portland turned deadly when a President Trump supporter wearing attire with the emblem of “Patriot Prayer,” a conservative group against the leftist domestic terror group Antifa, was fatally shot on Saturday. The shooting was documented on multiple video livestreams that show a small group of people yelling, then scattering after shots were fired. […] Antifa and Black Lives Matter protestors rallied and cheered at the announcement of the victim’s death, claiming that “he was a f—ing Nazi!” and that “our community held its own.”

Trump praises right-wing supporters, rails against protesters after unrest in Portland – NBC News – 8/30/2020
President Donald Trump on Sunday praised a pro-Trump caravan of activists whose presence appeared to contribute to violent clashes Saturday in Portland, Oregon. The day after a man was shot and killed in confrontations between Black Lives Matter protesters and Trump supporters in Portland, he assailed only the anti-racism demonstrators.

Portland Police Probing Antifa, BLM Supporter For Fatal Shooting Of Right-Wing Protester – The Daily Wire – 8/31/2020
The attack was just the latest example of violence breaking out in Democrat-controlled cities across the country. President Donald Trump offered assistance to Portland Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler before the attack happened, but Wheeler told him to “stay away.” On Sunday, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has failed to condemn Black Lives Matter and Antifa by name for the recent violence, looting, and rioting that has taken place at their events. Wheeler responded to the Saturday shooting by blaming Trump for the violence.


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