“U.S. coronavirus updates” – Axios, September 1, 2020 / Data: Pearson / Harris / Graphic: Axios


The Trump administration has ordered a ban on evictions to be issued via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through December. Citing a “historic threat to public health,” the agency will ban the eviction of tenants who experienced a pandemic-related loss of income and who make less than $99,000 per year, or twice that for a couple. The moratorium does not address the expected loss in income for landlords, prompting calls for legislation to further help those affected. 

The U.S. will not join a global effort to develop and distribute a vaccine as the initiative is led partially by the World Health Organization. A White House spokesperson announced on Tuesday that the U.S. “will not be constrained” by the “corrupt” WHO and China. More than 170 countries have agreed to collaborate on what is called the COVAX initiative to develop and secure doses for all countries and their most high-risk populations.

A panel of experts for the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine has advised in a draft report that when a vaccine in the U.S. is made available, it should prioritize vaccinations based on the factors that create risk for people of color. The advice melds demands to prioritize health care workers while balancing risk factors for people of color, who have been disproportionately affected by the virus.  

Americans continue to view pandemic as the primary issue confronting the nation, an outlook that could influence the presidential campaign on both sides of the aisle. A Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday found that 78% of respondents were “very” or “somewhat” concerned about the coronavirus, compared to about 8% who said that crime is a top priority. 

President Donald Trump on Tuesday toured burned-out businesses in Kenosha, Wis. in an effort to highlight destruction and crime following protests that ensued after Jacob Blake, a Black man, was shot seven times by police. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden subsequently pivoted his strategy in the Midwest, turning attention back to the challenges that families face as schools struggle to reopen amid the pandemic.

Apple and Google have made it easier for states to opt in to contact tracing, the companies announced on Tuesday. States could soon send notices directly to smartphones with a prompt to opt in to the technology, eliminating the burden of building and deploying the app on their own. Technological difficulties prevented many states from launching projects to incorporate the technology when it was launched in April.

Lego sales are outpacing growth in the overall toy market as households engage in more family play. Sales have jumped 14% in the first half of the year, prompting the company to reopen all of its shops following shutdowns.

The new normal is coming. For companies, now is the time to invest. – Protocol – 9/2/2020
The CEOs that we surveyed and the ones I talk to are certainly more pessimistic now than they were in May with what the shape of the recovery is going to be. They are leaning much more into investments, shifting a little bit from what had been just day-to-day crisis management to recognizing that the recovery is going to be slower, and this is an opportunity to accelerate investments in digital transformation.

Covid Snuffed Out Burning Man—but the Festival Goes On in VR – Wired – 9/2/2020
This year, The Gate is different. This year, it’s virtual. (In case the whole flying thing didn’t tip you off.) With Covid-19 dousing the flame of the real-world Burning Man, a group of nine digital experiences has emerged to carry the torch.

Diarrhoea, stomach ache and nausea: the many ways COVID-19 can affect your gut – The Conversation – 9/2/2020
A review of more than 25,000 COVID-19 patients found about 18% had gastrointestinal symptoms. The most common was diarrhoea followed by nausea and vomiting. Abdominal pain was considered rare. In another study only about 2% of COVID-19 patients had abdominal pain.

Hand sanitizer is being packaged like kids’ candy—and big companies are profiting from it – Fast Company – 9/2/2020
“It’s dangerous to add scents with food flavors to hand sanitizers which children could think smells like food, eat and get alcohol poisoning,” says FDA Commissioner Stephen M. Hahn, M.D., in a public statement. 

Experts see chance for Covid-19 vaccine approval this fall — if done right – STAT – 9/2/2020
“If you make a decision based on promising but not convincing data, and then you discontinue your randomization,” she said, “you discontinue your evidence-generating process. You can never go backward. You can never go back and generate your evidence.”


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