A photo of a white Xbox One controller by Chris Hardy on Unsplash, published September 7, 2020.


Microsoft confirmed Tuesday that it is releasing a cheaper, alternative version of its upcoming gaming system. After a leak broke on Sept. 7 from Twitter account @_h0x0d_ with a video of the Xbox Series S, Microsoft confirmed the news via its Xbox Twitter account along with the price of $299.

Microsoft and Sony earlier this year announced plans for their latest consoles, the Series X (Xbox) and the Playstation 5 (Sony), that are both rumored to retail at $500-$600. With Microsoft announcing this second console at a much cheaper price tag, similar to what Nintendo did with the Switch, the gaming community is now wondering what Sony will do with the Playstation 5. Microsoft and Sony have been battling the last decade for the throne of best gaming console.  

The kicker with the Series S is that it does not come with all of the specs the Series X includes, but the console targets the “casual gamer” who may want the newest console but doesn’t need features that more hardcore gamers crave. Some are theorizing the whole “leak” was planned in a way to market the low-cost console in an exciting and unorthodox way. The Series S is set to release on Nov. 10. Since the “leak”  from @GAMEGuildford, another surfaced that an announcement about the PS5 will take place on Wednesday.


The Xbox Series X and Series S naming convention is confusing and so typically Microsoft that it hurts – gamesradar – 9/8/2020
The Xbox Series S has been officially unveiled and with it comes the inevitable fallout. Microsoft has always had a fairly unconventional approach to naming its systems. Skipping willfully between Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and back to Xbox again, with a whole slew of different SKUs and brand extensions thrown into the mix for good measure. The confusion generated by the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S offering online might be new, but it was entirely predictable. 

Microsoft confirms compact, $299 Xbox Series S arriving on November 10 – TechCrunch – 9/8/2020
Microsoft has confirmed via its official Xbox Twitter account that a discless, tiny Xbox called the Series S will be released alongside its forthcoming Xbox Series X. The Series S was initially leaked late Monday, first by Brad Sams on Twitter, and also by Walking Cat.

Microsoft confirms $299 Xbox Series S console – The Verge – 9/8/2020
Hours after Microsoft’s Xbox Series S console widely leaked, the company has gone on the record to confirm its existence. In a tweet, Microsoft describes the Series S as offering “next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever” and lists the price as the previously leaked figure of $299. In the UK it’ll cost £249.99.

The all-digital Xbox Series S comes out on November 10th – Engadget – 9/8/2020
It must be Tuesday, because there is too much hype happening today. The Xbox Series S, Microsoft’s all-digital next-gen console, will land on November 10th for $299. After a brief tease this morning, Microsoft revealed a trailer and details about the Series S, including the fact that it’s nearly 60 percent smaller than the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series S will launch Nov. 10 at $299 – CNET – 9/8/2020
YouTuber Brad Sams on Monday leaked an image of the long-rumored Xbox Series S — a cheaper, less feature-heavy version of Xbox’s next-generation console the Xbox Series X — along with a price: $299. After a few hours of speculation, Microsoft tweeted a confirmation. Then it revealed the Nov. 10 release date on Tuesday.


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