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Nasdaq futures are down following major U.S. stock indexes sinking last week as previously highflying technology shares suffered a heavy bout of selling. Analysts say remarks by President Donald Trump in a Labor Day news conference left futures under pressure. President Trump touted America’s manufacturing abilities and said “we’re going to end our reliance on China.”  Oil prices fell to their lowest level in more than two months under pressure from a stalling recovery in demand that has prompted Saudi Arabia to discount its crude exports. The Senate returns from its August recess Tuesday, though with no signs of progress on a new coronavirus relief package. This leaves only days to reach a deal before lawmakers head back home to campaign. 

As major wildfires erupt across California, farmworkers continue to harvest despite the smoke that blankets the region. Labor union The United Farm Workers conducted a statewide poll in late August and found that of the 350 workers who responded, about 84% said they didn’t get a mask, even though California requires employers to provide proper respiratory protection equipment to protect workers from wildfire smoke. There are about 2.5 million farmworkers in the U.S. and the government estimates about half are undocumented. The Trump administration – which has railed against undocumented immigrants – has provided no federal assistance to help farmers obtain personal protective gear like it has for other essential workers. 

Farmworkers, who are predominantly Latinx, are also disproportionately affected by COVID-19. Michigan became a national leader last month when it issued a strict mandate ordering farmers, food processors and farmworker housing operators to test all of their workers for COVID-19, but farmers in Michigan have filed a class-action lawsuit in federal court to block the testing mandate. The group alleges it unfairly singles out the agricultural industry and discriminates against Latinx workers based on race.

As more U.S. universities and colleges attempt to re-open with in-person classes, student parties, outbreaks, and pushback from instructors and students are hindering their plans. More than 51,000 cases have been reported across 1,000 campuses. Some have criticized the reliance on the self-control of young adults, rather than deploying the public-health infrastructure needed to control a disease that spreads easily among people. 

New estimates forecast the death toll of COVID-19 to be at best 2 million cases globally by the end of 2020 and at worst 4 million. The best-case projection is based on the criteria that everyone wears a mask. The death toll currently sits at 914,000. President Trump’s hopes for the virus antibody test that would allow Americans to get back to work has yet to materialize. Though work is still underway on the immunity these tests provide insight to, much of it has taken a back seat to the rapid development of a vaccine. 

Coronavirus has caused a porta-potty boom – something that usually occurs when the market is good. However, one porta-potty company saw an explosion in sales throughout the pandemic as Governor Andrew Cuomo requested porta potties for drive-through test sites and couples moved their weddings outdoors.

As schools reopen, will this be the least fit generation of schoolchildren ever? – The Conversation – 9/8/2020
Cardio fitness is important because it is related to children’s learning and academic attainment. It is also related to their current and future health, wellbeing and quality of life. Fitter children and teenagers learn better and are healthier than less fit people, and they tend to be fitter and healthier as adults.

Depression Symptoms Rise During Covid-19 Pandemic – Physician’s Weekly – 9/8/2020
“These findings serve to alert our attention to yet another impending public health crisis as a result of this pandemic—the increase in cases of major depression. To effectively prepare to face this public health crisis, health care practitioners and policy makers must commit to addressing the social determinants of health and mental health,” Shim said.

How COVID-19 created a new kind of consumer in just 90 days – Fast Company – 9/8/2020
When the onset of COVID-19 led to closures and shelter-in-place rules, the physical normal we knew changed overnight. The mechanics of life—communicating with loved ones, keeping up with news, working, learning, and shopping—were now centered on digital platforms.

Why tech couldn’t save us from COVID – Axios – 9/8/2020When the greatest public health disaster of our lifetimes hit, the industry, despite earnest efforts, found that the information environment it had shaped via the internet and social media was profoundly vulnerable to misinformation, partisan division, ignorance and fraud.


12 News @12News 8 Sep With the coronavirus creating a surge in mail-in balloting and postal delays reported across the country, the number of rejected ballots in November is projected to be significantly higher than previous elections.

Bill Scher @billscher 7 Sep Back in April I wrote about how the pandemic was complicating third party ballot access GwoIt’s not quite set, but it appears the Libertarian Party will get on 50 state ballotsThe Greens, however, won’t get on more than 35, if that. They had 44 in 2016

Katie Sampson @KatieWGME 8 Sep Today some voters will head to the polls for the NH state primary. Under a temporary change to state law, anyone concerned about the coronavirus will be allowed to vote by absentee ballot @WGME

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt @NBCNightlyNews 7 Sep There have been more than 80 elections around the world during the coronavirus pandemic. In South Korea, voter turnout was up thanks to early voting and health precautions.

CNN Politics @CNNPolitics 8 Sep Officials turn pizzerias into polling places as retirement homes and schools bow out


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