“NEW CASES OF COVID-19 IN WORLD COUNTRIES” – John’s Hopkins Research Center / Data: John’s Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center


U.S. futures rose Wednesday morning on optimism that the Federal Reserve will prolong low interest rates to move the economy forward. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has reduced the severity of its forecast for economic contraction this year, adjusting expectations for the U.S. economy to shrink 3.8% instead of a projected 7.3% in June. The research body broadened its global forecast for poor countries to worse than first anticipated, as those nations have fewer resources to battle the virus and stave off economic collapse.

Coronavirus infections in India have surpassed 5 million, marking the second-highest number of cases in the world after the U.S. The OECD now expects India’s economy to contract by 10.2%, up from a forecast of 3.7% in June.

The coronavirus is killing Black, Hispanic and American Indian children at a much higher rate than their white peers, new federal data found. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that among children who died of COVID-19, 78% were children of color, even though they represent 41% of the country’s population. The statistics reflect a similar disparity among adults of color in the U.S., who are twice as likely to die of the coronavirus compared to white people. 

Nonprofits in the U.S. are donating hundreds of millions of dollars to help state and local officials run election operations through the pandemic. Concerns over local governments’ ability to handle the challenges brought on by the pandemic moved donors, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, to donate millions to nonprofits that will expand local governments’ mail-in voting capacity and open more polling places.

Testing for COVID-19 has become a key topic of contention for the nation’s presidential nominees. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is advocating for widespread testing coordinated by the federal government, while President Donald Trump has opted to send funds to states to test at their discretion. Biden’s proposed approach to the pandemic prompted the magazine Scientific American to endorse him for president, a first for the publication in its 175-year history.

The freelance economy is booming due to the pandemic’s economic upheaval. The sector’s value has surged by 22% since last year as millions of people turned to freelance for income. Among the fastest-growing cohorts are parents caring for their children from home and young people, or “Gen Zers,” who are caregivers or learning remotely.

How a new way of parsing COVID-19 data began to show the breadth of health gaps between Blacks and whites – The Conversation – 9/16/2020
I found the unusual change in the data’s direction resulted from the long-term care population’s being overwhelmed with cases. In Mississippi, our long-term care residents are more likely to be white. The relationship between race and COVID-19 mortality is different between the community and long-term care facilities.

Chinese Users Turned GitHub into a Land of Free Covid Speech – Wired – 9/16/2020
On the Chinese internet, global social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are banned, and domestic platforms like WeChat and Weibo are strictly monitored. But GitHub, known to some Chinese internet users as the “last land of free speech in China,” remains accessible.

Substance abuse makes Covid-19 even more dangerous – Quartz – 9/16/2020
Looking at the records of over 73 million patients in the US, of whom 12,033 had Covid-19, the study found those who had recently been diagnosed with a substance use disorder were significantly more at risk of Covid-19 than the average population.

Engagement with video and social content soars during pandemic – AdAge – 9/16/2020Not only are they watching more videos, but they’re liberated to go full screen and unmute the sound and dictate their own viewing experience. It’s like they’re more committed to the content. 

I Traveled to Cabo Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic — Here’s What It Was Really Like – Travel + Leisure – 9/16/2020
Over two-thirds of the storefronts are closed, and those open are hosting just a handful at most. A soccer match plays on the television sets in every open bar we pass. Some have small groups of tourists watching at the bar, or enjoying a drink on the tables outside. Others have only a local fan or two.


KTNV 13 Action News @KTNV 15 Sep A #UnitedAirlines flight to #LasVegas from #Newark was diverted after a passenger refused to comply with the airline’s #mask policy, according to a company representative.

Michael A. Gayed, CFA @leadlagreport 16 Sep Will the traditional hotel industry slowly shrink if it does not reinvent itself to compete with the popularity of vacation rentals in this new normal? #stocks #markets #economy #investing #financialservices #hotels #coronavirus #lockdown #socialdistancing #vacationrental

Grow @Grow_mag 16 Sep The pandemic has drastically changed how Americans vacation — these charts break it down.

The Colorado Sun @ColoradoSun 16 Sep COVID exodus fills vacation towns, including Colorado’s high-country destinations, with new medical pressures

Sean O’Neill @sean_oneill 16 Sep Border agencies will need to rethink their processes to collect coronavirus-related health data from travelers. New tech in Seychelles from Travizory spotlights some of the issues. via @skift


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