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Stock futures saw a sharp drop Monday, suggesting the major benchmark indexes may extend their retreat into a fourth consecutive week. Some of the largest technology companies, which helped drive the market to record highs over the summer, are now dragging it down. Updated Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance now says coronavirus can commonly spread through the air and warns of badly ventilated spaces. 

U.S. coronavirus-related deaths approached 200,000 and the former FDA commissioner said he expects the U.S. to experience “at least one more cycle” of the virus in the fall and winter. In Europe, infections continue to rapidly rise as countries prepare to impose more restrictions on public life in the coming days. France reported 10,569 new cases Sunday while celebrating the 21-year-old winner of the Tour de France, who donned a face mask on the podium – a first in the tour’s history. The race concluded its three-week stint without any major disruptions by coronavirus. 

Discussions over another coronavirus relief bill were overshadowed by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who died of complications from metastatic cancer on Friday. Ginsburg is hailed as the architect of the legal fight for women’s rights in the 1970s, serving 27 years on the Supreme Court. Amid this outpouring, some have noted Ginsburg’s brand of feminism primarily served white, middle-class women. 

Negotiations in the House and Senate on both government funding and another coronavirus relief bill are facing another level of uncertainty amid Ginsburg’s passing. A former spokesman for the House and Senate Republican leadership expects the possibility of the relief bill to be stalled until “after the election.”

The Postal Service is seeing thousands of employees contract COVID-19. More than 50,000 workers have taken time off for virus-related reasons. The Postal Service does not test employees or check their temperatures. High rates of absence could slow ballot delivery in as many as 28 key states, which require mail-in-ballots to arrive by Election Day to be counted.  The Trump administration deemed postal workers essential at the genesis of the pandemic, tasking them with delivering medicine, supplies and other goods to the nation. 

The confirmed case count at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) processing facility in a city in California more than doubled within a few days. The staff routinely tested newly arriving detainees, but not those already held at the facility unless they presented severe symptoms.  More than 5,000 people in ICE detention centers across the country have contracted COVID-19 and there are more than 600 active cases. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats demanded an investigation last week into claims by a nurse at an ICE detention center in Georgia that detainees have been denied basic medical care and allegedly subjected to hysterectomies without their informed consent. The link between medical abuse and immigration runs deep  – in 1914, the U.S. States Public Health Service allied itself with the eugenics movement, producing reports that supported eugenics drives to restrict immigration. 

The 2020 Emmy Awards – dubbed “pandemmys” by host Jimmy Kimmel – managed to follow strict social distancing guidelines, meaning no live audience, no red carpet and no pre-show. Statuettes were delivered to winners donning hazmat suits, which some criticized was “mocking the pandemic.” The Emmys had 130 different feeds from various locations across the world and stars were sent professional camera units for their acceptance speeches.

Future of remote work perk: The company – and family – retreat – Digiday – 9/21/2020
While some companies are edging back into tightly-controlled offices, others are selling their commercial real estate or rethinking how else to cultivate face-to-face relationships when there’s no clear future where all employees will be in the same space again.

Coronavirus Pandemic Threatens to Widen Racial Homeownership Gap – The Wall Street Journal – 9/20/2020
The housing market has led the recovery from the pandemic-induced economic downturn as Americans have rushed to buy homes amid a desire for more living space and record-low mortgage rates. But some analysts warn even as the housing boom bolsters the overall economy, it may widen the longstanding gap in homeownership between Black and white Americans.

Vaccines — lessons from three centuries of protest – Nature – 9/21/2020
Vaccination has always been a lightning rod for storms brewing over other problems, as physiologist and science writer Jonathan Berman shows. The people who protested against mandatory smallpox vaccination in nineteenth-century England had previously led opposition to the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act, which proposed that unemployed people must labour in workhouses for food,

Cybercriminals moved quickly to capitalize on the COVID-19 outbreak using malicious emails – Help Net Security – 9/21/2020
While the COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted the lives and operations of many people and organizations, the pandemic failed to interrupt onslaught of malicious emails targeting people’s inboxes, according to an attack landscape update published by F-Secure.

Sorting Through the Science on Breast Milk and Covid-19 – Undark – 9/21/2020Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, headlines have been full of fluids. There are droplets sprayed when we talk or cough, nasal secretions swabbed for testing, and blood checked for antibodies. But some scientists have focused on a different bodily product: breast milk. Unlike the others, milk is a fluid made for sharing. That has raised urgent questions about its safety during the crisis, for mothers feeding babies as well as for milk banks handlingdonations


HT Life&Style @htlifeandstyle 20 Sep #Emmys Hollywood’s first major #Covid-era award show looks radically different to previous editions, with no red carpet and a host broadcasting from an empty theater in Los Angeles, which remains under strict lockdown. #Emmys2020 @htTweets

Good Morning America @GMA 20 Sep While they look a little different than they ever have — thanks to the coronavirus pandemic — the 2020 Emmy Awards are here, and stars are still finding ways to show off their unique style from home. #Emmys

Vanessa Franko @vanessafranko 20 Sep The #Emmys are happening and everything is weird because 2020. I’m pulling together photos from the Emmy Awards tonight, complete with Jason Bateman hanging out with cardboard cutouts. https://t.co/KDh1vgrFWM

People @people 20 Sep Coronavirus Essential Workers Present Awards During the 2020 Emmys: ‘I’m Living Through History’​

JustJared.com @JustJared 20 Sep Jason Sudeikis got a coronavirus test while presenting at the #Emmys!


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