“How did Americans use their coronavirus stimulus cheques?” – The Economist / Source: “How Did U.S. Consumers Use Their Stimulus Payments?” By Olivier Coibion, Yuriy Gorodnichenko, & Michael Weber, NBER Working Paper No. 27693, 2020


U.S. futures and global stocks fell Wednesday morning following a bitter first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. The debate, described as an “ugly melee” marred by insults and interruptions, delved into questions of the availability of a coronavirus vaccine, which Trump maintained would be available “a lot sooner” than a summer distribution time quoted by other health experts. Trump also defended his administration’s response to outbreaks and blamed China for the pandemic’s inception.

Disney will lay off 28,000 more employees following a feeble recovery in theme park attendance and the continued shutdown of its two parks in Anaheim, Calif. The company has reported billions in losses since the pandemic began, climbing to a $3.5 billion loss in the third quarter. Tens of thousands of airline workers in the U.S. could be furloughed on Thursday if Congress takes no action to pass a new stimulus package. The first airline support package expires just before midnight on Wednesday, resulting in thousands of employees who have already been instructed to hand in their badges.  

A new poll released Wednesday found that 60% of U.S. households with children have experienced job losses or reduced wages, highlighting the pandemic’s compounding stress for parents. Among those facing serious financial problems, 74% reported a household income at less than $100,000, and the financial strain is disproportionately higher for Hispanic and Black households. 

Coronavirus infections among college-aged individuals surged just as universities reopened, a fresh study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed. The study underscores the fact that young people are driving the spread of infection, prompting health officials to warn colleges and universities that they must tighten their rules for socially distancing on campus. 

Two NFL teams have shut down after the Tennessee Titans reported eight positive coronavirus tests among players and staff. The Titans played the Minnesota Vikings last weekend, prompting a pivotal moment in which the NFL will discover whether the close-contact sport resulted in the virus’ spread to Minnesota players as well. 

Applicants are flocking to elite business schools after several years of declining demand. Top-tier schools extended their application deadlines and loosened requirements for standardized testing during the pandemic, indicating that at least a few M.B.A. programs will survive the outbreaks. The increase in applicants follows a larger trend that sees students turning to advanced degree programs during economic downturns.

The surprising future of vaccine technology – Big Think – 9/30/2020
As Covaxx (formerly United Neuroscience) cofounder Lou Reese explains in this video, the issue with vaccines is that they don’t work against “non-external threats.” This is a problem, especially now when internal threats (things that cause cancers, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses) are killing people more than external threats like viruses.

From one office to 5,000: How remote work could reshape a company’s sustainability goals – Fast Company – 9/30/2020
Most companies do not include emissions resulting from remote work in their emissions calculations, according to Cummis. But they should. “[They need to consider] the increased electricity use from running more air-conditioning and more electricity for your computer and other equipment that you have at home, as well as temperature and climate control in your home,” she says.

Analysis | Why People Have Had Enough of Lockdowns – Washington Post – 9/30/2020
On top of carrots and sticks, transparency and education can help compliance. New rules such as closing restaurants and bars at 10 p.m. rather than 11 p.m. haven’t been justified with any scientifically backed explanations, the kind of thing that can chip away at public trust. 

Most Executives Think Covid-19 Changed Their Companies Forever – Bloomberg – 9/30/2020
The survey of almost 3,500 executives in 22 countries found cash flow along with cost and liquidity management among the highest priorities through 2022. About 60% said they were accelerating the digital transformation of their organizations. Three-quarters plan on building more robust IT capabilities.

COVID Burnout: Seven Ways To Reset When You’ve Hit The Wall – Forbes – 9/30/2020
Identify the activities that help you recenter and recharge – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – and then schedule them into your calendar and treat them as ‘sacred rituals’, every bit as importantly as you would a meeting with your boss. 


KING 5 News @KING5Seattle 30 Sep The virus thrives during colder months and social distancing will become harder due to poor weather.

WGNO @WGNOtv 30 Sep Cold weather means new challenges for struggling restaurants

BloombergQuint @BloombergQuint 30 Sep #Coronavirus Key Developments:- Cases top 33.4 million; deaths exceed 1 million- Regeneron antibody cocktail lowers virus levels- Warning signs flash ahead of winterGlobal #Covid19 updates here.

Stars and Stripes @starsandstripes 29 Sep History and science suggest the second winter with coronavirus is likely to be worse than the first. The pathogen is more entrenched, and most respiratory viruses circulate primarily in the winter months.

Asiaville @AsiavilleNews 30 Sep A new study has suggested that #ventilation systems in many buildings, which are designed to keep temperatures comfortable, may increase the #risk of exposure to #coronavirus, particularly during the winter season when people prefer to stay indoors.


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