“Vaccine initiative now covers almost entire world, but not U.S. or Russia” – Axios / Data: Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance; Map: Naema Ahmed / Axios


U.S. stock futures were mixed Tuesday morning with the kickoff of earnings season. JPMorgan Chase & Co beat estimates this quarter with surging trade revenue as global markets rebound. The lender set aside significantly less money this quarter to prepare for loans that go bad. 

Johnson & Johnson similarly beat earnings estimates, but shares fell after the company paused its COVID-19 vaccine trial because one of the participants fell ill. The company said that illnesses and accidents are to be expected in any clinical study, and the pause is to collect all available information surrounding the unexplained illness before moving forward.  

The U.S. recorded the first confirmed case of coronavirus reinfection, marking the fifth reinfection case worldwide. Scientists verified that a 25-year-old Nevada man was reinfected with the virus after recovering from it in May, with more severe symptoms than the first infection. Still, physicians say that because it is difficult to confirm reinfections, it is unclear how widespread reinfection could be. 

The pandemic has propelled a surge in early voting, with nearly ten times as many Americans who already cast their votes for the Nov. 3 election compared to the presidential election in 2016. The U.S. Elections Project counted more than 10 million ballots returned so far, compared to 1.4 million early votes cast by Oct. 16 of 2016.

The coronavirus has spread to the Vatican, with four members of the Vatican Swiss Guards testing positive for COVID-19. New infections of the coronavirus are surging across Europe, with the highest rates in the Czech Republic and Russia. The British government is expected to announce a three-tier set of restrictions to reduce confusion regarding lockdowns, while France’s prime minister said he has not ruled out local lockdowns to contain outbreaks. 

The World Health Organization has grown increasingly vocal about government options to improve public safety without lockdowns. Worried that the public will not comply with another round of strict lockdowns, the WHO is encouraging the use of the “test, trace, isolate” approach, even as many governments struggle with the resources to successfully implement it.

A worldwide shift to cleaner energy is underway, fueled by a drop in global energy demand, government support and low interest rates for wind and solar projects. The pandemic spurred a cut in spending on oil and gas supplies that has placed renewable energy in a position to lead the growth in global electricity demand for the next ten years, according to the International Energy Agency.

As COVID-19 cases rise again, how will the U.S. respond to the third wave – Fast Company – 10/13/2020
Testing capacity has expanded and results are available faster. That means people who become infected can be isolated faster. Treatment methods have also improved. For the most severe cases, innovative use of low-cost steroids and repositioning patients to support breathing have helped seriously ill patients recover faster.

More Companies Are Using Technology To Monitor For Coronavirus In The Workplace – NPR – 10/13/2020
These COVID-19 monitoring systems raise obvious privacy concerns. Some employees will find it creepy if their every movement and even their body temperature is being tracked by their boss. Should human resources know exactly how long you spent in the bathroom?

Using the Pandemic as an Opportunity to Lose Weight and Get in Shape – New York Times – 10/13/2020
According to a June survey of 2,000 American adults by the weight loss program Nutrisystem, 76 percent of respondents gained weight, up to 16 pounds, between mid-March and July. And 63 percent said that losing weight was a priority, post quarantine.

‘An unbelievable chain of oppression’: America’s history of racism was a preexisting condition for COVID-19 – USA Today – 10/13/2020
America’s education and economic systems are still unequal, disproportionately leaving people of color out of higher-wage jobs. When COVID-19 struck, more people of color were serving as essential workers directly in the path of the virus.

Can we actually learn to live with coronavirus? Not until we have a vaccine – The Conversation – 10/13/2020
One recent study, for example, showed that some people can get ill with the same type of coronavirus more than once in the same winter season. This shows that natural immunity cannot be assumed as a fact of the human-coronavirus relationship, and herd immunity probably cannot happen naturally.


Yicai Global 第一财经 @yicaichina 13 Oct An 89-year-old woman in the Netherlands died after getting #COVID19 a second time, BNO reported yesterday. It is the world’s first reported death from coronavirus reinfection. The woman tested positive again 59 days after first contracting the virus and died two weeks later.

Firstpost @firstpost 13 Oct The study noted several hypotheses that may explain the severity of the second infection, including the possibility the patient subsequently encountered a very high dose of the #Coronavirus which caused a more acute reaction the second time

Alberto Bernal @AlbertoBernalLe 13 Oct The headline should be “760 million people around the have gotten #Covid19 since the pandemic started, in one rare event a reinfection has been confirmed”. But NO, the headline has to be apocalyptic 🤨🤨 First Case Of U.S. Coronavirus Reinfection

AFP news agency @AFP 13 Oct China rushes to test an entire city of nine million within days after a minor coronavirus outbreak, as the WHO warns that letting the pathogen run free to achieve herd immunity is “scientifically and ethically problematic”

Patrick Galey #BlackLivesMatter @patrickgaley 13 Oct Fact is, it’s extremely hard to determine how long #COVID19 immunity lasts, mainly because we haven’t had the testing to prove all the asymptomatic cases back in April/May were in fact CovidBut one study suggests detectable antibodies last only weeks


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