President Trump and Joe Biden are reflected in the plexiglass protecting a tv camera operator from coronavirus as they participate in their second 2020 presidential campaign debate at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. REUTERS/Mike Segar


Stock futures are wavering, putting the S&P 500 on track to snap a three-week winning streak. Earnings are showing Americans are starting to spend as they settle into the pandemic – reports from Whirlpool, Chipotle and Mattel all reflected a rise in demand. 

The final presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden covered the administration’s handling of the pandemic, accusations about personal ethics and questions about economic and racial justice issues. Voters in the U.S. remain divided as a new poll shows Trump and Biden supporters differ over the importance of coronavirus as it relates to the election. Only 24% of Trump supporters view the outbreak as a “very important voting issue” compared to 82% of Democrats. Thursday’s debate was less combative than previous weeks, due in part to the decision to mute candidate’s microphones. More than 47 million Americans have already voted in the 2020 election, surpassing the total number of early ballots cast in 2016. 

Immigration was a pertinent topic among candidates, as Trump was put on the defensive over the hundreds of children separated from their parents at the border. Trump’s rebuttal included an attack on President Barack Obama’s administration. A filing from Tuesday shows that of the 1,000-plus migrant families separated by the Trump administration in 2017, lawyers are unable to track down the parents of 545 children. 

The Food and Drug Administration approved Gilead Sciences’ antiviral drug remdesivir as a treatment for the coronavirus on Thursday. The drug had previously been granted emergency-use authorization. The intravenous drug has helped shorten the recovery time of some hospitalized patients and was used to treat Trump, who tested positive for the virus earlier this month. 

Hospitals directing their resources toward COVID-19, travel restrictions and bans and the inability to obtain contraception have all limited women’s access to reproductive health and abortions. Poland, which already had some of the strictest abortion laws in Europe, recently ruled that abortions due to fetal defects are unconstitutional. The country is moving toward a near-total ban on terminations. Under the Trump administration, which pledged to defund Planned Parenthood, federal funds to the women’s healthcare and abortion provider actually grew during the first few years of his presidency. 

In America, Black women and girls remain at the center of abortion rulings – Black people are three times as likely to die during childbirth as white people and are faced with a difficult prospect of navigating the healthcare system. The pandemic has proven to exacerbate these issues. 

Hawaii, facing economic devastation, is attempting to revive its tourism industry as travel rules are relaxed. On the first day of loosened restrictions, the number of arriving airline passengers more than tripled, but still represented a fraction of pre-pandemic levels. Hawaii previously saw roughly 30,000 people arriving to the state every day during 2019, and the number approached 40,000 during the summer travel season.

Why COVID-19 Lockdowns Did Nothing to Slow Climate Change – The National Interest – 10/23/2020
The global average temperature saw little change, but there were regional variations. For example, the Middle East was cooler since less black carbon in the air meant the highly reflective desert sand could send more solar energy back out to space. Other regions, such as eastern China, saw more heating overall, as they had some of the largest reductions in industrial SO₂ emissions.

Anywhere But Home: New Yorkers Get Creative About Work Spaces – The New York Times – 10/23/2020
Although each new work space has been temporary, Ms. Golcman said the arrangements have given her some peace to forge ahead with her work. “I worked really hard to get my own business off the ground, so I’m proud of myself for keeping it afloat during a pandemic.”

Virtual Office Hours Get More Students in the Door. Will They Be Here to Stay? – EdSurge – 10/22/2020
Before the pandemic, some Florida Atlantic students preferred to drop into the advising office rather than make appointments in advance. To maintain this option, the office has created a virtual waiting room. Students can sign up for the next available online meeting, then step away from their devices until an adviser contacts them.

Four ways to rescue the economy from the pandemic – The Conversation – 10/23/2020
Governments must prioritise resuming economic growth from 2021 onwards. Put simply, this will require them to go easy on raising taxes or cutting spending quickly to stabilise the debt-to-GDP level. The fiscal correction which would be required to stabilise public finances will be less if a faster recovery can be engineered.

Wash your mask daily: the ultimate guide to face coverings – The Guardian – 10/23/2020
If you were to swab your used face covering and grow the microorganisms in a petri dish, you would find a variety of bacteria, viruses and fungi. “Most are likely to be harmless – you would get something similar if you sampled your hands, nose, mouth or many other parts of your body,” says Prof Cath Noakes, an expert in airborne disease transmission at the University of Leeds.


Chris Hoffman @NewsmanChris 22 Oct Pa. Governor Tom Wolf has announced a plan to waive liquor license fees in an effort to help provide financial help for restaurants and bars.

Columbus Dispatch @DispatchAlerts 23 Oct Tracking the spread: Tracing COVID-19 cases to bars and restaurants easier said than done

WSBT @WSBT 23 Oct Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has signed into law legal protections for Michigan businesses and other employers that are sued by infected people despite having followed all coronavirus safety protocols.

Washington Examiner @dcexaminer 22 Oct “We won because they had no legal right to fine us for those mandates.”Pennsylvania restaurant owners who were fined roughly $10,000 for opening their doors in defiance of coronavirus restrictions have been deemed not guilty.

John Kass @John_Kass 23 Oct . @GovPritzker’s restaurant/bar shutdown means the death of those neighborhood places you love & the rise of crappy corporate franchise food. My latest column @chicagotribune


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