“Covid-19 pandemic: Tracking the global coronavirus outbreak” – BBC / Source: John’s Hopkins University


Stock futures jumped ahead of the election, which will likely shape the government’s response to the pandemic and economic downturn. Coronavirus cases continue to climb in the U.S. as Midwestern states experience record hospitalizations – including key political battleground states. In October, 31 states set records for increases in new cases and 21 for hospitalized COVID-19 patients. Despite rising numbers, coronavirus is growing increasingly more difficult to track as contract tracing efforts fall apart.

A plurality of voters say measures to control the spread of coronavirus in the U.S. have not been strict enough, a new poll shows. Across 13 advanced economies surveyed by Pew Research, the U.S. is particularly pronounced when it comes to attitudes toward the handling of COVID-19. The American public does agree on one measure – about 75% say the country is more divided than before the coronavirus outbreak. 

A study from Stanford University concluded that 18 Trump rallies “ultimately resulted” in more than 30,000 incremental confirmed COVID-19 cases and “likely led to 700 deaths.” The Minnesota Department of Health is reporting three COVID-19 outbreaks related to the Trump campaign events held in the state in September. Dr. Anthony Fauci had previously said the Trump campaign is “asking for trouble” by continuing to hold large, in-person events. President Donald Trump signaled Monday morning he may fire Fauci after Election Day. 

For Americans that live on the 326 Indian reservations, the pandemic is exacerbating voting challenges. Native Americans often have a harder time voting due to bad roads and lack of formal addresses, but coronavirus has added another barrier. One Chippewa Cree man in Montana drove 74 miles to vote and is one of many who faces geographical isolation. 

While the coronavirus and the economy remain points of interest in national campaigns, many local elections are focusing on systemic racism and police reform. Rock the Vote, a nonprofit organization aimed at registering young voters, said its platform surpassed 2 million registered voters, up from 1.7 million in 2016. Since George Floyd’s death, Vote Latino, a nonprofit, has registered more than 450,000 voters across the country. 

Government officials are warning of cyberattacks on hospitals as coronavirus cases surge. Hundreds of American hospitals are being targeted in attacks by the same Russian hackers who researchers fear could create mayhem around the election. The attacks are intended to take facilities offline and hold their data hostage in exchange for multimillion-dollar ransom payments. The ransomware being used emerged in mid-2018 and has cost companies and municipalities at least tens of millions of dollars in ransom payments, in addition to whatever costs were incurred for IT fixes and lost business. 

Research shows “social distancing” is not a new concept for some animals – wild vampire bats naturally distance themselves from other bats when they are sick. Some may self-isolate voluntarily or be excluded by their colony mates, researchers said. Vampire bats get their name from being the only mammals that feed entirely on blood.


How the exit polls will work in a pandemic – CNN – 11/2/2020
To make sure that both interviewers and voters are safe, interviews will be contactless. Voters will pick up paper questionnaires and single-use pencils from a table rather than taking them directly from the interviewer, and disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer will be available for use by both voters and the interviewers manning the table.

Covid-19’s Impact On Gender Inequality In The Workforce Doesn’t Have To Be A Step Backwards. Here’s Why. – Forbes – 11/2/2020
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported women comprised 49% of the workforce, yet 55% lost jobs due to the effects of Covid-19. ” Across the globe, women have lower wages, hold less secure jobs, are more likely to be employed in the informal sectors.

How Your Brain Tricks You Into Taking Risks During the Pandemic – ProPublica – 11/2/2020
Many months into the pandemic, even as the nation faces its highest average daily case counts to date, people still don’t agree on how to live in the era of COVID-19. We know how to protect ourselves — washing our hands, wearing masks and staying socially distant — but many people still take unnecessary risks, even at the highest levels of government.

This app makes presenting in Zoom more effective—and even entertaining – Fast Company – 11/2/2020
Using Mmhmm, you can choose from about 100 virtual backgrounds, from a trendy startup office to a Halloween-ready haunted house to outdoor scenes. Then, you can position live video of yourself and presentations and other materials you want to share atop that background.

Six evidenced-based ways to look after your mental health during a second lockdown – The Conversation – 11/2/2020
Find ways to retain a sense of autonomy in spite of lockdown restrictions. How can you continue to live according to your principles? What aspects of your life do you have control over? For example, you have control of how much time you spend watching the news, how tidy you are going to be and what to eat.


Christopher Worsham, MD @ChrisWorsham 2 Nov When you #VOTE, be safe: wear a mask, distance, & sanitize hands to protect yourself & community from #COVID19.Before coronavirus, elections did not cause large spikes in respiratory viruses. If we’re responsible about it, voting can be safe this year

KDKA @KDKA 2 Nov From how mail-in ballots will be counted, to safety from the Coronavirus and potential voter intimidation, Allegheny County leaders say they are prepared for when the polls open tomorrow morning.

FORTUNE @FortuneMagazine 1 Nov Voters are worried about violence and safety at the polls

Don Winslow @donwinslow 2 Nov Coronavirus surging in every key swing state as voters head to polls via @GMA

Víctor Manuel Ramos @vmramos 2 Nov Millions of Americans decided to vote by mail rather than risk contracting coronavirus at a polling place. And in general, those mail ballots take longer to count. @AP


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