“Covid in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count” – New York Times


U.S. weekly jobless claims totaled 751,000, compared to the expected total from economists of 741,000. Stock futures rose as investors cheer curbs on new regulations and diminished chances of higher taxes under a split Congress. The Federal Reserve will release a policy statement Thursday afternoon, offering their view on how the economy is faring. World shares surged, indicating investors are shrugging off election limbo as the U.S. presidential election awaits results. The U.S. recorded 100,000 cases in a day for the first time, pushing the country into new terrain. 

Despite the financial toll the pandemic has brought on Americans, few households have raided their retirement accounts in order to make ends meet. Congress in March passed a law that temporarily allows Americans to currently use their retirement money. Low-income workers, who would be most likely to tap a retirement-savings account are least likely to have one. 

Dozens of Trump supporters chanting “Stop the count!” descended on a ballot-tallying center in Detroit Wednesday night, while Democratic supporters demanded a complete vote count in the still-undecided presidential contest. In Michigan, citizens are allowed to observe the ballot-counting process to ensure everything is being counted fairly and accurately, however, due to the pandemic, the number of people allowed to observe the process has been severely reduced. “Count every vote” protests swept across the U.S., erupting in Minneapolis and New York while Trump supporters gathered in Phoenix where crucial votes were still being counted, despite some news organizations calling the state for Joe Biden. 

The Trump campaign announced a series of lawsuits in the swing states of Pennsylvania and Michigan while demanding a recount in Wisconsin. Many news outlets have projected that Biden has won Michigan and is the apparent winner of Wisconsin. Attorneys for the president are also asking to let him intervene in the Supreme Court case challenging the extension of mail ballot deadlines in Pennsylvania. The goal was to prevent mail delays from disenfranchising the historic number of Americans who planned to vote by mail due to the pandemic. 

More than 2,000 inmates in New Jersey were released Wednesday in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus in the state’s prison system. The New Jersey Department of Corrections recorded at least 51 inmate deaths and more than 4,000 cases, including employees and inmates, since the beginning of April. In California, those convicted of felonies but who are on parole will now be allowed to vote in elections under Proposition 17, a ballot measure that won approval by state voters on Tuesday. The measure restores the vote to some 50,000 parolees. 

Denmark plans to kill its entire population of roughly 15 million minks in farms after the animals spread a mutation of coronavirus to humans. The country’s prime minister said that the mutated virus could “pose a risk to the effectiveness of a future vaccine.” The killing off all mink will wipe out the industry for possibly years. Mink are in the weasel family, which are easily infected with the coronavirus. Many conservation scientists have become concerned about the spread of the virus to animal populations, like chimpanzees, which are believed to be susceptible, though cases have not been proven. 

As results from the presidential election continue to trickle in, non-Americans have taken to sharing memes on social media to express their confusion at the electoral college system. The memes feature a confused-looking Ariana Grande, the Math Lady meme and an exasperated Michael Scott from “The Office” saying “Why don’t you explain this to me like I’m five?” 


How the pandemic has sped up digital transactions – WIRED UK – 11/5/2020
“It is interesting to see how necessity drives adoption of new technologies and how things that were expected to take years were compressed within a matter of months,” Miebach adds. For example, adoption of contactless payments accelerated amid the pandemic, with Mastercard recording a huge 40 per cent growth in contactless transactions in the first quarter of 2020 alone. 

Coronavirus: staying safe on trains, planes and automobiles – The Conversation – 11/5/2020
You should wear a face covering throughout your journey to protect yourself from respiratory droplets that might be contaminated with virus particles on public transport. If you are travelling by taxi or ride-sharing service, such as Uber, crack open the window. Ask yourself which surfaces are likely to have been touched by many people.

Japan Debuts ‘World’s First Foot-Operated’ Vending Machine For The COVID Era – Design TAXI – 11/5/2020
Customers can also choose to preorder their items online and then scan their phones to collect their products. The machine also includes a food tray, which opens when a customer steps on a lever. It is equipped with UV light sterilization to ensure the products are decontaminated the moment customers retrieve them.

Perspective | The pandemic is amplifying tensions between working moms and child-free colleagues – Washington Post – 11/5/2020
As with parent-vs-child-free tensions at work, gender-based labor inequality was a problem in the Before Times — but in the pandemic, both are becoming unmanageable. Immediate village-level solutions start with lowering our expectations, setting boundaries, and looking after ourselves and each other.

Who Should Get a Covid-19 Vaccine First? – The New York Times – 11/5/2020
In the United States, the standard approach to distributing a routine vaccine is based on the assumption that there will be plenty of doses available. Ideally, everyone will then follow their doctors’ recommendations when it comes to being immunized against the germ in question. As a practical matter, though, rarely are both of those conditions fully met. Some people are unable to get a vaccine; others refuse it.


Greg Funderburg @gfunderburgNC9 5 Nov #Thanksgiving is 3 weeks away from today! How will it look different for you and your family this year? #Covid19 #coronavirus

WEAR ABC 3 @weartv 4 Nov Unlike years past, COVID-19 will put holiday parties on pause for some.

Brian “INSERT SPOOKY GHOST SOUND” + ne @brianbooone 4 Nov Between this election and the coronavirus, the universe is trying to tell you to not go to your parents’ house for Thanksgiving.

Spectrum News 1 SoCal @SpecNews1SoCal 4 Nov “With our cases increasing, we are concerned about holiday gatherings.”The L.A. County Health Department, who reported 1,843 new COVID-19 cases Wednesday, is concerned about the recent uptick in positive cases and the upcoming holiday season.

WT.Social @WikiTribune 5 Nov “The Thanksgiving holiday could be the “inflection point” of dangerous surge in coronavirus cases that has already begun”


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