“COVID has proved working from home is the best policy to beat congestion” – The Conversation / Chart: The Conversation / Source: Author provided data


A preliminary trial of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine was 94.5% effective in preventing COVID-19, the biotech company announced early Monday, marking the second late-stage vaccine in the U.S. with a high success rate. Like Pfizer, Moderna uses a brand new vaccine technology based on a molecule known as mRNA.

President-elect Joe Biden’s scientific advisers said they will meet with vaccine makers in coming days to plan for implementation, even as the presidential transition continues to stall. President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign scaled back a key claim on Sunday in its federal lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania, while about half of the two dozen cases brought by the Trump campaign since Election Day have been withdrawn or tossed by judges. 

The U.S. has surpassed 11 million COVID-19 cases, with 1 million cases reported in the last week alone. Michigan and Washington state are clamping down on indoor dining and other gatherings. Michigan’s governor ended in-person learning for high schools and colleges, while gyms, theaters and museums were ordered closed in Washington state.

Many families say they are now rescinding Thanksgiving invitations as local officials across the country restrict gatherings to 10 people. Experts advise those who do gather to quarantine for 14 days before the holiday and to wear masks and take other precautions where possible. 

Physicians across the country are quitting their practices due to the high stress levied by the pandemic. Many are retiring early or switching to less-intense jobs, resulting in thousands of medical practices shut down in recent months. 

International students are largely delaying enrollment in U.S. colleges and universities because of the pandemic, a new survey shows. The deferral of tens of thousands of students this year threatens to undercut the budgets of those institutions, compounding the financial squeeze already affecting higher education. 

The world’s top-ranked golf player Dustin Johnson shattered records on Sunday to win the 2020 Masters at Augusta National. Johnson set a new scoring record at 20 under par to close, making him the first top-ranked golfer to win the Masters since Tiger Woods in 2002.  


Experts say the CDC’s Thanksgiving guidelines are too lenient – Fast Company – 11/16/2020
As a physician, Gonsenhauser says he often has to compromise with patients to ensure the healthiest choice for them. “That doesn’t always mean the best choice,” he says. “Sometimes, it means the best choice that they’re willing to accept.” Still, he wishes the CDC had started stricter, and then walked back the guidelines if needed.

While Pro And College Athletes Fight Through A Pandemic, Kids Have A Tougher Path – NPR – 11/16/2020
It’s a murky goal right now, as it is for many aspiring high school athletes. This season was key for Jimenez – developing his skills, hopefully getting noticed by colleges. “You can see your window closing, you know?” Jimenez said. “And with this season being uncertain, it’s scary, you know? You might not get a chance to get that exposure [because of] COVID.”

Coronavirus and weed: The pandemic changed how we get high – Mic – 11/15/2020
Since cannabis qualified as an essential business in almost all places where it’s legal when shelter-in-place orders began, “people could still access their cannabis, but online pre-orders were encouraged, and people stocked up on bigger orders so they could take fewer trips out of the house,” Moore says. “I know I did.”

Waste Management CEO On How COVID-19 Changed Our Trash – Time – 11/15/2020
What we’ve seen is an acceleration of a trend that was already taking place, which was this move to Amazon [and other online retailers]. That was taking place before COVID, but boy, it really rapidly accelerated within a COVID environment. Every day I see a dozen UPS and FedEx trucks and Amazon trucks running around the neighborhood. 

Rapid Testing Is Less Accurate Than the Government Wants to Admit – ProPublica – 11/16/2020
When health care workers in Nevada and Vermont reported false positives, HHS defended the tests and threatened Nevada with unspecified sanctions until state officials agreed to continue using them in nursing homes. It took several more weeks for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to issue an alert on Nov. 3 that confirmed what Nevada had experienced: Antigen tests were prone to giving false positives, the FDA warned.


Jose Franco 🦚 @JoseFrancoKGET 16 Nov Colleges in the U.S. have seen a sharp enrollment drop among international students this fall. University administrators say a number of hurdles and new policies brought on by the coronavirus pandemic are to blame.

Sports Illustrated @SInow 15 Nov Should they stay or should they go?@ByPatForde weighs which struggling coaches are deserving of a pandemic mulligan

Save the Children International @save_children 16 Nov Almost 10 million children may never return to #school due to funding cuts and poverty caused by the #coronavirus pandemic. We are calling for every child to be supported to return to school when it is safe to do so. #SaveOurEducation.Read via @CNN

The Daily Collegian @DailyCollegian 15 Nov After adjusting their textbook rental return policies in the 2020 spring semester due to the coronavirus pandemic, local bookstores have reverted to their typical policies with continued leniency

Noah R. Bombard @NoahBombard 16 Nov Private schools in Mass. are finding ways to get students back in school safely. Can what they’re doing work in public school? It depends.


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