A bronze statue of late singer Ella Fitzgerald is seen wearing a hat and protective face mask outside the Metro-North Railroad Station Plaza in Yonkers, New York. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton


Stock futures wavered Friday, indicating that a rally is likely to pause for this week amid a surge in coronavirus infections and the Treasury’s decision to allow several emergency Federal Reserve programs to expire. The U.S. reported more than 185,000 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, marking another record. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to recommend against traveling or gathering for the holiday. 

Tyson Foods Inc. has suspended managers at an Iowa plant accused of participating in a betting pool on how many employees would contract COVID-19. The suspensions came a day after the family of a deceased employee filed a lawsuit claiming “fraudulent misrepresentations, gross negligence and incorrigible, willful and wanton disregard for worker safety.” The suit alleges that in all, 1,000 of 2,8000 plant employees were infected. The plant in Waterloo, Iowa remained open even as coronavirus spread through its facility in April. 

Coronavirus has exacerbated the threat of some indigenous languages dying out. One of the last people to grow up speaking the Puruborá language died of COVID-19 in Brazil earlier this year, weakening the fragile hold on the language. In Brazil, only 18 or so out of the 1,5000 languages that once existed are still spoken – each mostly by fewer than a thousand people. 

Florida’s tourism is down more than 30% in the third quarter compared to the same time period last year, as its usual population of “snowbirds” avoid travel. People who flock south when the weather turns cold up north are forgoing their usual trips under COVID-19 restrictions. Land crossings at the border between the U.S. and Canada have been prohibited since March to contain the spread of the virus, which means the tens of thousands of Canadians who usually drive south this time of year, can’t. 

Americans often prize their colossal Thanksgiving turkeys, but with gatherings likely to be smaller this year, people are clamoring to get downsized birds. One butcher said the trend is affecting the entire supply chain as consumers, butchers, meat suppliers, grocers and chefs jostle to secure a slender bird for the holiday. At one store, just 40% of the turkeys sold this month have exceeded 16 pounds, down from 80% in a typical November.


Who should get a COVID-19 vaccine first? It’s complicated – Fast Company – 11/20/2020
Howard Forman, a public health professor at Yale University, says “the last time we did mass vaccination with completely new vaccines,” was with smallpox and polio. “We are treading into an area we are not used to.” All the other vaccines of the last decades have either been tested for years or were introduced very slowly, he says.

Will the Coronavirus Wedding Model Outlive the Coronavirus? – Tablet Magazine – 11/20/2020
The pandemic became the perfect excuse to have the small wedding Masters would have wanted regardless. On Sept. 15, they were married in the courtyard outside their temple in Lexington, Kentucky, with no one present but the rabbi and one witness. The other witness joined via FaceTime from her car in the parking lot, since she discovered on the morning of the ceremony that her son had been exposed to the virus.

Hospitals scramble to solve challenges with new Covid-19 drug – STAT – 11/20/2020
The questions lie in the details. Doctors can prescribe the drug for anyone who is coronavirus-positive, with mild to moderate symptoms, but who is at high risk of getting really sick. “We have for nine months been telling people, ‘If you have Covid and have mild to moderate symptoms, please stay home and isolate,” said Rochelle Walensky, chief of infectious diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Coronavirus vaccine side effects: What we know so far and why they happen – Inverse – 11/20/2020
Vaccines side-effects differ, Paul Offit tells Inverse. He’s the director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. However, the reason why the two leading vaccine candidates — the Moderna vaccine and the Pfizer vaccine — can cause these expected sides-effects is due to the immune system’s reaction to the way the vaccine is packaged.

Could frozen food transmit COVID-19? – The Conversation – 11/20/2020
Contaminated food or food packaging may give positive result under PCR test. But, if the RNA in the virus is dead, the virus could not replicate further, ruling out chances of further transmission. We need more data on RNA replication test from contaminated frozen food to determine protocols on food or food packaging. Currently, China is actively conducting research to fulfil the data as part of their awareness to this pandemic.


Nina Lozano @NinaReports 19 Nov BREAKING: Gov. Newsom imposes an overnight curfew in most of CA to combat the surge in coronavirus cases. Non-essential activity from 10pm to 5am in counties in the purple tier are prohibited. The restriction starts Saturday until Dec. 21.

WCPO 9 @WCPO 20 Nov Exhausted, overwhelmed and bracing for more, healthcare workers beg Ohio to take COVID-19 seriously

Alexis Wainwright @AWainwrightTV 19 Nov #ICYMI: Nearly 300 doctors from around #Arkansas are urging Gov. @AsaHutchinson to impose new restrictions to curb a surge in #coronavirus cases.Thursday, he responds with a letter but also announced a new restriction for places that have licenses to sell alcohol.

Travel + Leisure @TravelLeisure 20 Nov This Map Will Show Where You Can and Can’t Travel Due to Coronavirus (Video)

Stephanie Sigafoos @ssigafoos 19 Nov More fair questions from readers finding their way to my inbox: “Why have you spent months saying “coronavirus restrictions” when clearly they are recommendations? Restriction means can’t do. Recommendation means shouldn’t do. There’s no enforcement, therefore no restriction”


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