“The world will soon have covid-19 vaccines. Will people have the jabs?” – The Economist/ Chart: The Economist / Source: Ipsos MORI; World Economic Forum


British drugmaker AstraZeneca revealed its coronavirus vaccine was on average 70% effective in preliminary trials, bolstering the outlook for a vaccine following promising results from two other pharmaceutical companies in recent weeks. AstraZeneca tested two dosing regimens, with one showing a 90% efficacy rate and the other showing 62%.

The White House vaccine chief told the media on Sunday that some Americans could be vaccinated as early as December if all goes to plan. Drugmaker Pfizer submitted an application on Friday asking the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to authorize its coronavirus vaccine for emergency use, meaning vaccines could be shipped one to two days after the FDA vaccine advisory committee meets on Dec. 10.

A COVID-19 vaccine could unleash inflation in the U.S. not seen for a decade, economists warn. A sudden return to pre-pandemic spending on things like travel and restaurants could drive up prices that some Americans can now afford, thanks to cash payments from the federal government.

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to formally announce his cabinet picks on Tuesday, identifying Antony Blinken as his choice for U.S. secretary of state. Michigan is slated to certify election results on Monday, which experts say could doom President Donald Trump’s efforts to reverse the election results. A U.S. district judge in Pennsylvania rejected Trump’s push to delay certification on Saturday, saying it was not in the court’s power to violate the Constitution.

Both Trump and Biden attended portions of the now-virtual G-20 Summit over the weekend, in which a group of the world’s 20 largest economies vowed to cooperate and “spare no effort” to restore growth in the pandemic.  

The number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 in the U.S. continued to set records over the weekend, prompting concern from physicians heading into the Thanksgiving holiday. Los Angeles and other regions are tightening restrictions with earlier curfews and bans on outdoor dining, which was met with protests in Huntington Beach. At the same time, retailers are lobbying states to allow them to stay open ahead of Black Friday, citing massive shutdown losses made worse by the fact that competitors who sell groceries, such as Target and Walmart, were deemed essential businesses that could remain open. 

The pandemic has altered how communities engage with philanthropy, in many instances speeding up how to reach people in need. Informal networks of neighborhood volunteers are cropping up across the country, while nonprofits say they are rethinking how they receive and grant charitable aid.


Meet the company that’s tracking your location to study Covid-19 – Quartz – 11/23/2020
Since the first case of Covid-19 was identified one year ago, scientists have come a long way in understanding how the virus passes from person to person. Location data has helped researchers study stay-at-home orders, which states have implemented them best, and the places people go that present the biggest risk.

Sorry, the COVID-19 vaccine won’t make life go back to normal right away – Fast Company – 11/23/2020
Pfizer’s new COVID-19 vaccine might get FDA emergency use authorization in a few weeks, and a small group of Americans might begin getting shots in December. Moderna’s vaccine might quickly follow. But even for those who can get vaccinated soon—potentially 20 million people in the U.S., out of a population of more than 320 million—life won’t be able to go back to normal yet.

How grocers survived the COVID crush – Protocol – 11/23/2020
The COVID situation befell grocers in two very distinct waves: The first wave was an overwhelming soaring of orders, driven by scared consumers who wanted to stock up and be ready. And the second wave happened a few weeks later, when all of those new sales — and a chunk of the old ones—disappeared

Bill Gates, the Virus and the Quest to Vaccinate the World – The New York Times – 11/23/2020
The head of one of the world’s largest vaccine manufacturers had a problem. Adar Poonawalla, chief executive of the Serum Institute of India, needed $850 million for everything from glass vials to stainless steel vats so he could begin producing doses of promising coronavirus vaccines for the world’s poor.

Data show hospitalized Covid-19 patients surviving at higher rates – Stat – 11/23/2020
Patients hospitalized with Covid-19 are surviving at higher rates than in the early days of the pandemic, gains that data and interviews with experts suggest are driven by a more refined understanding of the disease and how to treat it — and, crucially, less strain on hospitals that had been inundated at times.


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AvaeroCapitalPartners @AvaeroCapital 22 Nov Coronavirus Continues to Hurt Airlines, Including Sovereign Wealth-Backed Ones – SWFI

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